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Aug 31, 2018

Transforming Ikorodu To A Tech Hub | Gbenga Ashafa

 ASHAFA COMMISSIONS STATE OF THE ART ICT CENTER IN IKORODU – Charges youngsters to convert Ikorodu to a tech hub

The Senator representing Lagos East Senatorial District, Senator Gbenga Ashafa on Friday, 31st August, 2018 commissioned a state of the art ICT Center/ Town hall at the Oreyo Grammar school, Ikorodu, which is located within the Lagos East Senatorial District.

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If follows from the above decision that one cannot claim any debt against a guarantor unless the principal debtor has failed to pay back the said debt or monies.
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Quotes From Senate President Bukola Saraki's Presidential Declaration

"We must pull this country back together and rebuild, block by block, with dedication and commitment" #GrowNigeria 

"Every citizen has the inalienable right to feel a sense of belonging, no matter their background or creed, or what part of the country they come from" #GrowNigeria 

"I announce my intention to run for President with the firm conviction that I have what it takes to secure inclusive growth for Nigeria and Nigerians" @bukolasaraki #GrowNigeria.

"My Plan for Nigeria has inclusion in all aspects of the country’s affairs as a central pillar." #GrowNigeria.

"Nigerian youth will be given all the opportunities to realise their potential to the full within a national framework that guarantees inclusiveness" #GrowNigeria 
No matter who you voted for or what your convictions are, government must work for you" #GrowNigeria.

"Our people do not deserve to live in the poverty capital of the world" #GrowNigeria. 

"I am determined to grow Nigeria out of poverty" #GrowNigeria 

"I promise you that I will lead the fight and employ every God-given resource available to us in turning things around" #GrowNigeria.
"I am determined to grow Nigeria out of poverty"  #GrowNigeria. 

"My government will be driven by youthful energy, innovation and a pioneering entrepreneurial spirit" #GrowNigeria.

"Nigerian youth will be given opportunities to realise their potential to the fullest within a national framework that guarantees inclusiveness" #GrowNigeria.  

"My plan is to secure Nigeria by redesigning our national security architecture" #GrowNigeria.

"I will address our infrastructural deficit by aggressively developing local capacity for design, construction and maintenance of core projects" #GrowNigeria.


"My plan is to protect all Nigerians and defend their constitutional rights and freedoms" #GrowNigeria. 

"I will stand for and uphold at all times the principle of the rule of law, which is the bedrock of democratic governance" #GrowNigeria.

"Ours will not be a selective fight against corruption. The emphasis will be on strengthening institutions, with a particular focus on deterrence" #GrowNigeria. 

"I offer leadership driven by empathy. Where leaders are responsive to the citizens. Where they know that government cares" #GrowNigeria.

"It is time for government with a human face. Every single Nigerian life matters". #GrowNigeria

"For me, the leadership we deserve is one that can hold its own and stand tall anywhere in the world. That is the type of leadership I offer" #GrowNigeria

"I believe I possess a unique blend of executive and legislative experience to push for and implement reforms that will deliver real improvements in the daily lives of our people" #GrowNigeria 

"I know what it takes to create jobs and grow the economy. I can make the tough decisions when it matters" #GrowNigeria

"I will spearhead a new agenda that can transform the lives of ordinary Nigerians in real term" #GrowNigeria.

"This will be a dynamic government of action that will pursue the growth of Nigeria with doggedness, determination and conviction"#GrowNigeria

"I am a result-oriented person, and what I will lead is a results-driven administration" #GrowNigeria. 

"You can benchmark us and hold us accountable. We will be driven by what is best for Nigeria, and Nigerians themselves will be in the driving seat" #GrowNigeria

"The youth is my number One constituency who I see as the future of our great country" #GrowNigeria

Aug 30, 2018

Why I Want To Be President – Saraki (Full Speech)



1. Let me say, once again, how wonderful it is to see so many talented and purposeful young people at this first edition of the Public Dialogue Series with Political Parties on Youth Candidacy and Party Primaries. Looking at you, I see future leaders who present themselves as capable and worthy to take on the mantle of leadership in this country, and this gladdens my heart.

