Nov 14, 2017

Nigerian Senator calls for State of Emergency in Educational Sector


Just a day after the President hosted the Federal Executive Council to the Presidential Summit on Education organized by the Honourable Minister of Education Alhaji Adamu Adamu, where the President decried the rot being experienced in the Nigerian Educational Sector, Distinguished Senator Gbenga Ashafa representing Lagos East Senatorial District has also joined other concerned Nigerians calling for  a State Emergency to be declared in the Education Sector.

The Distinguished Senator made this call at the Convergence Summit held at the NAF Conference Centre Abuja on Tuesday, 14th November, 2017. 

Distinguished Senator Gbenga Ashafa while giving his remarks said, “I am happy that the Hon. Minister is present at this event because he is very vital in achieving the theme of this event, which is “Driving a new public education initiative for Nigeria.” It goes without saying that the state of public education in Nigeria is very poor and crying for help. From the primary to the tertiary institutions, public education in Nigeria is failing…”

The Distinguished Senator went on further to provide some statistics to buttress his point. He said “Ladies and Gentlemen, permit me to draw some inferences quickly. According to the Central Intelligence Agency’s world fact book, the literacy level in Nigeria is just about 59%, this is not too far from the UNESCO’s submission that about 65 Million Nigerians are illiterate. It is also important to note that by 2050, Nigeria would be the third most populous country in the world. Beyond the ratio of population to literacy, is also the issue of quality of education being received. In Kaduna State recently, a competence test conducted for all teachers in the state revealed that 75% of the teachers failed. Never mind that this test was based on curriculum for Primary Four”

While acknowledging the effort of the President Buhari led administration through the Minister of Education in the Education sector by revamping the curricular, Senator Ashafa noted that if this dangerous trend continues at this rate Nigeria would be looking at a very huge population of illiterates/under literates by year 2050

He therefore called on the Minister of Education to declare a state of Emergency in the Nigeria Education Sector. He was quoted to say as follows “I join other well meaning Nigerians to call on the Honourable Minister to declare a State of Emergency in the Nigerian Education Sector. The effect of this might not be popular at first, however this is the bold, proper and conscientious thing to do. We must do right by the judgment of posterity and the future of our common wealth”.

He canvassed for the need for Nigeria to adopt contemporary training, teaching methods and instruments being used in the more developed countries to educate the minds of their people. To adopt an experimental approach to teaching and learning as this will allow the students learn better and the teachers impart knowledge more easily.

The event which has as its theme “Driving a new Public Education Initiative in Nigeria” was organized for the purpose of identifying the challenges in the education sector and proffering ideas and solutions that could revamp the Nigeria education sector.