Jun 11, 2016

Music Saturdays - Slimusic

Stuck in a dilemma between his childhood ambition to be a lawyer and his passion for music, he opted for his ambition but in between he was still writing songs and going for petty shows. Now a lawyer but he can't stay away from his music.

It is rare to see someone who does so many things at the same time and does it so well, and NO! He’s not a dilettante ……..” those were the words of his old boss when asked about WILLIAMS MICHAEL MAYOMI. 

Download and listen 

MEAN THE WORLD by Slimusic 

STAY WITH ME (COVER) by Slimusic 


  1. Nice song. Your tracks are awesome. Thumbs up for efforts.

  2. This site is directly going into my favorites. Thanks for sharing some of the beautiful tracks and I love the song mean the world out of these tracks as it has a nice background music.
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  3. Thank you Sandra and Harry, you both are incredibly awesome. I appreciate the support.