2. From my interactions with many of you, and with your contemporaries across the country, I can see that we are blessed with a determined generation that stands ready to join with us to power a Nigerian renaissance. The quality of people I see here today affirms my belief that, indeed, you are Not Too Young To Run.

3. I deeply appreciate this opportunity to share some of my ideas about where we are as a nation, as well as the challenges before us as we approach the great decider that is the 2019 General Elections.

4. It is widely acknowledged that ours is a relatively 'young' country bursting with tremendous energy, ability and potential. More than 70 per cent of our population is under the age of 40.  You are indeed the future of this country. Ordinarily, such a young population would be the envy of many Western countries that are faced with ageing populations, but the dire state of our affairs tarnishes the youthful advantage that we have.

5. Up and down our country today, Nigerians are crying out for succour. Many of our children are hungry. Many people are dying of avoidable or otherwise treatable diseases. Many have fallen below basic living standards, and are now among the 87 million that sealed Nigeria's position as the country with the highest number of people in extreme poverty. Our young people lack opportunities. The necessary education facilities and system to equip them for the future simply do not exist. We are not creating the jobs needed to usefully engage them in order to grow our economy. And too often, the youth feel shut out, prevented from having any say in the direction of this nation.

6. The harsh conditions of extreme poverty faced by the people, fuels the state of insecurity all over the country. Hunger, lack of education and lack of opportunities push many Nigerians into criminal activities including terrorism. Many of our communities are paralysed with fear – due to incessant communal crises, kidnappings and other social ills, as well as the threat of terrorism. We are failing abysmally to tackle the problems of today and to prepare for the future.

7. Our economy is broken and is in need of urgent revival in order for Nigeria to grow. GDP growth rate has declined. Diversification remains an illusion. Unemployment is at an all-time high. Businesses are shutting down. Jobs are being lost in record numbers, and the capital needed to jumpstart our economy is going elsewhere.

8. Nigeria is perhaps more divided now than ever before. We are increasingly divided along regional, religious and ethnic lines. Nigerians are also divided by class, a festering gulf between the 'Haves' and the 'Have-Nots'. The fault lines of this nation are widening to an alarming degree. We must do something fast, and we must be brave about it.

9. We must ensure the security of lives in Nigeria. As things stand now, no one is safe in this country. No one feels truly safe. We must restore the sanctity of the rule of law and strengthen democratic institutions in order to build a just, fair and equitable society for all. We must rebuild the trust of our people in government. We need a new generation of leaders that are competent, with the capability to rise to the challenges of the 21st century. We must pull this country back together and rebuild, block by block, with dedication and commitment.

10. You will agree with me that this is an urgent task that requires the concerted efforts of each and every one of us. If we look around today, what do we see? What is the condition of our citizens? Where are we as a nation? How are we perceived locally and internationally? Why are we not making the expected progress? Why are we not growing? There is no time to waste. The time is now, to come together to stimulate growth in Nigeria, especially in the national economy.

11. The choice we face in the forthcoming election is either to keep things as they are, or make a radical departure from the old ways. To find a better way of doing things or keep repeating the mistakes of the past. To fix the problems or keep compounding them.

12. It is with all these in mind, and taking account of the challenges that I have outlined, that I have decided to answer the call of teeming youth who have asked me to run for President. Accordingly, I hereby announce my intention to run for the office of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the coming General Elections in 2019 on the platform of the People's Democratic Party (PDP). I do so with the firm conviction that I have what it takes to secure inclusive growth for Nigeria and Nigerians.

13. My Plan for Nigeria has inclusion in all aspects of the country's affairs as a central pillar. Every citizen has the inalienable right to feel a sense of belonging, no matter their background or creed, or what part of the country they come from. No matter who you voted for or what your convictions are, government must work for you.

14. Your generation does not deserve to live in the poverty capital of the world. It is no longer an issue of how we got here, but how do we get out of this situation? I promise you that I will lead the fight and employ every God-given resource available to us in turning things around. I am determined to grow Nigeria out of poverty. We will stimulate the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as one of the ways of energising the economy and to create wealth for our people, especially the youth.

