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Jun 28, 2018


Finance Management (continued)

My second remediation suggestion would be the complete overhaul of the account and finance unit at the NBA National Secretariat with proper definition of the unit’s role and the engagement/retention of qualified, experienced, well-motivated and skilled accountants to man the unit. 


The Port Harcourt Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association was thrown into uproar following a point of order raised by Okey Wali, SAN during the maiden meeting of the New Executives of the branch at the famous Garden City, Port Harcourt.

Jun 26, 2018

ECNBA - Crisis Of Confidence And Credibility


It is yet another Election year in the annals of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) and all eyes are on Professor Auwalu Yadudu’s led Electoral Committee of NBA (ECNBA) to deliver on its promises to conduct a free, fair and credible Election for the foremost professional Association in Africa. However if feelers coming from the members of the NBA are anything to go by, the hope of those expecting a credible poll in this Year’s election is bound to be dashed unless urgent steps are taken to arrest the looming crisis of confidence and credibility question that is threatening to mar the July Poll. There is no gainsaying the fact that the process leading up to an event determines its result

Reflections- Institutional Reforms For the NBA (3) / Paul Usoro SAN

Finance Management

The KPMG Report in its findings, confirmed the fears of most lawyers in regard to the NBA’s finances and its management, under the headings, “Inadequate system of internal controls” and “Financial reporting transparency”:

Jun 25, 2018

A Successful 2018 APC National Convention |Senator Gbenga Ashafa

The Senator representing Lagos East Senatorial District at the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly, Distinguished Senator Gbenga Ashafa has congratulated President Muhammadu Buhari, the newly elected and sworn in Executive and the entire All Progressive Congress (APC) on a successful convention in 2018.

Paul Usoro SAN Gets a Warm welcome in Plateau State

The Learned Silk, Paul Usoro yesterday, the 23rd of June 2018 had a meet and greet session with supporters from the four (4) NBA Branches in Plateau State. The session tagged "Hangout with Paul Usoro, was well attended with Prof. Dakas C. J. Dakas, SAN; Solomon Umoh, SAN; Pius Akubo, SAN; Tob Kekemeke (Former NBA Chairman, Jos); Sunday Abednego, ( NBA Chairman, Bukuru Branch) and David Karshima (NBA Chairman, Pankshin Branch) and other VIPs.

Jun 22, 2018

Reflections: InstItutional Reforms For The NBA| Paul Usoro SAN


There is the need to review the existing committees and determine which of them is ad-hoc in nature – my review of their terms of reference suggests that most if not all of them are – and may have completed their tasks and ought to be wound up and whether there is the need to rationalize those of them that may not be ad-hoc in nature and reconstitute them into functional standing committees. In that regard, we must not confuse committees with Sections, Fora, Institutes and Teams (such as Prosecution Teams) and Task Forces. For want of a better illustrative comparison, Sections, For a and Institutes are similar to divisions of companies that are created or constituted for carrying out specific functions. They do not exercise oversight responsibilities over the executive management in the same way that governance committees (such as Audit and Finance Committees) do neither do they formulate governing policies for the organization.

Jun 21, 2018

Veto Powers And Need For Cautious Exercise | Paul Usoro SAN

Earlier on, astute litigator and strategist; Paul Usoro, SAN, spoke at the NBA Young Lawyers Forum, Ilorin Branch one Day Seminar.  In a Panel chaired by Mallam Yusuf Ali, SAN represented by K. Keleja, SAN, Mr. Usoro discussed the topic- "Veto Power and the Role of the Executive".

Summary Note On The Rationale Behind The Adjustments Made By Nass On The 2018 Appropriation Bill

(i) Each dollar increase to the oil price benchmark generates N87.27 billion as additional spending for the FGN. Thus, N523.65 billion was the additional revenues following the $6 increase in the oil price benchmark.
(ii) Out of the additional revenue, the Executive utilized N152.6 billion to increase their initial expenditure proposal.

