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Jun 30, 2014


Credits: Google

As a lawyer and blogger, I come across many reports bothering on sexual crimes. I bet you have as well. I particularly remember the shocking news out of India when four men raped and killed a lady who commuted in the same vehicle with them. Don’t push your nose up just yet at the Indians; we both know such similar stories come out of your city or communities as well. Sexual crimes are a universal problem which the courts and law enforcement agencies come across almost daily, I wonder why we have so many perverts and sexual predators people committing such crimes in today’s society.

Jun 26, 2014


Mubarak Bala, a self professed atheist has been locked up in a psychiatric ward in Kano because of his belief that God does not exist, Read story here.  The outspoken atheist and ex-Muslim was allegedly beaten by his family, placed in a psychiatric hospital and now faces possible execution, all for renouncing Islam and declaring himself an atheist. A #FreeMubarak Campaign has been launched on twitter and an online Petition has been collecting signatures with a view to compelling his immediate release. Mubarak’s detention has provoked wide spread criticism from various quarters in and out of Nigeria, a country which is no doubt deeply religious, however, the law protects the rights of Nigerian citizens to freedom of thought and religion therefore Mubarak should not be subjected to this degrading and inhuman treatment.

Jun 17, 2014

protect sexual violence survivors in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Do you remember the high profile case of Amina Filali? She was just 16 when she took her own life. A few months earlier, the Moroccan teenager had been forced to marry the man she said had raped her. Her death exposed the appalling get-out clause that allowed men accused of rape in Morocco to walk free by marrying their victim.


Dear Valued Investor,

In the outgone week, the NSEASI maintained its positive steam although ended with a marginal loss of 0.03%. The marginal cool-off comes after 4 weeks of straight gains back-to-back. The benchmark index ended at 41, 228.65 points. At this level, the Nigerian bourse has delivered 0.24% negative return for the year-to-date. The current market mood clearly suggests strong profit taking sentiment amongst most market participants.Recall that positive sentiment following the inclusion of ETI and FO in the MSCI Emerging Market Index, stable monetary environment, mixed corporate earnings, impressive dividends and yields were key drivers of the market equities in May despite heightened security concerns.

Jun 16, 2014


The British Nigeria Law Forum (BNLF) lecture held on 14th June, 2014 in London. The lecture above all addressed the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies in bringing offenders to justice.

Jun 11, 2014


In Nigeria, children’s rights are protected by law and held sacred, not only does the law protect the child; it also stipulates punishment for adults who take advantage of children or seek to negatively influence them.  If you missed the blog on the rights of the Nigerian child, Click Here. The Lagos State Government has however taken the protection of children’s rights a bit further by providing laws in the Criminal Code Law of Lagos State (2011) that seek to prevent the abandonment of children and also instil fines members of the public who do so.

Jun 3, 2014


Several weeks ago, the Lagos State govt passed a law banning smoking in public places. While some Lagosians received the news with mixed feelings, others commended and supported the govt of Raji Fashola SAN for its commitment to making Lagos state a safer community for everyone. It is worthy of note that a similar bill is being considered before the National Assembly in the guise of the National Tobacco Bill which is being sponsored by Hon. Dayo Bush-Alebiosu representing the good people of Kosofe Local Govt in the House of Representatives.