15. I want to see the youth play major roles at all levels, not only in government but also in the private sector and indeed in every area of Nigerian life. This will be a government driven by youthful energy, innovation and a pioneering entrepreneurial spirit. Nigerian youth will be given all the opportunities to realise their potential to the full within a national framework that guarantees inclusiveness.  For youth who have ideas and capacity, we will make sure that there is funding for their ventures; and we shall build on the Made in Nigeria legislation as part of our job creation drive.

16. My plan is to secure Nigeria by redesigning our national security architecture, while adequately equipping our security agencies to fulfil their primary role of protecting lives and property.

17. I will address our infrastructural deficit through aggressive financing initiatives including mutually beneficial PPP arrangements, regular floating of bonds and other financial instruments, which will ensure stable, adequate and reliable funding to see to the completion of core projects especially road, rail and power.

18. My plan is to protect all Nigerians and defend their constitutional rights and freedoms. I will stand for and uphold at all times the principle of the rule of law, which is the bedrock of democratic governance.

19. Ours will not be a selective fight against corruption. The emphasis will be on strengthening institutions, with a particular focus on deterrence. We cannot afford to compromise our institutions with proxy wars against perceived political opponents. We see the fight against corruption as crucial to Nigeria's economic development.

20. I offer leadership driven by empathy. Where leaders are responsive to the citizens. Where they know that government cares. We will not be indifferent or turn a blind eye to the real concerns of our people. Every single Nigerian life matters.

21. For me, the leadership we deserve is one that will be a source of pride to all Nigerians, one that will be respected and admired in Africa and around the world. It should be a leadership that can hold its own and stand tall anywhere in the world. That is the type of leadership I offer.

22. As a former two-term Governor and currently President of the Senate by the grace of God, I believe I possess a unique blend of executive and legislative experience to push for and implement reforms that will deliver real improvements in the daily lives of our people. I know what it takes to create jobs and grow the economy. I can make the tough decisions when it matters. I will spearhead a new agenda that can transform the lives of ordinary Nigerians in real terms.

23. Believe me when I say that it will not be business as usual. This will be a dynamic government of action that will pursue the growth of Nigeria with doggedness, determination and conviction. I will lead a result-driven administration. We shall set targets with clear timelines to ensure that anticipated deliverables are met. You can benchmark us and hold us accountable. In short, I assure you that I will deliver on all promises. What I envision is a new chapter in governance in this country. We will be driven by what is best for Nigerians.

25. I have deliberately chosen the opportunity of being here with you, my Number One constituency who I see as the future of our great country, to make my intention known. I believe the Nigerian youth are critical to rebuilding and growing the economy, and restoring our national pride.

26. I therefore ask you and all well-meaning Nigerians to join hands with me in this noble cause.

My brothers, My sisters, Let's Grow Nigeria Together.

God bless you all.
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, CON.

Aug 27, 2018

2019: Towards A Vibrant, Experienced Representation for Lagos East in the Senate

I have consistently argued, and not just for personal reasons, that experience in the national assembly is imperative and an invaluable asset to the party and the constituencies being represented. It takes considerable amount of time to be effective at law making, to understand the ropes, to move bills or motions and to have a grasp of the paraphernalia of goverance at the centre.

Aug 26, 2018

President Buhari's Speech To Lawyers At The NBA Annual Conference

Full speech below:

I am delighted to address this distinguished gathering on the occasion of the 2018 Annual Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association. Let me thank your Association for the invitation to declare this Conference open and to express my hope that the Conference will consolidate the position of the NBA as a prime stakeholder in our national affairs.

2. I am informed that with an average attendance of over 10,000 participants, this Conference represents one of the largest single gathering of lawyers anywhere in the world. I congratulate you all for this achievement which is a plus for our nation.

3. The theme of this 2018 NBA Conference — "Transition, Transformation and Sustainable Institutions" — is one which is apt in the light of our contemporary domestic and global challenges. I also consider it significant in view of the fact that it demonstrates the willingness of the NBA to address issues, not only related to the immediate practice of law but more importantly, to solutions of wider society's problems.

4. Since the inauguration of this administration, I have had the privilege of observing at first hand how societies experience transition, attempt transformation and build or strengthen institutions to manage these processes.

5. As you will recall, this administration's emergence marked the first successful civilian transition in Nigeria's democratic history, following the outcome of the 2015 General Elections.