The Way Out Of Recession IsAn Agro/Industralised Economy | Paul Usoro SAN

NBA Presidential aspirant Paul Usoro SAN, earlier today delivered a powerful lecture at the NBA Calabar branch week. The passionate Lawyer spoke on the tremendous investment opportunities of the Nigerian Agricultural sector. He stated that for Nigeria to metamorphose into an agro-industrialized economy, the Nigerian Governments should at all levels rigorously push for and apply polices channelled towards improving the focus on agro industries.

Jun 20, 2018

Triax Monthly: The Dino’s Drama; Recall Process | Eloho Yekovie ESQ


A lot has been happening in the political sphere of the Nigerian state which has in one way or the other halted the process of good governance and gave room to the rise of political instability, propaganda instead of proper agenda by political players, nepotism and partisan politics etc. This article is about one of the most significant event that took place in the political disposition of Nigeria involving a senator and his constituency members who initiated a recall process due to his alleged nonperformance.

Strengthening Nigeria’s Democracy, True Federalism And The Freedom Of The Common Man’s Last Hope | Obaloluwa Adeleke

Government, as we have come to know it today amongst other things exists to ensure the realisation of societal values such as protection of rights, preservation of lives, maintaining law and order, and providing basic human and social amenities, to name a few. However, the government itself must be protected so as to safeguard against it (government) destroying the values it was originally set up to protect. 

Reflections: Institutional Reforms For The Nba (2) – Paul Usoro, SAN FCIARB


The required reforms in the NBA must logically start from its apex, to wit, the governance structure at the national level.  The current governance structure of the Association does not have any defined role for an executive management.  Indeed, it does not even define and/or delineate properly, if at all, the roles of the elected part-time NBA National Officers and the administrative officials in the National Secretariat.  As the NBA-commissioned January 2018 KPMG Diagnostic Review of Financial Management and Reporting Process (“KPMG Report”) states, “currently, the elected NEC officers have significant administrative involvement in management activities such as financial control, human resources and recruitment, and staff training . . . The elected officers, who are part-time officers are challenged with overseeing and managing the operations of the Secretariat while also playing crucial executive leadership roles in their primary law practices”.

Jun 18, 2018

#EndSarsPetition to the National Assembly

Have you experienced police extortion or brutality; do you know anyone who has experienced it or are you dissatisfied with the current trend and reports of police extortion/brutality by members of the police especially SARS operatives?

Then write a petition to the National Assembly requesting a public hearing on the subject matter and hopefully such public hearing will transform into police reforms.

Simply copy the template below & tag the following public officials with the hashtag  #EndSarsPetition @nassnigeria @thepublicsenate @bukolasaraki @yakubdogara @YomiShogunle @PoliceNG @PoliceNG_PCRRU @Legalnaija

Falz's "This is Nigeria," Davido's "Mind" and the Ubiquity of Copyright Infringement in Nigeria | Lotanna Attoh

By now everyone and their mother must have heard the song "This is Nigeria" by Nigerian rapper, Falz the bahd guy.

The song, a take on "This is America" by his American counterpart - Childish Gambino, has generated quite a bit of controversy in academic and non-academic circles, thus the need for this article.

The artistic quality of the song and video will not be discussed, you can contact me for my thoughts on those; I will only focus on its legal issues. I will also address that of the DMW and Davido assisted "Mind" song. Let's begin.

10 Questions Entertainers Must Ask Before Signing A Talent Management Contract | Hightower Solicitors

There is no gain stressing the significant role Talent Managers, Agencies, and Management Companies, play in the careers of talented individuals in the entertainment industry.

Every Michael Jackson, Lionel Messi, Denzel Washington, Kenny Blaq, and other known successful cultural icons need equally excellent supporting casts that can help chart a progressive route to growth, profitability, and longevity. At the core of this supporting cast is a Talent Manager.



