Jun 9, 2017

ORDER BOOK - Legal Rights and Obligations Under Nigerian Law

This Book is designed to educate its reader on various provisions of Nigerian laws and how each person may protect and enforce their legal rights and obligations. It is a collection of rich legal topics on recondite varied areas of law such as; Business Law, Government and Administrative Law,  Courts and Justice System, Criminal Law, Corruption and Fraud, Electoral Law, Family Law, Law Enforcement Laws, Armed Forces Law,  and Property Law. The book is one of a kind and will in no small way close the gap of legal literacy in Nigeria and equip the citizenry with legal information and education.

To order your copy, contact Lawlexis on 08055424566

Price is N5000 (Five Thousand Naira). 

Please note that there is a One Thousand Naira charge for delivery anywhere within Lagos. 


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