6. Given the enormity of the challenges we inherited and the yearnings of a citizenry earnestly desirous of a new way of running national affairs, our first challenge was to transform our country speedily into a society where impunity in the management of national resources would be replaced with a culture of accountability and transparency. We needed to deploy our resources to address our common needs rather than the greed of a callous few.

7. In order to achieve this, we have had to disrupt age-old assumptions and unsettle ancient norms in the management of our national patrimony, as you have all witnessed in the last three years.

8. While we have made appreciable progress in several sectors, including public awareness of the need to challenge the corrupt and the brazen in our midst, we have also learnt useful lessons on the dynamism of our society. However, elements within every society, including some lawyers, can equally become unduly resistant to change, even where it is proven that such change is to serve the interest of the larger society. At worst, corruption fights back.

9. As we gradually move into another season of intense political activities preparatory to the 2019 General Elections, I enjoin you to remember that by reason of your profession, you all have a responsibility to work for national cohesion and unity through your speeches and public positions and most importantly in your advocacy in court.

10. In the context of opinions and narratives about our past and present political and socio-economic experience, you cannot afford to jettison rational and proper analysis of issues in a manner which builds, rather than destroys the nation. I also urge you to work to uphold and improve the sanctity and integrity of our judicial and electoral institutions which play a fundamental role in the sustenance and growth of our democracy.

11. However, let me remind you all, my dear compatriots, that the law can only be optimally practiced in a Nigeria that is safe, secure and prosperous.

12. As you go into this Annual Conference, let me assure you of the resolve of this administration to promote measures that will achieve a vibrant economy under which the practice of law will thrive.

13. Through fiscal discipline, good housekeeping, we navigated the difficult days of economic transformation at the beginning of this Government in 2015 and have now come to improving economic indices, including the consistent increase in our foreign reserves; thirteen straight months of decreasing inflation; the expansion of social safety nets programmes as well as the blockages of historical drain pipes in our national treasury, all within the context of the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan.

14. It is equally significant to emphasize that our willingness to hold persons accountable for offences against society, through the judicial process, will equally transform the future of public service in Nigeria in a positive manner.

15. I believe that lawyers can contribute to another core objective of enhancing our business environment and promoting social justice by promoting respect for the Rule of Law; contributing to the law reform process and putting national interest and professional ethics above self in the conduct of their business.

16. Rule of Law must be subject to the supremacy of the nation's security and national interest. Our apex court has had cause to adopt a position on this issue in this regard and it is now a matter of judicial recognition that; where national security and public interest are threatened or there is a likelihood of their being threatened, the individual rights of those allegedly responsible must take second place, in favour of the greater good of society.

17. I trust that this Conference will achieve tremendous success and I urge you all to participate actively in its various intellectual and social activities in order to build new bonds and strengthen old relationships. I congratulate the incoming National Executive of the NBA led by Mr. Paul Usoro, SAN, and wish them a successful tenure in the task of advancing legal practice in Nigeria.

18. In conclusion, may I wish you all, once more, a very fruitful Conference. It is my hope that the outcome of your deliberations will impact positively on the socio-economic fortunes of our country and Africa in the years ahead and improve access of the poor and under-privileged in our society to justice. I look forward to reading the conclusions of your conference.

19. Your Excellencies, My Lords, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen of the Bar, it is now my pleasure to declare the 2018 Annual Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association open.

Thank you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Legalnaija Law Tip - Contracts & Agreements

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It is always important to pay attention to clauses in agreements wherein a procedure for seeking redress or registering a complaint is expressly provided. 

For, if you jump straight to court, your suit may be struck out for lack of jurisdiction.

Legalnaija Law Tip - Passing Off/ Trademarks

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Only brands and businesses who register their trademarks can bring a claim for passing-off. 

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Legalnaija Law Tip

Where a director enters into a contract in the name of or purporting to bind the company, it is the company, the principal, which is liable on it, not the director.

Therefore, when going into agreements on behalf of your company, be sure to understand this principle. 

