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Mar 19, 2014


The Ministry of Interior is a Federal organ which evolved from the Ministry of Internal Affairs which was created in 1957. The Ministry’s mandate is fostering and ensuring the maintenance of internal security and citizenship integrity for the promotion of good governance of the nation. It has statutory responsibility for the formulation and implementation of policies and programmes on the following:
i. Registration of voluntary organisations
ii. Issuance of expatriate quota allocation
iii. Permit for foreign participation in business

iv. Granting of Nigerian citizenship
v. Seamen’s identity card/certificate
vi. National Day Celebration
vii. National Flag and National Coat of Arms
viii. Coordination of all issues of the Nigeria Prisons Service
ix. Coordination of all issues of the Nigeria Immigrations Service; issues relating to immigration and visa; passport and travel documents; movements of aliens in the country and repatriation of aliens; x. Coordination of all issues relating to the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps; and
xi. Coordination of all issues relating to the Federal Fire Service.

The Ministry of Interior also conducts Nigeria's Internal Policy and International Relations, and other duties related to foreign countries and Nigerians abroad.

The Federal Executive Council meeting (EC 18 (07) 4) of May 2007 approved the Responsibilities of the Honourable Minister and Honourable Minister of State as detailed out below.

i) Providing political leadership to the Ministry in line with Government objectives towards the attainment of its goals;
ii) Providing overall guidance in the formulation and implementation of policies necessary for the realization of the mandate of the Ministry;
iii) Presiding over the Civil Defence, Immigration and Prisons Services Board to provide oversight and coordinate the activities of other relevant security/safety organs to ensure that they are in harmony and supportive of the Ministry’s overall mandate;
iv) Providing oversight for the Customs, Immigration and Prisons Services Pension Scheme to ensure full compliance with all statutory rules and regulations and the provision of quality service as intended for the beneficiaries;
v) Ratifying the decision of the Ministerial Tenders Board to ensure full compliance with statutory rules and regulations;
vi) Providing oversight for the following agencies/responsibilities:
a) Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps
b) Nigeria Immigration Service
c) Citizenship Matters
d) Repatriation and Deportation
e) Immigration and Emigration
f) Passport and other travel documents
g) Consular and Visa matters
h) Registration and the movement of Aliens in Nigeria
i) Expatriate Quota Matters
j) Permit for foreign participation in business
k) Matters relating to the civil Defence, Immigration and Prisons Services Board; and
l) Matters relating to Customs, Immigration and Prisons Pension Office;
m) Ensuring the implementation of Treaties; and
n) Initialing and presenting Memoranda at the Federal Executive Council.

For more information on the Ministry of Interior, contact the following details:
Block F, Old Federal Secretariat, Area 1, P.M.B. 7007, Garki, Abuja

Phone : 09-6713526, Fax : 09-6713526.

 Adedunmade Onibokun Esq.