Oct 7, 2015


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Members of Jude’s community are not happy with Senator Bala and Honourable Tiwa, they believe that the politicians who rode to success at the last elections on the backs of the people’s vote have abandoned the agenda of the constituency and have begun to seek only personal gratification to the detriment of the people. Now the community will like to recall the Senator and Honourable.

Ever wondered what you can do if you are not satisfied with the conduct of your constituency’s representative in the National Assembly? I mean your Senator or Honourable? What if you elected him or her to the noble position but has now decided to work contrary to the interest of his or her  constituency, what do you do? Do you have to wait till the next elections before you can sack or recall your representative, the answer is no.

The Constitution in Section 69 contains the provisions on how you can recall your Senator or member of the House of Representatives. It provides that - 

69. A member of the Senate or of the House Representatives may be recalled as such a member if -
(a) there is presented to the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission a petition in that behalf signed by more than one-half of the persons registered to vote in that member's constituency alleging their loss of confidence in that member; and
(b) the petition is thereafter, in a referendum conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission within ninety days of the date of receipt of the petition, approved by a simple majority of the votes of the persons registered to vote in that member's constituency.

Though the above provision of the law is contained in the constitution, it has never been used as no senator or house of representatives member has ever been recalled by his constituency but maybe there will be a first very soon. The procedure seems cumbersome as it may be difficult to get the required signatures to recall a member of the National Assembly especially as many politicians have been used to use violence and bribery to achieve their aims.

Adedunmade Onibokun