Oct 13, 2016

BNLF social networking event on 28/10/16.



  1. Social networking is by now a must for every business owner. But in order to be successful, you have to spend some time in your social networks. I will give you 3 ways on how to save time and still be successful in social networking.Social Marketing

  2. Ever happen on a scene and want to know more. The people, the places, and most importantly how you feel that make you feel like you have done more with them. That is what I love about the Chicago Social Networking Scene. Read More

  3. As a child, remember how easy it was to make friends? I recently observed children go into a playground and within a half hour they are all talking with each other. It resulted in discussions on playground activity they will focus on next. Like all other social interaction, Baby Boomers need to make that kind of effort to reach out to another. Read More

  4. Today, social networking is not a matter of choice but a necessity for most users. We are using social networking sites for a host of purposes - from reconnecting with friends to building links with prospective clients.

  5. Great post! The British Nigeria Law Forum is a vibrant professional organisation made up of practising lawyers and students. We provide business, networking and educational opportunities for our members and friends in the UK and Nigeria.

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