I believe that the NBA, at the national level, is in need of urgent and far-reaching reforms if it must retain its relevance not only in the larger society but even to its members.  These reforms will, at the minimum, achieve four significant and immediate goals, to wit,

Jun 17, 2018

Dear Creatives, protect your tradename

Creatives in the fashion industry understand the importance of a brand name, ask @dolcegabbana @gbemisokeshoes or @kimonokollection. 
Other brands in various industries also need to protect their brand names, ask @wizkidayo, @mercedesbenznigeria
Or @hennessy

Jun 16, 2018

Winners emerge from the 2nd edition of the Paul Usoro Pro bono Challenge

Following submission of entries and a rigorous screening exercise, three winners have emerged from the second edition of Paul Usoro Pro bono Challenge. Paul Usoro Challenge is an initiative of the Law Firm of Paul Usoro & Co (“PUC”), which encourages young lawyers to take on pro bono cases, as a way of rendering selfless services to the community and supporting persons who are not able to afford legal fees. 

The lucky winners were selected after entries received were evaluated by a panel of independent judges, comprising senior lawyers including a Deputy Director of the Legal Aid Council and a senior counsel in a reputable top tier Nigerian law firm. To ensure transparency, the entire process of collation was conducted and facilitated by DKK Nigeria, an independent and leading Public Relations consultancy agency in Nigeria.

Jun 14, 2018

The Court of Appeal’s decision on Pre-Action Protocol Form 1 in Spog Petrochemicals Limited & Anor. v Pan Pennisula Logistics Limited

The ice-breaking Court of Appeal’s decision on Pre-action Protocol Form 1 in Spog Petrochemicals Limited & Anor. v Pan Pennisula Logistics Limited (2017) LPELR – 41853 (CA). 

When Hon. Justice Inumidun Akande (Rtd), an erstwhile Chief Judge of Lagos State unveiled the extant High Court of Lagos State (Civil procedure) Rules in 2012, a major striking feature was the introduction of the Pre-action Protocol Form 01 as one of the documents that must necessarily accompany a writ of summons or originating summons by virtue of Order 3 rules 2 and 8 which inexplicably omitted originating motions from the processes that must be so accompanied. 

IP ABC—Printing a LinkedIn Mark on a Book Cover without Permission: Lawful or unlawful? | Infusion Lawyers

Question of the Week 

I am Ola Peters, a digital-marketing expert. For over 7 years, I have been writing and speaking about digital marketing to help both organizations and individuals succeed. Last April, I decided to publish a book titled Connecting to Succeed: How to Get the Best of LinkedIn. I used a self-publishing platform, Dotpages. To my shock, Dotpages has contacted me over a trademark-infringement letter it received from LinkedIn. According to the letter, by printing the LinkedIn mark on my book cover without LinkedIn's due permission, I have allegedly infringed on LinkedIn's trademark. They demand I either withdraw my book from circulation or face legal action! I'm still shocked. Is it really unlawful to print LinkedIn mark on my book cover?

Recovery Of Premises: The Law And A Lanldord's Right to Self Help | Eseoghene Palmer Esq

A nightmare commonly shared by property owners is that of an erring tenant unwilling or unable to pay the rent as agreed on the due date. This is simply because real estate is as much a business entity as a commercial bank. Many Landlords cannot resist the need for self-help at the perception of this would-be-insipient and unfortunate dream.

Paul Usoro SAN’s Reflections (PT 6) - Welfare of Young Lawyers


Related Issues (II): Mentorship

Without intending to downplay or diminish the need for reasonable remuneration and welfare packages for young lawyers, I believe that what young lawyers need the most is mentorship in law practice.

Paul Usoro’s reflections on the welfare of young lawyers & related issues

Related Issues (I): Pupillage

Pupillage has in recent times been mooted as a way of remediating the deplorable welfare packages for most junior lawyers.  The proposal is for junior lawyers to work with senior lawyers for a mandatory period of a year or two before they can establish their own firms if they so decide.  In those mandatory years, the junior lawyers, according to the proposal, would be paid a minimum wage similar to the allowance paid to medical doctors during their residency years.

