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Jul 6, 2020

How To Unfreeze Your Bank Account And Claim Damages From The Bank | Okpi Bernard Adaafu (Oba) Esq.

Customers are usually frustrated by the bank because of unlawful placing of Post No Debit (PND) on customer’s account. Post No Debit (this is where the customer is blocked from transacting with his/her account).The law protects the customer by laying down rules for the bank to follow before placing PND on any customer’s account. However, these rules are often breached. This short and illuminating article is what you need whenever your bank attempts to violate your legal rights. It is important to state in legal parlance that, there is a technical meaning for: Bank, Banker, Customer and employee (in order to keep it simple, this article will utilize the ordinary usage of the aforementioned words).

Avoiding Or Mitigating Recession In Post Covid Nigeria | DR. OLISA AGBAKOBA SAN


The massive macro-financial shock caused by Covid-19 has continued to ravage the global economy putting all systems and nations under severe financial instability never seen in history. Stock Markets around the world have been pounded and ravaged, and oil prices have fallen to an all-time low. Nigeria is not spared from this crisis.  Total revenue expected to be realised from the 2020 National budget was N8.42trillion. However, following the Covid-19 pandemic, revenue projection was reduced to N5.16trillion. This represents a drop of close to 40% or N3.26trillion. Key sectors like manufacturing, maritime, aviation, hospitability and the creative industry, collapsed resulting in huge financial and job losses. The first-quarter report of the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS) shows a slow-paced growth of -0.68% as GDP contracted by 1.87% when compared to the fourth quarter of 2019. If this continues into the second quarter there are ominous signals of an impending recession. The World Bank 2020, Global Economic Prospects, June 2020, forecast that the Covid -19 pandemic will plunge all countries into the worst recession in history.  GDP of advanced economies are projected to shrink by 7 percent. The outlook for emerging market and developing economies is bleak as they are forecast to contract by 2.5 percent. This would represent the weakest showing by this group of economies in at least sixty years. The crucial issue is - How do we avoid and or minimize the impact of inevitable recession on our economy?

Webinar: My Vision for the Bar

Learned Seniors and Colleagues, 

You are invited to a Zoom webinar.
Date: July 7, 2020
Time: 05:00PM West Central Africa
Topic: My Vision for the Bar

Register in advance for this webinar:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


Webinar Speaker

Dele Adesina SAN (@Dele Adesina LP)
Presidential Candidate for the 2020 NBA National Elections.

Webinar Moderator

Adetutu Oluwaseyi, Esq.
Publicity Secretary, NBA Ado-Ekiti Branch.


Oluwatobi Ogunbiyi, Esq.

Jul 4, 2020

Get Verified To Vote And Let Us Secure The Future Of Our Beloved Association - Dele Adesina SAN

Dear Learned Brother Silks and Colleagues,

In the early hours of today, 4th July, 2020, the Electoral Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association in its Statement No. 013, released the names of properly nominated candidates for the 2020 election scheduled to take place on the 29th to 30th of July, 2020.

Jul 2, 2020

Intellectual Property Law: A Footing For Artificial Intelligence In Nigeria | Adeniran Oluwabukunmi

Artificial intelligence first made appearance in science-fiction books and movies, like the Metropolis of 1927, in the first half of the 20th century which are believed to have steered the consciousness of mathematicians, scientists, scholars and philosophers to the concept of artificial intelligence. The first humanoid robot, Herbert Televox, was built by Ron Wensley in 1927. Herbert Televox could lift a receiver to accept a phone call, he could also control simple processes by operating switches according to the signals it received. Herbert Televox, however, lacked the ability to speak and was simply humanoid in appearance (1). However, robotics has since then advanced in both appearance and abilities. Sofia is a particularly remarkable creation as she is the first robot to achieve citizenship status (2). Sofia has a family, a delicate appearance and is capable of more than 50 facial expressions. AI is affecting the world’s economy and has become an essential part of the technology industry as it makes appearance across the world. As machines become increasingly capable, it is bound to not only rely on Intellectual Property law but transform Intellectual property concepts, triggering a need for IP law reforms.

Jul 1, 2020

Chief Akin Olujinmi SAN Endorses Dele Adesina SAN For NBA President, Says He Parades Rich Experiential Credential For Service At A Higher Level

Chief Akin Olujinmi SAN Endorses Dele Adesina SAN For NBA President, Says He Parades Rich Experiential Credential For Service At A Higher Level

Jun 30, 2020

Legal Framework for Complaints Management in Nigeria’s Capital Market | Michael Dugeri


 “Complaint” is an expression of dissatisfaction made to an organisation, related to its product or service. Complaints management is, therefore, the aggregate of ways, tools and processes an organisation uses to collect, analyse, and act on customer dissatisfaction. In practice, customer complaints may take one or more of the following categories:

a.      complaints alleging financial losses,

b.     complaints alleging failure of service delivery, and

c.      complaints with potential legal/regulatory implications.


Dele Adesina SAN- The President NBA Needs Now - Lawal Pedro SAN

I have observed recent events in the NBA with great concern. A member of noble profession which I still believe the legal profession is should not be found wanting in character, reputation and credibility. He should also not be seen instigating and inducing division among the members of the profession particularly between the seniors and juniors in the Association. We should not forget the popular motto "The Young Shall Grow"  

An election into an office in NBA for just a 2 years term should not be a do or die affair and is not a good reason to destroy the same Association that is suppose to provide leadership, serve as a pillar of support and strength for the people most especially the vulnerable in our society.

The above foregoing underscore the point that we need a  President of NBA that understands the dynamics and the problems of the legal profession and its members. The President that has capacity and experience by being a former officer at branch and/or  National levels with unblemished records. He must also be a committed bar man. Who among the present contestants today do you think fit this office? 

