Aug 22, 2017

The Benefits Of Mediation Over Litigation (II) |DmediationLawyerist

 The Benefits Of Mediation Over Litigation include - 

·        It gives better results because control remains directly in the hands of the parties as decision makers.

·   Win or lose, it is comparatively quick and cheap as a self- contained process.

·        It saves management time.

·        It is private and confidential.

·        As a dynamic, it actively promotes renewal and reconciliation because it has been structured to restore relationships.

·        Litigation looks to find fault; Mediation does not.

 Mediation makes a particularly attractive route where parties are likely to continue to have dealings and interact in the future, whether in business, as neighbors or within the confines of some close personal relationship or physical proximity. This is of particular interest in Landlord/Tenant, Vendor/Purchaser, Principal/Agent and other neighbor relationships, as well as trading partners.

Footnotes:* Standing Conference Of Mediation Advocates (SCMA) *The Lagos Multi- Door Courthouse Law (LMDC) 2007* The LMDC Practice Direction on Mediation Procedure* The Multi Door Courthouse Code of Ethics for Mediators* Guidelines For Enforcement Procedure *Guidelines for Court referrals to Alternative Dispute Resolution *Principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution by Stephen J.Ware *Effective Mediation Advocacy by Andrew Goodman *

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