Jan 16, 2015


Death, they say, is inevitable
It comes at its own time,
Moves as freely as it pleases,
Goes to and fro, knocks at the door most appealing,
Death is an unwelcome visitor, depending on whose side you’re on
For a few, it’s a most welcome friend, its grips embraced to the pleasure of the dying
Most agree that most do not like the sound of death though we know that death is inevitable,
Some see death as a battle to fight, a struggle to triumph over! Some see death as an enemy.
Death is simply Death!!
Without Death, Life cannot exist. Life is birth, Life is death.
We may not chose when, how, where and why we die but we can agree on one thing;
No one else should choose how we die!!
You are subject to death as am I!
You have no dictate to my Birth and Life, why have dictate on my death?
You have not understood the value of life, how dare you place a value on my death?
You cannot make a life, not even yours, so why take mine?
You bring Death to me and feel secure because you and Death are bedmates!
Alas, you lie!
For the day comes when Death will show that a great bedfellow it does not make!!
The thing to fear is not the Death that shall surely come but the Life which you know not which follows after;
Afterall, you who know not how to make a Life, how can you know what the future holds after Death?

By Chika Maduakolam