Jun 12, 2018

Paul Usoro SAN calls for collective interest to make the NBA an Institution

                        Lawyers of various branches of the NBA in Lagos State on Friday evening, 08 June 2018, gathered to hang out with Astute Litigator and Strategist, Paul Usoro, SAN. At the event, called for strategic plans and initiation of reforms to institutionalize the Nigerian Bar Association (“the NBA”).

Jun 9, 2018

Meet & Greet with Paul Usoro campaigners & Calabar NYSC Lawyers

Supporters of Paul Usoro in Calabar took time out to meet with the lawyers who are currently serving their country in the state.

2018 NBA ELECTIONS - Scholarly works of Presidential Candidates

This is the last post in our series on comparisons of the profiles of the 2018 NBA Presidential candidates and we would be examining the scholarly works and papers delivered by the candidates as provided in the public profiles which could be found in the following links;  Mr. Paul Usoro, SAN, FCIArb; Prof. Ernest Ojukwu, SAN; Mr. Arthur Obi Okafor, SAN FCIArb and Mazi Afam Osigwe, LLM, FCIArb.

Provisions of the Constitution Alteration Bills signed by President Buhari

President Buhari on Friday, 8th June, 2018, signed into law the  Constitutional Alteration Bills and with this comes great news for the Nigerian justice administration system and Nigerian democracy.

The Nigerian Police – A system built on extortion, blackmail and human rights violation | Adedunmade Onibokun

Amnesty International

Over the past few months, there has been public outcry against a unit of the Nigerian Police known as the “Special Anti – Robbery Squad (SARS)”. With the hashtag #EndSars, many Nigerians have called for the disbandment of the rogue unit within the police or in the alternative its complete reform. Albeit, despite the national outcry of the atrocities committed by these police officers, there seems to be no end to their reign of terror, extortion and blackmail as on the contrary, they seem to have been emboldened in their actions and social media is filled with daily reports of the inhuman treatment metered to Nigerian citizens by these gun wielding extortionist. 

According to Amnesty International, in its 2016 report on SARS, titled; Nigeria: You have signed your death warrant, former detainees told Amnesty International they had been subjected to horrific torture methods, including hanging, starvation, beatings, shootings and mock executions, at the hands of corrupt officers from the feared Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

The following is an excerpt from Amnesty  - 

“Our research has uncovered a pattern of ruthless human rights violations where victims are arrested and tortured until they either make a ‘confession’ or pay officers a bribe to be released.”Amnesty International has received reports from lawyers, human rights defenders and journalists and collected testimonies stating that some police officers in SARS regularly demand bribes, steal and extort money from criminal suspects and their families. 'SARS officers are getting rich through their brutality. In Nigeria, it seems that torture is a lucrative business,” said Damian Ugwu.

You may ask yourself if justice would ever inhibit this land? Or if we have a government?  And you will not be wrong to let your heart fall to the feeling of despair and frustration resulting from the discovery that in a nation like ours, one must not look to the government to provide adequate security, rather one must secure oneself with a high fence and tough vicious dogs. But how do you protect yourself from the person who is constitutionally vested with the authority to protect you? how can we be assured that our cries would lead to the reforms we so desperately seek in the Police force. 

Is SARS ever going to change? The answer is “NO” and below are the reasons why our cries have not changed anything till now.


The issue of police welfare has been on the burner for many years and is a factor critically responsible for the unlawful actions of the police. The Nigerian police is underfunded and underequipped and most officers have been forced to use extortion as a means of acquiring extra financial support for themselves and their families. In essence the need for better welfare packages for officers of the police force is of supreme importance. 

Another is recruitment, there are an estimated 350,000 police officers in Nigeria with a mandate to police a population of over 180 Million people. Which leaves an average of 500 citizens to one police officer. However, about 150,000 of these officers are assigned to VIP protection units. Leaving a little over 250,000 police officers to cater to the country. 

