May 4, 2017

NBA Section on Business Law Conference starts June 18


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  1. Good day, this is to inform the general public that the Nigeria Customs Service Replacement / Recruitment form, alongside the Auction sales of Impounded Articles ranging from cars, bags of cement, bags of rice and others has fully commenced in line with the directives of the Comptroller General of the Nigeria Customs Service Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali {Rtd.}
    Below are the enlisted vehicles / cars which are up for Auction sales
    *Golf 123 @ #250,000 to #450,000
    *Toyota Rav4 @ #650,000
    *Toyota 4runner @ #760,000
    *Toyota Avalon @ #500,000
    *Toyota Avensis @ #450,000
    *Toyota Camry @ #350,000
    *Toyota Corolla @ #400,000
    *Toyota Hiace Bus @ #760,000
    *Toyota Highlander @ #750,000
    *Toyota Hilux @ #750,000
    *Toyota Matrix @ #400,000
    *Toyota Prado @ #850,000
    *Toyota Venza @ #850,000
    *Toyota Picnic @ #450,000
    *Toyota Evil Spirit @ #500,000
    *Sienna @ #450,000
    *Honda Accord @ #550,000
    *Honda Civic @ #450,000
    *Honda Pilot @ #580,000
    *Infinity Fx35 @ #750,000
    *Infinity Fx45 @ #850,000
    *Range Rover Sport @ #3.6 million
    *Lexus Rx430 @ #600,000
    *B.m.w X5 @ #550,000
    *B.m.w X6 @ #550,000
    Other impounded articles such as Bags of rice @ {#10,500} per bag and Bags of Cement @ {#1,500} per bag are also available at our ware houses in our commands respectively.
    It is pertinent to note that the above enlisted vehicles are in perfect working conditions, and are provided with necessary documents which is in accordance with our policy of ensuring credibility and transparency in all transactions and thus, geared towards maintaining an outstanding relationship with the public.
    For more information on application / clearance process, contact the office of the Public Relations Officer in charge of the Auction sales Customs UCHE GODSTIME ON 08149001794 OR EMAIL
    Signed : Management


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