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Apr 29, 2015


Tax evasion is a big deal in many countries, the United States and the United Kingdom are one of such countries and examples are made out of tax offenders in a bid to discourage others from following in those footsteps.  Taxes are used to improve infrastructures and state facilities in a bid to provide for the populace and its very important as it is a big source of income for governments. Roads, bridges, hospitals and different social amenities are built from our taxes and as such it’s very important that we all pay our taxes in time.  The law providing for the collection of tax in Nigeria is the Personal Income Tax Act otherwise known as PITA. 

Apr 9, 2015


Credits -
The most striking feature of the criminal trial is its oral nature, and its central phenomenon is the process of oral examination of witnesses. The greater part of the law of evidence, the rules of relevance and admissibility, dictate the manner and extent of the witnesses’ testimony. But these are general rule of evidence. Whilst it is its orality which is the striking feature of the criminal trial, it is the process of question and answer which is the distinctive feature of that oral procedure. The witness who is testifying is not allowed to make a speech. What he says is said in response to questions put to him in the course of examination, cross-examination and re-examination.

The process of question and answer prevents the witness from going off on a frolic of his own. Counsel’s questions should have regard to the rules of relevance and admissibility and should ensure that the testimony of the witness is directed to the case for the prosecution or defence. The disadvantage of the process is that the witness may be denied opportunity to tell the full story as he sees is. During cross-examination it is possible for counsel to question the witness selectively and to cease a line of questioning when he has elicited information for hs own purpose, denying the witness the opportunity to elaborate or qualify what he has said. Where the witness has been selectively examined, whether during his examination-in-chief or under cross-examination, it is for the opposing counsel to correct the balance during examination or re-examination.

Apr 8, 2015



 “The CBN raised concerns over the increasing use of foreign currency as a medium of exchange in Nigeria and warned that persons caught in the illegal act risk a six month jail term upon conviction.”
 - Punch Newspaper, 8th April, 2015.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine mentioned that there are a number of schools in Nigeria who insist that the school fees of wards/students should be paid in dollars, there are also several property merchants especially on the Lagos Island who insist that rents should also be paid in dollars. No matter how cool this might sound, it’s an act that has negative consequences for the Nigerian Naira and in extension the Nigerian economy.