Note: There is a provision of the CAMA that allows the court to lift the veil of the company and reach directly to the directors. E.g. fraud 

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Photos- NBA Handing Over To Paul Usoro SAN As NEC Ratifies Elections

Paul Usoro SAN being handed his Certificate of Returns as the 29th President of the NBA, the results of the elections having been ratified at the NEC meeting.

Congratulations sir

#paulusoroconnect #puttingyoufirst #PaulUsoroSAN #nbapresident 

My Response To Olumuyiwa Olowokure Esq’s Preliminary Report on NBA Election-Victor Abasiakan Ekim

I have read the Preliminary Report that was prepared and released by Mr. Olumuyiwa Olowokure, the Leader of the Arthur Obi Okafor, SAN's Technical Team, alleging irregularities that the Team purportedly identified in the just concluded NBA Elections.  In the Report, Mr. Olowokure attempts to rubbish the NBA Elections and calls on "the current leadership of NBA to act and cancel this fault laden process that declared Paul Usoro SAN the winner of the election".

The election processes had its significant challenges which would need to be looked into and addressed by the incoming NBA administration, but the election itself, as far as I observed, met the standard of substantial compliance and Mr. Usoro won the Presidency of the NBA straight and square.  The current negative narratives by Arthur Obi Okafor, SAN's Team amounts to unnecessary bellyaching and an attempt to call a dog (the Elections) by a bad name in order to nullify it.

The Elections results have been hailed by the majority of lawyers across the geographical spread of Nigeria and Mr. Usoro is positioned to take over as the 29th President of the NBA, by Divine Grace.  I know and can confirm that Mr. Usoro is focused on and determined to effect significant reforms in the NBA with the aim of making the NBA an institution of pride to all lawyers and non-lawyers alike.  Typical of him, he has been magnanimous in victory and has graciously extended his hand of friendship and brotherhood to both Prof Ernest Ojukwu, SAN and Chief Arthur Obi Okafor, SAN.

""; ""; "" Domains

The crux of the AOO Report relates to the allegation that there were certain irregularities in the Election in regard to the verified voters' list and the use of three main domains – "", "" and "" – by some lawyers in their e-mail addresses in the said list.  According to the AOO Report, the lawyers' actual e-mail addresses were supplanted by unknown persons with e-mail addresses from these three domains that did not belong to the named lawyers.  I took active part in Mr. Usoro's campaign and represented him in meetings with ECNBA and can state categorically that Mr. Usoro's Campaign Team was not aware of nor privy to any such actions assuming that they happened at all.

What is rather troubling and extremely alarming to me is the admission by Mr. Olowokure in the AOO Report that he and his Team may have hacked into and/or compromised the Crenet and Chams servers in the course of the Elections.  According to Mr. Olowokure, "a day before the election" he and his Team purportedly "discovered from the verification portal the incidences of some strange looking email addresses that surfaced as lawyers alleged email addresses for the first time.  These email addresses predominantly came from three domains "", "" and "".

As we recall, at all times material to the verification, the candidates and indeed all lawyers were able to access the verification portal but could only see the names of lawyers, their Enrolment Numbers and Branches but definitely not the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.  The technical people in the PU Campaign Team who attended meetings of ECNBA with me and also acted as agents for Mr. Usoro during the elections inform me that these additional pieces of information could only be accessed from the backend of the servers – whether Crenet or Chams.  The backends of these servers were accessible only to the Crenet and Chams administrators and no other; in particular, they were not accessible to the candidates.

So, assuming that the AOO Team are telling the truth, how did they come by the information which they purport to have had and which the other candidates did not have?  For the avoidance of doubt, I have investigated and confirmed that none of the candidates nor their agents were permitted or allowed any access to the backend of the Crenet and/or Chams' servers.  Mr. Olowokure and his Team may either therefore be lying about what they claim to have known or they had actually compromised and hacked into the service providers' servers in the course of the Elections.  Only these circumstances would explain their purported e-mails to the ECNBA which were not copied to other candidates.

As at 17, 18 and early hours of 19 August 2018 when they purported to have sent those e-mails to ECNBA alerting the Committee to the use of those three domains, none of the candidates had been given the Crenet verified list of voters that contained the details and information which Mr. Olowokure and his Team purport to have had. It was not until 5,53pm on Sunday, 19 August 2018, following the further loading of data on to the Chams portal that the ECNBA released to the candidates' agents the revised list of verified voters that contained the voters' phone numbers and e-mail addresses.  By that time, as Mr. Olowokure now claims in his Report, his Team already had that data and information with them.

