Oct 28, 2016

Life of a Lagos Lawyer - End of the Month (Episode 2)

Everyone in the office is smiling, except me.  Their jubilation is expected, being the end of the month and salaries have been paid. I always had dreams of working in Big Law, in one of the top law firms on the Island. But I am not so sure anymore,  getting home from work at 10.30pm to leave at 6am the next morning; coupled with my insufficient salary of N90,000 per month, minus penalty fees at the office, I can’t even afford a social life. 

My creditors will also be expecting me to visit this weekend. Iya Basira and Aboki will be looking forward to me clearing my October bill for collected provisions and noodles with fried egg respectively. Not to mention Godwin, whom I borrowed N15,000 from to give to Linda, one girl I met on Tinder, who had come to see me all the way from Akoka. 

My colleague receives a text message alert and smiles. “Aww, Bae just sent me 50k, he is so sweet” she says, before rushing away to call Bae. I don’t blame her; it’s not her fault; I am sure Bae just received his salary to and like me, is doing the needful. She walks up to sit on my table, still all smiles from her bank alert. “Bae is so nice and caring, it’s hard a get a good guy now adays”, she goes on as I oblige her with a smile. We have always been buddies and she feels comfortable telling me stuff, like the day Oga asked her to sit on his laps, or when she and Oga visited the client whose election petition our firm had lost a few months ago and the client had berated Oga in not so nice words.

I don’t blame the client either, a few hundreds of millions had crossed hands and we were feeling very confident with our chances. On the day judgment was delivered, Oga had arranged for champagne to be iced at the office for celebration. Imagine his countenance after our petition was dismissed. No one dared touch the drinks when we returned to the office, well except my good self of course. Godwin and I had shared the bottle of Moet after watching our favourite club, Real Madrid, win the UEFA Champions league, last season.  Man cannot come and die. 

My colleague suddenly jerks up and gives me her conspiracy smile. “I have big gist for you”, she says. ‘Would you believe the life of female Lagos lawyer is not easy, work hours never allow you to have a social life, let alone keep your man satisfied when you finally find one”. That’s by the side anyway, what I really wanted to say is, my sponsor asked me to follow him to Ghana for the weekend”. And what did you say? 

She was about to respond when my phone rang, it was Godwin. “Dlaw, please come quickly o, Landlord has come with some thugs and they want to throw our things out”. How can Landlord do that, he has not served us a Quit Notice, I responded, just before I run out the door. 

My colleague however is undisturbed as she sinks in my chair and begins to reminisce about her life as a female lawyer in Lagos. It all started when …………..

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