Mar 21, 2017

Expansion Of Business Visa Activities in Nigeria | Dayo Adu

Background: This memo seeks to enlighten Partners, business visitors to
Nigeria, companies, investors and human resource experts on the new policy direction of the Nigeria Immigration Service (“NIS”) in line with the 60-day national action plan for ease of doing business in Nigeria that was approved recently by the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council (PEBEC).

The Policy expands on the category of persons and activities that can be
undertaken when issued a visa at entry point. It further allows those visiting from countries where Nigeria does not have an embassy to obtain visas at the port of entry. The aim of the policy is to remove bureaucratic bottleneck and encourage business travellers and tourists.

Permissible Activities on the Business Visa on Arrival; The permissible activities have been revised and expanded by the NIS to cater for foreign travellers who wish to travel to Nigeria for Old Activities: meetings, conferences, seminars.

New Activities: contract negotiation, marketing, sales, purchase and distribution of Nigerian goods, trade fairs, job interviews, training of Nigerians, emergency/relief work, crew members, staff of NGOs, staff of NGOs, researchers and musical concerts”

Who qualifies; foreign travellers, Artist, High net worth Individuals, Businessmen, business visitors, and Investors coming to Nigeria

Implementation time frame: Immediate

New Developments further introduced by the NIS:
· The harmonization of multiplicity of airport arrival and departure form/cards into a single form for all agencies of government to save foreign visitors from the current frustrating practice of filling three different forms or more and the decentralization of immigration services to the state commands.
· Re-issuance of passports for change of names due to marital reasons or lost cases have been decentralized to all state commands and foreign missions to save passport holders from additional costs and inconvenience of travelling to the service headquarters in Abuja.

· Additional 28 offices have been opened for issuance of residence permits in Nigeria, bringing the issuance of Combined Expatriate Residence Permit And Aliens Cards (CERPAC) closer to the doorstep of employers of expatriates at all 36 states and FCT.

Dayo Adu,
Partner -Famsville Solicitors

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