Jul 23, 2017

Please Help Me Graduate | Akorede Omotayo

Yesterday, 19th July 2017, was perhaps one of the saddest day of my life. There is nothing more disheartening in life than working so hard and not being able to enjoy the fruits of one’s labour. For many who frequent Peep Night Club, Bangor, Northwales, during the late 2015 and early 2016. You would notice a guy at the right corner of your male bathroom who solicits for your pennies and coins in exchange for few sprays of deodorant.

Sam, as I am fondly called by many of my patronisers - turned friends, who, at first, were sympathizers and many of whom, although drunk, could still empathise with my sorry state – at least, for putting up with the smell from their pee for good 3 hours whilst also cleaning up the mess they left behind. Of course, it wasn’t all bad. I made some very good friends, many of whom I will never forget in my life. In addition, the adventure not only built my character but also taught me a lot about resilience. 

I am not ashamed to tell this story. I saved over 1000 pounds with this job during the space of 3 months, which I used to fund legal internships and events in prestigious law firms in London – namely, Atlantic Solicitors, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Simmons & Simmons and SEO Corporate Law Reed Smith Open Day.
On the 19th July 2017, I was supposed to graduate with a First-Class degree in Law (2 yrs. degree) at the prestigious Bangor University, Wales. However, I was unable to because I have an OUTSTANDING FEES of £3,525 on my £9000 final year tuition fee.

Over the past 7 months, I have worked in 3 different industries – namely, Warehouse distribution co., Nursing home, and a Food factory. Through these jobs and loans from friends, I was able to raise £5,500 towards the tuition fees, whilst also catering for my living expenses and sending some money to my retired and aged parents back at my home country.

You may ask, why did he take up a law degree abroad when he knows he doesn’t have the funds? Or why should I part with my hard-earned money just because you cannot follow through with your own choices? Whilst I do not have a convincing response to your concerns, you will agree with me that sometimes things do not always go as we want in life. As such, I cannot beat myself for taking this blind leap of faith. If anything, it shows I am willing to confront my worst fears, dare poverty to its face, and re-write my story.

At the moment, I have been offered a full scholarship for a masters program at the prestigious Renmin University of China, and a partial scholarship to pursue a masters in International Business Law at Newcastle University. These offers are contingent upon me providing my final certificate and transcript, and which I need to do as soon as possible to secure my place in either of the two universities.

I believe we all deserve an opportunity to stretch ourselves, dare to do good, better our past and ultimately achieve our goals. I seek for this opportunity and I implore you to please assist me. Any contribution at all will be appreciated and acknowledged.

PLEASE HELP ME, and feel free to share my story so that others can also help.



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