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Mar 26, 2015


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Yippee, elections are finally here after the 6 week postponement and all the campaign wahala debates, rallies and mud-slinging  electioneering.  Obviously, the Presidential elections will be a battle majorly between Goodluck Jonathan and Buhari while other state governorship and national assembly elections will have various contestants from other political parties who are not with the PDP or the APC have some political ground. 

As we all go out to cast our votes, it is very important that we embrace peace and a free and fair election procedure, please do not cause or promote any katakata disorderly acts and if you insist on doing so, kindly remember that “any person who at an election acts or incites others to act in a disorderly manner commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a maximum fine of N500,000.00 or imprisonment for a term of 12 months or both” – Section 128 of the Electoral Act. So the ball is in court, peaceful election on one hand and one year in prison with a fine on the other, please choose wisely. 

There are many other things you shouldn’t be caught doing on Election Day, these are stated in Section 129 of the 2010 Electoral Act, and the law provides that:

Mar 24, 2015


By Oluwaseun ‘Dayo Omotoso*

Dear Uncle Joe,

I must concede Mr. President that this moment in the nation’s history isn’t so easy for you with the volume of information you have to process almost every minute and the several political activities in which you have to engage despite all. To borrow the words of Woodrow Wilson however, ‘the ear of a leader must ring with the voices of his people’. For this reason, I’d like to say these few words to you and to draw your attention to a couple of things you ought to consider, which I am sure the band of ‘sweet talkers’ around you dare not say for fear of losing their livelihood. 

It is often admonished among the Yorubas of Western Nigeria that “ki sobia to d’egbo, olugambe ni aa ke si” (it is wise to seek a surgeon before a simple ringworm attack festers). Mr. President, ringworm has attacked the polity called Nigeria; I suppose it’s time, not only to seek a surgeon but also to identify the political ringworms before the wound in the Nigerian polity festers.

Mar 23, 2015


This post must begin with a special shout-out to everyone who nominated us as the ‘Best Topical Blog’ in the 2014 Nigerian Blog Awards, you all are sooo very awesome. Special shout-out also to all our readers, contributors and followers, we won’t be here without you. Thanks a lot.

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Mar 16, 2015


Note: This judgment has been appealed and the Court of Appeal has ordered a stay of execution thus restrictions still apply.

"When we dare to struggle, then we dare to win. I therefore urge all Nigerians to troop to the courts, to challenge the unchallengeables, to kick off the arbitrary PHCN impositions, all illegal charges and tax impositions and all obnoxious policies wickedly devised by all our rulers." – Mr Ebun Adegboruwa

If you have ever experienced having to move around on a Saturday morning when there is ongoing sanitation in Lagos, you will definitely like what I am about to share. I remember a Saturday morning after having arrived at the airport in Lagos, I set out for home with my cousin who had come to pick me and we had to abort our trip because armed mobile policemen had laid siege on the Oshodi express-way and were arresting those who did not stay home to observe the mandatory environmental sanitation.  Thank goodness for the touts who sheltered us behind a locked street gate, though we had to pay for the temporary security, they hid us from the policemen. 

Mar 5, 2015


If you have been reading the Newspapers for the past week, you will definitely have come across the controversy centred around the purported removal of the INEC Chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega. While some pro-jega fans are saying it would be wrong to remove him at such crucial time which is barely weeks before the elections, others are saying heavens will not fall. The main issue apparently is does the President have the power to remove Prof Jega? Let’s have a look at the constitution for the answer to that.