Given this scenario and the possibility that Mr. Olowokure may have illegally compromised and/or hacked into the Crenet and/or Chams' servers, what moral or even legal right has he and his Team to raise issues of irregularities in the recently concluded NBA Election? With his Team having purportedly had such unauthorized and illegal access to the servers as they now admit to having had, what could, or may they have done to the Election data and processes that the rest of us may not have been aware of?

Purported Evidence – Annexure G

Still on the integrity quotient of Mr. Olowokure and his Team, Annexure G to his Report does great disservice to his integrity and that of his Team.  I have confirmed that Annexure G to Mr. Olowokure's Report was not issued and/or given by the ECNBA to Mr. Olowokure and his Team.  So, where did Mr. Olowokure and his Team get that document come from?  It is either that the document was fabricated by Mr. Olowokure and his Team or they, as is now becoming obvious, had compromised and hacked into the Crenet and/or Chams servers to obtain the data.  I leave you, dear readers, to make your judgment on the credibility and probative value of documents of that nature, whether fabricated or illegally obtained.  Beyond that, I leave you to judge the integrity quotient of the people who engage in such illegalities and malpractices

Move On

In all of these, it is rather intriguing to me that the AOO Team, in the ECNBA's Election Situation Room and beyond, were, while voting was under way, literally jubilating, back-slapping, gloating and rejoicing at the prospect of success, believing that they had won the Presidency of the NBA as witnessed by all in the ECNBA's Situation Room. This euphoria continued until Mr. Usoro closed in on and overtook Chief Okafor in the evening of Sunday, 19 August 2018.  Assuming that that upset did not occur and Mr. Okafor had proceeded to win the Election, would Mr. Olowokure and his Team have seen and come out with the "warts" that they now claim to see in the processes of the Election?  Definitely not.

We know that it is a Nigerian attitude to always blame election losses on malpractices and irregularities, but we should strive to be different in the NBA Elections.  Losing an election does not make one any less of a Bar Leader and the respected Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Chief Arthur Obi Okafor, SAN can still make tremendous contributions to the Bar under the leadership of Mr. Usoro, to the Glory of God and man. I therefore most respectfully implore him to accept Mr. Usoro's olive branch and let peace and progress reign, in the overall interest of the Bar.

Victor Abasiakan Ekim



On behalf of the members of the Nigerian Bar Association, Ikot Ekpene branch, the very home branch of the NBA President elect,  I congratulate Paul Usoro SAN on his election as the 29th President of the NBA.Paul Usoro SAN always goes for the impossible thing to make it possible. He takes each target as his aim. He loves taking challenges and he deserves this achievement.

Aug 25, 2018



Chief Bayo Ojo SAN wishes Paul Usoro well as new leader of the NBA

The past President of the NBA has expressed his delight at the effort of Paul Usoro on his recent election success. He also shared  advice on leading the bar to greater heights.

See below the letter:

Dear Paul,
Congratulations on your success at the poll. I wish you a successful tenure.
Thank you for letting me into the content of your draft letter to your co-contestants.

I believe it is a good idea as the Bar must always be one. Please ensure you carry Prof. Ernest Ojukwu, SAN and Arthur Obi Okafor SAN along at all times. I would also advice that you see the entire Bar as your constituency. In other words, those who did not support you should not be discriminated against. This unfortunately has been the norm in the past and it has not augured well for the Bar.

I wish you God's speed. 

Best wishes
Bayo Ojo, SAN CON

Photo Credit 

Chief Olanipekun SAN shares advice to Paul Usoro

The past President joins a host of former Presidents to congratulate Paul Usoro on his election as the incoming leader of the NBA.

See below details of the letter

My dear Paul,

Permit me to acknowledge receipt of your endorsed mail to Ernest and Arthur , both of who contested the last NBA presidential election with you , you being the declared winner.congratulations.