It is none other than DASAN. So let us continue to do needful and together we can secure the future of our profession and Association.

Dele Adesina SAN is the best candidate for the NBA President

Jiti Ogunye Endorses Dele Adesina SAN For NBA President

"The Nigerian Bar Association has occupied a backward position in Nigeria for some time now but it used to be in the front. Lawyers and their body used to be agenda setters for Nigeria. We used to be those that can check the excesses of wielders of power; we used to be crusaders for fidelity to the rule of law. Our voices were strident in the past, they weren't muffled but that is no longer the case. Unfortunately, those who have led the bar recently have behaved more or less like the typical scammers, and I'm using my words advisably. What do typical scammers do? They promise heaven and earth but when they get there, nothing happens. So if they start talking about a great bar and all sorts but for two years nothing gets done, then the bar has also become a pedestal for self-aggrandizement for people to put their friends in committees including the NJC when it is time to nominate, without thinking about the larger good of the society. It's like we are not conscious of the need to have an island of decency even in an ocean of indecency;

So my expectation is that this time, despite the challenges, the bar would renew and regenerate itself. And that lawyers and judges would no longer be the butt of jokes for ordinary Nigerians because their own notion of justice is so far apart from the justice that oozes out of our courts. The bar has that responsibility and it is time for house cleaning, for conscience pricking and a renewal because without this renewal, there can be no sustenance or consolidation. You don't consolidate a rot or collapsed morality, you can only consolidate when you have renewed and rediscovered yourself. My expectation is that in this coming election, the bar would rediscover itself and that people who are courageous and of good conscience would come to the fore and rescue the dwindling image of the legal profession in Nigeria;

I do know one that with God helping him and with good people supporting him, he would deliver. His name is Dele Adesina SAN. The problem we have as I said earlier, is structural. There is an extent to which an individual no matter how forceful in character he is can go, but my view is that leadership is as important as programs. If you bring the best program for a weakling to execute, it would flounder but by the sheer force of character, even an imperfect program can yield good results. Dele Adesina possesses qualities of good leadership. I was his Assistant Secretary when he was the Secretary of Ikeja NBA, so I know that from that time, he had not faltered. I know that some of these problems are structural but with sound leadership, we would then start the process of this renewal"

- Jiti Ogunye

Jun 29, 2020

ECNBA & My Service To The Nigerian Bar   - Caroline Ibharuneafe  

Dear friends and colleagues, not too long ago, I shared with you the decision of the Electoral Committee of the NBA disqualifying my nomination to contest in the upcoming NBA 2020 Elections. I also informed you about my decision to appeal the decision and promised to keep you updated on the results.
Earlier today, I received the decision of the ECNBA on my appeal and though the decision was not reversed, I am most grateful for your support all through to this point and I am proud of what we have been able to achieve together.
Through your support and encouragement, we proved that it was possible and I would always remain grateful to all those who supported me in one way or the other. The confidence you imposed on me is not lost and I can assure you that we would still achieve our collective goals in the near future.
It is not over and I will still be counting on you very soon to deliver our mandate of contributing to the success of the NBA and its members.
Thank you and God bless you.
Caroline Ibharuneafe
Past Vice – Chairman, NBA Ikeja
Integrity + accuracy


The News Of The Passing Of Hon. Justice Nasir Ajanah Is Most Unpleasant  - Caroline Ibharuneafe

Honourable Justice Nasir Ajanah was the Hon. Chief Judge of the State and reports of his passing on the 28th of June, 2020 after a brief illness is most unpleasant.
Justice Nasir who was appointed Chief Judge of Kogi State in May, 2009 after a period of excellent service to the Kogi State Judiciary. He was a life member of the Body of Benchers and had a terrific relationship with the Kogi State Bar.
On behalf of my colleagues and I at Carol Ibharuneafe and Co., I commiserate with fellow colleagues at NBA Kogi State over the loss of Hon. Justice Nasir. I pray God grants his family strength at this time and may his soul rest in peace at the bossom of the Lord.
Caroline Ibharuneafe

Jun 28, 2020

NBA Officers like Hauwa Shekarau, Kike Owolabi and Ngozi Ukweni Are Setting Records And Breaking New Grounds -Dele Adesina SAN

DASAN felicitates with Awka, Anaocha, Aguata, Nnewi, Owerri, Eket, Degema, Ohafia, Lafia, Maiduguri, Yola and Zaria NBA Branches On Successful Elections

As many NBA Branches all over the Nation continue to carry out their Branch Elections and elect new Branch officers, I am most excited to note that more women have received the confidence of their colleagues and have been elected as Chair persons of their respective branches.
Leaders such as Hauwa Shekarau of NBA Abuja Branch,  Kike Owolabi of NBA Ikere Branch and Ngozi Ukweni of NBA Ohafia Branch, who is the first female Chair in the history of the 5 branches in Abia State continue to show that the women in the NBA are constantly breaking new grounds and setting new records both in service to the NBA and also in legal practice.
On behalf of my colleagues and I at Dele Adesina LP, I felicitate with these amazing women and congratulate the members of their Branches for the foresight in identifying the role and innovative contributions many of our female members offer in service to our Association and the Nation.
I also congratulate members and officers of Awka, Anaocha, Aguata, Nnewi, Owerri, Eket, Degema, Ohafia, Lafia, Maiduguri, Yola and Zaria NBA Branches on their successful elections. I am confident the new elected officers of the Branches would serve meritoriously and continue to build on the achievements of past administrations in ensuring the Branches play an effective role to their members and communities.
Dele Adesina SAN, FCIArb