Mar 29, 2017

Get an affordable International Degree with Higher Study Nigeria

Why should you burden yourself with spending as much as $20,000 or more on education in UK, USA, Australia and Canada to mention a few when you can get the same benefits from reputable Universities in Europe for 5 times less?. At this time of economic recession in Nigeria, Higher Study PVT Nigeria Limited in conjunction with partner Universities in Hungary have come up with a strategy to make available qualitative foreign education at affordable rates.

Why Hungary?

Hungary is a Schengen country and by obtaining a Schengen visa, you earn the privilege of travel around the 25 Schengen zone member states for either business or tourism in other to expand your horizon. All you require is just a single stamp in your passport called the Schengen visa instead of obtaining individual visas for each country.

Study in top standard education in high ranking universities.
·        Get 50% scholarship opportunities through our agency 
·        Bag a degree awarded by the Prestigious University of Buckingham in the UK from an Hungarian University
·        The cost of living in Hungary is incredibly reasonable
·        Tuition fee starting from as low as €3,000
·        Get British degree in Hungarian Universities
·  Get opportunities of internship and work in a variety of partner multinational organizations such as IBM, Samsung, KPMG, Shell, Coca-cola etc on completion of your program
·        Affordable Accommodation for Students
·        Work and study for Masters students
·        Get a world class degree in any of the Management courses
·        BSc in Financial Management 
·        BSc in Management with Diplomacy 
·        BSc in Management 
·        Bsc in Applied Economics
·        MSc in Financial Management 
·        MSc in Human Resource Management 
·        MSc in International Business 
·        MSc in Marketing Management
·        MSc in Brand Management
·        MSc in Financial Consulting 

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