Jan 12, 2015


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Bet you have heard that the Nigerian economy is explosive right now and many corporations around the world from China to the Middle East and Europe want a piece of the action. As a Legalnaija reader, we hope you are part of this economic revolution and have here prepared a checklist on some of the many relevant laws to pay attention to if you intend doing business in Nigeria. These laws have corresponding agencies who regulate the law and ensure compliance with its rules. The list of laws include;

  1. Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) CAP C20), LFN 2004
  2. Companies Income Tax Act, CAP C21, LFN 2004
  3. Arbitration and Conciliation Act, CAP A18, LFN 2004 
  4.  Federal Inland Revenue Service (Establishment Act) No. 15, 2007
  5.  Customs & Excise Management Act, CAP C45, LFN 2004 
  6.   Export (Incentives & Miscellaneous Provision) Act, CAP E19, LFN 2004 
  7.  Federal High Court Act, CAP F12, LFN 2004 
  8.   Foreign Exchange (Monitoring & Miscellaneous Provisions) Act CAP F34 LFN 2004 
  9.  Immigration Act, CAP 11, LFN 2004 
  10.   Insurance Act (No.1) 2003 
  11.  Investments & Securities Act 2007
  12.  Industrial Inspectorate Act, CAP 18, LFN 2004 
  13.  Industrial Dev. (Income Tax Relief) Act, Cap17, LFN 2004 
  14.  National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion Act, CAP N62, LFN 2004 
  15. Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission Act, N17,LFN 2004
  16. Nigerian Mineral and Mining Act, No. 20 ,2007
  17. Stamp Duties Act, CAP C58, LFN 2004
  18. Petroleum Profits Tax Act( CAP P!#) LFN 2004 
  19. Partnership Law of Lagos State

Adedunmade Onibokun, Esq