May I commend the wisdom and thoughtfulness behind your mails , both to your illustrious co- contestants , as well as the past Presidents of our great and noble Association. That's how it should be ; and that was how it had always been until we started losing or feigning ignorance or forgetfulness of what NBA used to be and represent. Truth be told , each of the three of you is well qualified , equipped and experienced to become our President ; but there can only be one President at a time . Having won the election , you've become our leader and a leader. It's your duty to assuage feelings , and ensure the emergence of a United Bar. More than ever before , both our nation and profession need a strong , virile and formidable Bar , to speak both for the profession - the Bar and the Bench , as well as for the generality of our citizens. A divided house cannot achieve this ; a harassed or distracted leadership cannot face the mounting and daunting challenges facing our profession and nation.

While I will submit that you've started and done well by your afore- mentioned mails , you have and need to do more , and very urgently too. Put behind you the soap box rhetorics, and take the bull by the horns. Kickstart the process of healing and reconciliation within the NBA , and unite all the diverse factions and interests. Put in place a transparent system that will ensure all and sundry that the NBA presidency is for service , rather than self aggrandizement . Like the late President Umoru Yar'adua , be humble and manly enough to admit that the system that brought you to office was/ is faulty , and say it loud and clear that through you , our Association will never pass through that way or path again. Please don't mount any high horse ! Very important. For the past three elections or so of NBA Presidents , similar allegations as are now being made and repeated against you had dominated the Bar landscape and hemisphere . Presently , the case challenging the election of the outgoing President by Chief JK Gadzama SAN is still in court ! For God and goodness sake , put a halt to this mess!
As for Ernest and Arthur , each of you is a gentleman of the highest order. You've carried out your respective campaigns with maturity , poise , style and much elegance . But there cannot be three Presidents of the Bar at the same time. Since the Lord lives for ever , there's a better tomorrow for each of you , both at the Bar and the larger society. Without adjudging your complaints as frivolous or unmeritorious, I plead , with all sense of responsibility that let us forget the past ; let's forgive ourselves ; let's join hands with Paul to
rediscover and re- situate the Bar ; let's now resolve that never again shall any presidential candidate of the Bar embark on the type of hazardous trips you all underwent in the past twelve months or indulge in the humongous expenses you all incurred.

As for me , my loyalty and fidelity are always to our noble profession , and I believe I owe a duty to plead with all our colleagues , across the length and breadth of Nigeria who have some grievances and complaints against the last election to bury their hatchets ; and come together as a united body to chart a glorious way forward for the profession.
My respect to you Paul , as the in- coming President ; my high regards to Ernest and Arthur as my worthy
Colleagues ; my love to all .

Wole Olanipekun OFR , SAN
President , NBA , 2002-2004

Past President OCJ Okocha congratulates Paul Usoro on his election

As victory messages are pouring in to congratulate Paul Usoro on his emergence as the NBA President-Elect, a past President of the association OCJ Okocha SAN shares his message below.

Dear Obong Paul,

Greetings, and many thanks for forwarding to me and several others your communication to Professor Earnest Ojukwu SAN and Arthur Obi-Okafor SAN.

May I congratulate you once again for you victory in the contest for election as President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA). I pray that the Almighty and Eternal God may grant you wisdom, health and strength to enable you discharge the duties of your high office.

May I also commend you for being magnanimous in your victory. This is what we all expect, and I hope you will carry on with the same spirit of magnanimity when you assume office as President of our once and for ever great Association.

I have taken due notice of your invitation to your co-contestants to join hands with you in the well running of the NBA. I will do my best to convince them to heed your very timely call.
Best wishes for every success during your tenure of office, and God bless.

Yours ever sincerely,


Paul Usoro SAN has emerged as the President of the Nigerian Bar association and the majority of lawyers across the country are excited about it.

A Paul Usoro presidency will mean a stop to business as usual and that is why a negligible few in the legal profession are desperately staging pockets of resistance to the outcome of the election. The reason behind it is easy to understand. They have worked hard with hopes of juicy appointments and beneficial involvement in the activities of the NBA. Unfortunately, that will not happen.