The issues of poor remuneration and gear also raise their ugly heads. Every officer should have a bulletproof vest as a standard part of his uniform but we find our officers are sent into duty with minimum forms of body protection or armour. 

The Police have stated that it would take an average budget of 1 Trillion Naira yearly for the Agency to leave up to its mandate, however with the current estimates of the Nigerian budget, the police alone would not be able to come close to such an amount in funding. A solution may however appear in the creation of State Police, an initiative the Nigerian Police has usually approached with caution due to the opportunity it would provide for State Governors to control the said state police for political gain, however, this must not be the reason why Nigerians should be denied the opportunity to give the creation of state police a try. Since the current Nigerian police will not be equipped to police the nation effectively within all territorial lines and also because community policing is now a globally accepted standard. 


The system of the Nigerian police is one that supports extortion and as long as the system is not reformed, nothing will come of our cries. According to Wikipedia, there are over 1300 police stations in Nigeria. Have you ever wondered how these stations are funded? The DPO of a police station is expected to run the station and usually this requires some finances. Does the Police Headquarters provide these finance? NO. 

It can then be assumed that Police Stations are meant to fund themselves and since the police does not have any business, how are they supposed to carry out their functions? You guess is as good as mine, they support the stations through funds they get from the public and how do they get those funds? you may answer that question to the best of your knowledge. Moreso, like the branch of a business, it has been alleged severally that each police station also has to forward financial returns up the chain, this therefore allows the police to run like a profit making company and when there are no goods to sell, how do they make profit?


On social media and on other forms of traditional media, the Police Complaints commission has requested citizens who are unlawfully treated by Police officers to make official complaints and reports, however, the police complaints commission is not well equipped to come to the aid of every Nigerian and there have been queries of unanswered and untreated complaints.

According to the Police Complaints website, in the first quarter of 2017, over 498 complaints were received by the unit, about over 355 were resolved and closed, while over 65 were false/unrelated. This number represents only a limited number of the acts of unlawful treatment that happen daily and it would be interesting to see recent numbers of complaint form the unit.   

From reports, the acts of extortion are openly done at the police stations and is no secret between the officers. They all know are deemed to know what is going on but are all unwilling to put an end to it because it serves their purpose. It can be likened to the system of a racket that is inbuilt into the system and as long as there is no mechanism to check these human right violations at the police stations, there would be no reprieve to the common Nigerian as the Police Complaints Unit cannot effectively cover all 1300 police stations within the country.

Truth is usually, the DPO of every station and every other officer in the station is usually informed of the on-goings at the station and therefore it has become part and parcel of the system.


The hard truth is that in Nigeria, the political class are most concerned about themselves and not the general populace. And it is only when it concerns them directly that they seem to seem to swing to action. For instance, in Nigeria courts, trials could take years to complete but election petitions are the only proceedings that have a maximum timeline of 180 days. This timeline was put in the law by politicians who were concerned about the security of their positions but they have not thought well to introduce time limits to other court proceedings because they believe it does not concern them as hardly do they fall victims of these unholy acts of the police.


When a citizen is beaten and unlawfully arrested by SARS what are the instant remedies available to such a person. Obviously one cannot make a call as your phones are seized and crying for help is fruitless as one is usually beaten in the premises of the police station while other officers turn a blind eye. Such citizen is then asked to bail oneself after the police officers must have gone through the phone with the aim of discovering the person’s account balance before they are then allegedly lead to the bank ATMs to make cash withdrawals.

The only remedy available to such person upon arrest is usually to be taken to court to prove his innocence of the crime but that includes being charged to court, being remanded by the Magistrate while bail is granted or denied and the requirement of having to instruct a lawyer to defend one’s case in court. Usually these only work in theory because most Nigerians rather than go before a judge who has now become as hardened as the wooding bench would rather pay their way out to secure their freedom.


