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Jan 30, 2015


It’s just a couple of weeks to the general elections and I am sure you are as excited as everyone else is. All this PDP, APC, UPN, SSS, DSS, Buhari, Gej talk is coming to an end, thankfully. Almost every debate has been about the elections in the past few weeks but that’s cool anyway because the person who takes up the mantle of leadership in this coming election is a very important decision that concerns all of us though you must have noticed that we at Legalnaija intentionally stayed away from openly supporting any candidate, it’s because we want you to make that choice personally. No point electing the wrong person though, we are getting too impatient for mediocrity in governance. However, as the Election Day itself comes closer, there are bits of information you should know and share with others as well, it’s about conduct during the elections and the election procedure itself. 

Jan 26, 2015


                         A Seminar to raise Capacity within the Criminal Justice System
The British Nigeria Law Forum (BNLF) a bilateral, voluntary, professional organisation (based in the UK and Nigeria), which promotes the development of the law and lawyers cordially invites you to the BNLF Seminar on Terrorism Law & Enforcement at Protea Hotel, Asokoro, Abuja on 3rd February 2015 at 12 noon. 

 The objective of this event is to raise awareness of the Terrorism (Prevention) Act 2011 & 2013 (TPA) among lawyers, security agents, law enforcement officers and other interested parties. It will highlight the efforts made by the Federal Government to fight terrorism within the ambit of the Nigerian Constitution and international law. 


There have been many agents of political parties, candidates and persons calling for the postponement of the General elections billed to hold on 14th February,2015. 

Though this call has been received with different opinions and view,INEC has stated that it will hold the elections as scheduled. 

Jan 16, 2015


Death, they say, is inevitable
It comes at its own time,
Moves as freely as it pleases,
Goes to and fro, knocks at the door most appealing,
Death is an unwelcome visitor, depending on whose side you’re on
For a few, it’s a most welcome friend, its grips embraced to the pleasure of the dying
Most agree that most do not like the sound of death though we know that death is inevitable,
Some see death as a battle to fight, a struggle to triumph over! Some see death as an enemy.
Death is simply Death!!
Without Death, Life cannot exist. Life is birth, Life is death.
We may not chose when, how, where and why we die but we can agree on one thing;
No one else should choose how we die!!
You are subject to death as am I!
You have no dictate to my Birth and Life, why have dictate on my death?
You have not understood the value of life, how dare you place a value on my death?
You cannot make a life, not even yours, so why take mine?
You bring Death to me and feel secure because you and Death are bedmates!
Alas, you lie!
For the day comes when Death will show that a great bedfellow it does not make!!
The thing to fear is not the Death that shall surely come but the Life which you know not which follows after;
Afterall, you who know not how to make a Life, how can you know what the future holds after Death?

By Chika Maduakolam

Jan 14, 2015


While the ink was yet to dry on this piece, I immediately was forcefully torn between a confusing web of two different worlds; two diverse emotions: hope and doubt. I hurriedly at the same time asked myself, how do I feel in this very moment - am I happy or sad? Was this our dreams finally come true? Vague and intense feelings of uneasiness washed over me. Dangling between two different emotions, I set down penning this piece. Pictorially, I sought to paint the true picture of what I was experiencing. The product was to picture an orb helplessly and hopelessly oscillating, reminisce of my elementary integrated science textbooks, from the pendulums of failure in leadership.

Arguably the grandest upcoming event in Nigeria's history, the 2015 general elections has in no small measure elicited diverse responses. Media report cards are significantly impacted with the activities of the two major Presidential candidates. From all indications, the Presidential elections - though, not the only slated election for the year- is the major and focal cause of concern. It is such because the occupier of the office of the Presidency, being the country's leader, symbolizes the whole country. The Presidential elections thus have attained a flagship status for all other electable positions. In the same manner that this piece elicited two conflicting reactions within me, the fast-coming general elections in Nigeria has also generated two different responses, meanwhile it is still the same event. The line of demarcation is very clear. Same event - different responses. What caused the difference?


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Jan 12, 2015


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Bet you have heard that the Nigerian economy is explosive right now and many corporations around the world from China to the Middle East and Europe want a piece of the action. As a Legalnaija reader, we hope you are part of this economic revolution and have here prepared a checklist on some of the many relevant laws to pay attention to if you intend doing business in Nigeria. These laws have corresponding agencies who regulate the law and ensure compliance with its rules. The list of laws include;

Jan 7, 2015


If you have ever been on the war path of an angry mob or riot, you may have realised their penchant for burning things. Before an observer can say the words “Jack Robinson”, cars, buildings, stores and other valuable properties are already going up in smoke. Many a-times, hoodlums have gone on rampage and vandalized and burnt lots of property. This craving to set things on fire becomes worse when a mob is trying to serve justice on an alleged offender, either a thief or gbomo-gbomo kidnapper. Petrol, matches and an abandoned tyre always seem to appear from nowhere. It is no news that mob justice is a crime and no one should participate in such act, we all are guaranteed a right of fair hearing in the constitution and an alleged offender should be reported to the police or to the appropriate channels of authority.  But let’s concentrate on the burning side of things and let me tell you a thing or two about arson.

Jan 6, 2015


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It is morally wrong to steal, whether its a million dollars or just a few Naira notes. At least from the way I was raised, that is and the Nigerian Criminal Code Act, CAP C38, LFN 2004 confirms same. Recently, I read about a robbery syndicate who specialised in stealing cars and selling them off, the members had been apprehended by the police and the person who disposed of the cars for them was also arrested and prosecuted.  

It is a crime to receive stolen or fraudulently obtained property and such person may be found to be as guilty as the person who stole the property in the first place. Thus, if a friend of yours steals or fraudulently obtains a property and hands same over to you for safe keeping or disposal, you will be liable and found guilty for being in possession of the said item.



Legalnaija will like to welcome everyone to the year 2015. Last year was awesome for the blog, we had more articles than the previous year; a lot more people visited the blog and many lawyers contributed to our goal of promoting the rule of law in Nigeria by informing the public about their legal rights and obligations. We hope you found the articles informative and interesting. Thanks for reading, sharing and engaging in 2014 and hopefully, we will achieve more together this year. 

A lot of exciting legal issues will certainly be discussed this year, the first being the coming elections in February, 2015. Hope you have been reading our blog posts on electoral offences and have been sharing them with your friends.  Also we will be unveiling our new website and invite you to participate in many interesting trends. 

In a nutshell, we are taking our service up a notch and you are in the centre of periscope. We hope to empower Nigerians like never before with legal information and work together with more stakeholders and organisations. We will however hate to leave you out of all our lovely plans, therefore if you have anything you will like to share or comment about, pls drop a mail or contact us @legalnaija on any of our social media handles.
Looking forward to a great 2015 and wish you the best.

For: Legalnaija
Adedunmade Onibokun