Dec 9, 2014


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I know how good it feels to get that bank alert or collect that cheque that contains the sum of your monthly salary and/or other entitlements such as bonuses etc. Do you also remember the feeling when it was delayed for about a day or two, must have been horrible especially if you had bills to pay waiting at your front door. An employer owes a duty to pay the wages of his employees and provide a good environment for them to work but what duties are owed to your Boss as an employer, here is the list –

  • To offer personal service ;
  • To be ready and willing to work;
  • Not to willfully disrupt the employer’s undertaking, i.e. to corporate with the employer;
  • To obey reasonable or lawful orders;
  • To give exclusive service, i.e. to work only for the employer in the employer’s time;
  • To account for profits received;
  • To respect the employer’s trade secret;
  • To take reasonable care of the employer’s property and to exercise reasonable care and skill in the employer’s service;
  • Duty of Fidelity;
  • Duty of care and skill;
Look forward to the next blog on the duties of employers.

Adedunmade Onibokun, Esq



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