Sep 28, 2017

Nature Of Matters Handled At The Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse (LMDC)

The LMDC handles various types of cases. They include but are not limited to the following;

·        Banking disputes
·        Business/Commercial
·        Construction
·        Maritime
·        Telecommunication
·        Energy
·        Civil Rights
·        Education
·        Employment
·        Matrimonial Causes
·        Family Disputes
·        Custody
·        Insurance
·        Intellectual Property/Technology
·        Labour
·        Personal Injury
·        Product liability
·        Professional liability
·        Professional malpractice/negligence
·        Real property
·        Securities
·        Shipping/Transportation
·        Libel and slander
·        Administration of Estate
·        Accident and tort
·        Medical negligence
·        Contracts enforcement
·        Small claims
·        Landlord and Tenant amongst others
Mediation and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) can NEVER replace the courts but should be seen as part of the court system which is primarily aimed at resolving disputes. ADR is achieving Justice by Consensus and the hope of the LMDC is that only cases which should be in the courts get to the courts.

Footnotes:* Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates (SCMA) *The Lagos Multi- Door Courthouse Law (LMDC) 2007* The LMDC Practice Direction on Mediation Procedure* The Multi Door Courthouse Code of Ethics for Mediators* Guidelines For Enforcement Procedure *Guidelines for Court referrals to Alternative Dispute Resolution *Principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution by Stephen J.Ware *Effective Mediation Advocacy by Andrew Goodman.*The Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse Neutrals’ Handbook.

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