Jul 29, 2017

Get finance for your Social Enterprise via The Funding Space

Non-profit Organizations (NPOs) and social enterprises in Nigeria play a critical role in bridging the gaps in service delivery in the country, promoting good governance, human rights and social justice. Increasingly, they are also at the forefront of innovations that improve the quality of education and healthcare.

However, a key challenge the social sector faces is building strong, resilient organizations with teams and structures to maximize resources and achieve the desired social impact. Non-profit organizations and social enterprises face a number of challenges. These include inadequate presentation and proposal writing skills, limited funding or access to financing and weak internal governance mechanisms. This affects their overall effectively and sustainability.

The Space is a training, mentoring and networking space for social enterprises and non-profits in Nigeria to equip them with practical skills, information and support on how to package proposals, business plans and pitches for donors, impact investors and financial institutions.

The Space brings together local and international experts in social entrepreneurship, fundraising, impact investors, venture capitalists, and financial institutions, to facilitate sessions.

Participants will learn the following:
·        How to develop social impact strategies
·        How to navigate the funding and financing space
·        How to build local and international partnerships
·        How to set up internal systems
·        How to develop fundraising frameworks
·        How to conduct impact assessment
·        How to develop financial reports
·        How to write reports and tell their stories
·        How to conduct socially conscious branding & marketing
·        How to access micro-finance

Participants will also have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to experts and investors and receive guidance, advice and information on how to achieve success.

Course Details

Date - 27 – 28 September 2017
Venue - Lagos, Nigeria

N 100,000 per person
N 75,000 for 2 persons per
N 50,000 for 3 persons per

*All costs include training software, meals and a private mentoring session. 

The networking cocktail at the SPACE is a fun time to meet potential partners, investors or just to simply share with like minds.

To Book your place and help us meet your needs appropriately, complete the information below, and send to vo@afrigrants.com by 17 August 2017

       I.            Name
    II.            Organization
 III.            Number of Persons Email
IV.            Brief Description of your organization
   V.            What are the 3 key challenges you face in your work?
VI.            What would you like to achieve at the Space?



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