Aug 5, 2014

#LawForLayMen hosted by @BarEnclave

On Sunday, 3rd August, 2014, @BarEnclave hosted @ayosogunro to the maiden edition of the  #LawForLayMen lecture series in Lagos titled “A ONE DAY GUIDE TO THE NIGERIAN CONSTITUTION”. Participants comprising of young professionals from diverse fields attended and it was simply amazing to be there. 

@ayosogunro, a lawyer and writer delivered his paper brilliantly while sharing the basics of the Nigerian legal system and fundamental principles of the Nigerian Constitution with the participants who payed rapt attention. @adedunmade who represented @LegalNaija at the event engaged with many of the participants after the lecture and the feedback was amazing. 

Participants included renowned people’s lawyer @topeatiba and other amazing people including @zebbook, @ronaldnzimora, @oddy4real, @finegurl and @wildeyeq among others. Plus everyone got a free autographed copy of @ayosogunro’s book titled “The Wonderful Life of Senator Boniface and other Sorry Tales”, even Legalnaija got a copy too and we are excited about it.  

Legal literacy is very important to the development of a Nation’s social and political development and as such @BarEnclave efforts at putting together the lecture is extremely commended. See more pictures below.