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Feb 25, 2015


I recall how as law students, my friends and I always shared a joke about insanity being the best defence to a criminal charge, especially as it related to crimes of passion like when you catch another man on your wife. For instance, I read about a father who committed murder because a drunk driver drove into his 2 sons killing them instantly. According to the report, the man whose sons had been pushing his car from behind after it broke down along the highway just alighted from the car, saw the carnage, went home, got a gun and shot the drunk driver. The Father was however let go on the legal grounds that he was mad temporarily insane when he shot the driver.

Feb 11, 2015


My first experience with unlawful societies was in the University, where I got to hear about and see the activities of cultists our school prefects. Let’s just say, those experiences made me stay away from them. Unlawful societies are not social clubs or organizations as they usually have more sinister motives behind their formation.

The Nigerian Criminal Code Act defines a society to include any combination of ten or more persons whether the society is known by any name or not. Please refer to Section 62 (1) of the Act.  The Act goes further to describe unlawful societies as any society formed for any of the following purposes:

Feb 5, 2015



Imagine a scenario where your friend has nuked the whole Lagos state shoreline committed an offence and he/she leads the security service to you runs to you for help. What you do at that point determines if you are a good friend or not will be held to be an accessory after the fact .i.e. you aided or took part in some act that aided your friend in carrying out that offence or even helping them escape the law. Question is, how does one know if they are accessories to a crime?