Until the law says that all police officers who collect bribes or act unlawfully will be removed from the force, then no form of reforms will come to the police. When there is no repercussion for the acts of extortion by the police it emboldens the officers to continue in the unjust ways. One may ask Yomi Shogunle how many officers have been dismissed after being found guilty of these acts, more often they are given lesser penalties like a demotion or a transfer to another unit, however, they are usually retained in the force to continue their acts of bitterness towards citizens and only a few are either prosecuted or jailed.

The above stated factors are the problems faced by Nigerians in the fight to reform the police and without the political will to reform the police, Nigerians will continue to be victims of the police and will always be oppressed by the institution whose duty is to protect them. So how can we turn our faith around and demand a system that works? By doing the following –

1.     By making police and especially SARS reforms a KPI for the current political administration. The only time to get the attention of Nigerian politicians is in an election year and as we move towards the 2019 elections, the current APC government should be made to note that if they do not reform the police or disband SARS then there would be no re-election for them. Trust me, this will work.

2.     By every Nigerian standing up to challenge unlawful SARS officials anywhere they may be found.  If you see a SARS official around you, make a recording of all their actions and put same out on social media, let them know that they are being watched everywhere the go and the people will hold them accountable.

3.     Sue the police. The more people are able to enforce their legal rights and obtain judgment against the police for the unlawful acts they commit, the more government attention will be brought to these despicable acts.

The above may not be exhaustive in providing solutions to the acts of human right violations by the police, if you have any way by which we can promote and achieve police reforms, pls provide same in the comment section below and to end in the famous words of Senator Dino Melaye “If you speak the truth, you die. If you lie, you die. I, Dino Melaye has decided to speak the truth and die”.

Most obliged. 

Adedunmade Onibokun Esq.

Jun 8, 2018

Provisions of the Not Too Young To Run Bill | Lealnaija

Many young Nigerians have been elated since arrival of the news that President Buhari signed into law  on May, 31, 2018; what has now been popularly recognized as the #NotToYoungToRunBill. The significant effect of this new law is that it reduces the age requirement for persons who wish to contest for political office thereby giving young Nigerians the opportunity to show they are not too young to serve and help grow Nigeria either.

2018 NBA ELECTIONS: Corporate Governance & Leadership profiles of the Presidential Candidates.

This is the 5th post in our series on the comparison and qualitative assessment of the 2018 NBA, Presidential Candidates. Our comparison has been based on the profiles of the candidates as provided online, though some of these profiles were silent on certain criteria which we have used for our comparisons, we have stated same where applicable.

Jun 7, 2018

2018 NBA ELECTIONS: Advocacy Experience of Presidential Candidates

The comparison of the Advocacy skills of the NBA Presidential Candidates will be the focus of this 4th post in our series. Our 1st post was centered on the background of the candidates while our 2nd and 3rd post were centered on their contributions to lawyer welfare and law reforms and their NBA activities respectively.

Jun 6, 2018

National Transport Commission Bill Crosses Final Hurdle In National Assembly

Following the passage of the National Transport Commission Bill by the Senate on Thursday 15th of March, 2018, the Senate on Wednesday 6thJune, 2018 passed the report of the Conference Committee of the National Assembly on the National Transport Commission Bill.

Resolutions passed by #NASSJointSession on 5th June,2018

The following are the resolutions passed at the Joint Session of the National Assembly on 5th June, 2018. 

REFLECTIONS: Welfare of Young Lawyers & Related Issues – PAUL USORO, SAN FCIArb

Contributing Factors (I): Contracting Market for Legal Services

It is axiomatic that one cannot give what he does not possess or have.  Ironically, most lawyers only apply that saying to intellectual matters forgetting or ignoring the fact that it applies just as well to economic circumstances.  The senior lawyer or firm that is earning little cannot afford to pay their younger colleagues any reasonable income.  Why do some lawyers and firms earn such poor income?  Several factors account for this and one of these is the contracting size of the Nigerian legal services market.  This contraction which has insidiously been creeping in on us over the years is caused, in part, by the unceasing, widespread and unregulated encroachment into the Nigerian legal services market by Nigerian non-lawyers as well as foreign lawyers and law firms.

