Oct 8, 2016

Commendation to Nigerian Police on tattoos

I just stumbled on an article on the Linda Ikeji Blog about a lady who was assaulted by the Police for having a tattoo. It’s so amazing the work our Nigerian Policemen are doing. 

The sheer amount of intelligence gathering and psychology that results in the identification of criminals by their body art is one that should be shared with every police force in the world.

For those who don’t know, a tattoo is a permanent design drawn on a person’s skin. It is a popular form of self - expression for many and also recognised by many tribes and cultures around the world.

Never mind that the person is law abiding, or is a respectable member of the society, as long as you have a tattoo in the eyes of the Nigerian Police, you must be a criminal or prostitute as the case may be. This level of professionalism in policing is unprecedented and definitely unique to our police force. A reason why we always continue to adore the police, our friends.

As the chief security agent of the State, the agency with the mandate to protect the rights of the Nigerian Citizen, uphold the rule of law and ensure our safety, arresting well-meaning Nigerians just because they have tattoos is very commendable.

This exemplary work by the Police can be found online, such as the case of Jerry Guobadia and that of Jackie Awah. You must agree with the Police that people with tattoos are a big problem to the Nigerian Society, even though they may be musicians, performers, artists, doctors or even bankers, the police should arrest them and prosecute them.

The police must have noted that the high rate of   people with tattoos in Nigeria is directly proportional to the high crime rate in the community. Hence the need to take down everyone with a tattoo. Having a tattoo can also cause a severe breach of the peace, riot, looting or even murder the Police must believe.

Even the Constitution that has a provision for the fundamental right of every Nigeria not to be subject to degrading treatment cannot fault this incredible work of the police. Neither can Section 8 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act that provides that suspects should not be subject to any form of cruel treatment be of any use here.

Fellow Nigerians, we definitely have to wake up and fight to protect our rights as a people, especially from those who seek to spit on them such as our friends. Fundamental Human Right proceedings commending the police for a job well done is a good way to start.

This is a blog post by Adedunmade Onibokun. Adedunmade is a lawyer and blogger. He practices in Lagos and publishes the law blog www.legalnaija.com. You can reach Adedunmade on dunmadeo@yahoo.com

Ed's Note - This article was originally published here.