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Jun 19, 2015

TheLearnedFriends holds first Digital - Legal Conference 

Plans by Nigeria’s fastest growing Legal professional network, to host her maiden edition of the E-Legal Conference 2015 has been concluded. The conference is scheduled to hold at 10 a.m. on Thursday 9th of July, 2015 at the Lagos Court of Arbitration and ADR, 1a, Remi Olowude Street, Lekki, Phase 1.

The theme for this year’s conference is Tomorrow’s Legal and the primary objective is to provide thought leadership for the Legal industry on ICT solutions. Key players in the ICT and Legal industry from around the world will enlighten delegates on the latest enabling tools and software developed for today’s Law Practice.

Expert speakers include but not limited to Mark Slade, British CEO Ringier Digital Marketing; Senibo Bara-Hart Legal Adviser, Samsung - West Africa and Azubuike Ezenwoke, Dean-Student Affairs, Covenant University. Barrister Alex Mouka LLB, BL, LLM, ACIArb, who is the current chairman of the NBA Lagos branch will inaugurate the conference as the keynote speaker. 

Those expected to participate in the E-Legal conference include Policy and legal professionals, paralegal professionals and ICT professionals. Interested participants are to visit for their registration details. is an online news aggregator and social media platform focused on showcasing technological innovations in the Legal Sector. Her mission is to generate commercial value for Law people by leveraging on Information and Communications Technology.

Jun 17, 2015


Have you ever whipped out your genitals in public?
I don’t mean when you are sun bathing on one of the various nude beaches scattered across the world. I mean have you ever done so in a mall, soccer match or party? Absurd question right? Yes I know and I don’t expect an answer in the affirmative either, anyone who does that will definitely be considered a candidate for yaba left nuts.
Let’s try another scenario, have you ever whipped out your genitals and induced another to massage or touch it? I bet at least one person reading this blog must have done so at one point. Freak.

Jun 11, 2015


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I have read about many victims of domestic violence, seen photos of bruised women and heard of the psychological effects it has on the personalities of these victims. The fear it creates in their minds and in extreme circumstances, the death of such victims. Domestic violence is a monster; it is wrong and should be prohibited by all means.
It’s common to hear friends and family members asking one to endure and bear with it or better yet pray that the husband turns a new leaf and begins to see his wife as a partner rather than a punching bag. Let’s not forget wives who also beat their husbands, though they are a minority. In family courts today, domestic violence is one of the many grounds upon which spouses seek dissolution of their marriages.

Jun 8, 2015


 Being a pretty girl or handsome chap fitbe trouble can be a curse sometimes because your fine boy or fine girl beauty or good looks will attract the good, the bad and the ugly to you. LOL. A friend once told me she gave her gate keeper strict orders not to let anyone into her house unauthorized because a certain young man had been stalking her by showing up at her door uninvited and calling her phone several times even though she didn’t give him the time of day. I know this is a major issue facing a lot of ladies but I am glad to announce that respite is here for ladies in Abuja as stalking has been officially labelled a crime by the recent Violence Against Persons Act (2015) passed into law by President Jonathan.
Section 17 (1) of the Act provides that:

Jun 5, 2015


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The Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Act 2015 recently signed into law is an act to eliminate violence in private and public life, prohibit all forms of violence against persons and to provide maximum protection and effective remedies for victims and punishment of offenders in Abuja.

The law begins in Section 1 by defining rape as the intentional penetration of the vagina, anus or mouth of another person if such person does not consent to the said penetration or if the consent is obtained by force or means of threat or intimidation. It also recognises that women can commit rape as well.  Section 2 states that a person if found guilty of rape will be liable to imprisonment for life except where the offender is less than 14 years in which such person will be liable to a maximum of 12 years in prison, however, in other cases such person can only be sentenced to a minimum of 12 years in prison. If the rape is however committed by a group of persons, the offenders are liable jointly to a maximum of 20 years imprisonment without option of fine and the court shall also award compensation to the victim. The law also states that a register of convicted sex offenders shall be maintained and accessible to the public.