2018 NBA ELECTIONS: List of NBA Activities & Commitments by Presidential Aspirants (Part 3)

This is the 3rd post in our series on the Qualitative Assessment of all 2018 NBA Presidential Candidates. Our aim is to critically evaluate the profiles of these candidates in order to give lawyers the opportunity to carefully peruse their background and get insights into their candidacy.

Jun 4, 2018

2018 NBA Election: Presidential Candiates; Welfare of Lawyers and Nba Activities (Part 2)

The second part of our qualitative assessment of the respective profiles of the 4 (four) NBA Presidential Candidates is centered on their contributions to lawyer welfare and respective law reform contributions as stated in their profiles available online via the following links;  Mr. Paul Usoro, SAN, FCIArb; Prof. Ernest Ojukwu, SAN; Mr. Arthur Obi Okafor, SAN FCIArb and Mazi Afam Osigwe, LLM, FCIArb.

The first part was an assessment of their backgrounds and is available here.

Temidayo Adewoye wins N250, 000 at the maiden edition of Babalola’s Law dictionary Quiz Competition

Temidayo Adewoye of Perchstone & Graeys wins N250, 000 at the maiden edition of Babalola’s Law dictionary Quiz Competition

In a keenly contested Law quiz competition held at the Onikan Youth Centre, Lagoson the 1st day of June 2018, Temidayo Adewoye, an associate at the law firm of Perchstone & Graeys edged 9 other participants to emerge the winner of the maiden edition of the Babalola’s Law dictionary Quiz Competition for young lawyers. 

In the words of the Editor of Babalola’s Law Dictionary - Olumide Babalola, the competition was organized to deepen the culture of reading amongst young lawyers especially as it pertains to legal/procedural words and terminologies.

The competition had 10 finalists but Temidayo Adewoye emerged the Winner carting home the ultimate prize Money of N250, 000 (courtesy the firm of Olumide Babalola LP) and law Pavilion electronic report while Morisola Alaba emerged the 1st runner up with N150, 000 and Abdulateef Abdul Olasubomi came 2nd runner up with prize money of N100, 000 courtesy the firm of Esher and Makarios. 

The competition judges were Faruq Abbass, (managing partner of Abdul Salam & Co.); Mofesomo Tayo-Oyetibo Of Tayo Oyetibo LP; Issa Adedokun, former Chairman NBA YLF Ikeja; Ope Odejayi (Mrs) (Legal officer at CBN); Omolade Lawal (From Lawpavilion); Adedunmade Onibokun (publisher of LegalNaija blawg); Busola Ajala (Legal officer at 9Mobile) and Faith Obafemi (Blockchain and crypotcurrency Lawyer).

The event which is billed to be an annual affair had all the contestants smiling home with FWLR Law reports and practice books donated by Mr. Bimbo Atilola of Hybrid Consult, Mr. Taiwo Kupolati Of Renaissance publishers and Mr. Lere Fashola of Legal Blitz Ltd (Publishers of Esq. Magazine).

Photos - Public Hearing of the Petroleum Industry Bills



2018 NBA Elections: Comparison of NBA Presidential Candidates Backgrounds (Part 1)

With few weeks to the expiration of the tenure of office for the President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA); Mr A.B. Mahmoud SAN, the time has come to vote among others, the next President of the Nigerian Bar Association and in accordance with the internal zoning arrangement of the Association, the position of the NBA President has been zoned to the Eastern part of Nigeria comprising of Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Abia, Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi and Imo States. 

Jun 3, 2018

15 countries to show presence at 3rd ICC Africa confab holding 18th to 19th of June, 2018

Fifteen countries to show presence at 3rd ICC Africa confab…to hold 18th to 19th of June, 2018

 Not less than 350 participants representing about 15 countries will be present at the 3rd International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) Africa Conference on International Arbitration which is scheduled to hold on Monday June 18th and Tuesday 19th, 2018 at the Civic Centre, Ozumba Mbadiwe Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.