This group indeed worked hard but they worked hard in the wrong direction. They worked hard in disqualifying another Presidential candidate in the race(this was the major cause of their misfortune), they worked hard in maligning Paul Usoro all through the campaign(they popularised Usoro instead),they worked hard in playing tribal cards, they worked hard in adopting a candidates in a small meeting in Portharcourt, they worked hard in manipulating the election by verifying their supporters with fake emails and numbers(they will later discover the mistake they have made just during the election) in all these hard work, they forgot to do the most important thing which was, campaigning for votes and promoting their manifesto. While they were doing all these, Paul Usoro was busy giving lawyers all the good reasons why they should vote for him. In the morning of 20th of August 2018, his campaign paid off and his victory woke the supporters of his opponents from slumber. It was already too late.


A seamless verification was conducted by a company named CHAMS in line with the election schedule. After the verification, one of the presidential candidates (who lost in the election) was adviced by his key  supporters that many of his supporters exhibited apathy during the verification and there were chances that he  may  not win the election with twelve thousand lawyers that verified. He was adviced to do anything possible to push for the extension of the verification or seek cancellation. A lobby to extend the verification failed and they were left with only one choice, to sink the ship. This began a period of chaotic and excruciatingly painful electoral process lawyers will go through in the countdown to the election.

Paul Usoro SAN is a non executive director with Accessbank ,Mrs Awosika is an Independent director with Accessbank and she happens to be the Chairman of CHAMS. This ordinarily does not constitute a conflict  of interest as many corporate lawyers will admit.This was all Paul Usoro's opponents needed to seek cancellation of the election. In a desperate bid to cancel the verification,they went to the press and claimed that Paul Usoro was trying to rig the election with CHAMS. Paul Usoro kept calm and continued with his campaign. CHAMS found itself in the middle of the cross fire,it became the grass where two elephants were at loggerheads. It took unfair accusations and blows that greatly battered its reputation. The supporters of this candidate did not care about the damage they were doing to the brand. That was petty and wicked but they succeeded in spreading the narrative across the country that made the President of the NBA Mr AB Mahmoud to summon a meeting of all the candidates, the Election committee of the NBA(ECNBA) and service providers.Victory was in sight for them.

One thing happened at the meeting that showed the real intention of the people who began the chaos. Mr Paul Usoro and Prof Ernest Ojukwu,two presidential candidates in the election expressed that they had no issue with CHAMS but Arthur Obi-Okafor insisted that the verification should be cancelled. At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that the verification will be cancelled and repeated by another company but CHAMS will conduct the election. For the supporters of Arthur Obi-Okafor,they have become victorious.However , one important question was left unanswered.

If indeed Arthur's supporters believed that CHAMS wanted to compromise the election, why did they agree that CHAMS should conduct the election but another company should deliver the verification? Why didn't they reject CHAMS entirely because if the election was to be compromised, it can be compromised at any stage so why the emphasis on verification alone.The reason for their agitation became apparent and a company called CRENET Techlab was hurriedly hired to clean the database and begin the verification all over gain.At this time,Arthurs supporters started jubilation at their success. unknowing of the harm they were about to do to themselves.

CRENET and the ECNBA were subsequently put under pressure by this new development. They worked day and night to meet deadlines,they struggled and received bashing from lawyers who did not at the time understand what they were going through. A new timetable was set and twice the timetable was amended .At the end of the exercise, more than 16,000 lawyers made it into the verification list but another problem was to follow.

During the second and third verification,Paul Usoro's supporters raised an alarm that the supporters of Arthur were being given priority service in dealing with their complaints during the verification, no one paid attention to them even the presidential candidates who erroneously believed that they were cruising to victory. Who now are advancing arguments in favour of fairness. Paul Usoro's supports also got wind of the fact that the campaign group of one of the candidates was verifying for lawyers using fake email address and without their consent. They raised the alarm but the perpetrators continued with their act. Most of the victims whose identities were stolen were Paul Usoro's supporters. The perpetrators bragged about it with a jargon "if they won't vote for us, they won't vote at  all" this had been the same desperate attitude all through the campaign. They succeeded. More than a thousand lawyers especially from the Lagos branch of the NBA (Paul Usoro's branch) had their identities hijacked and many of them could not resolve the problem until the results were announced.

Of course, the hurried nature of the process after CRENET took over the election made it impossible for them to conduct a perfect election .That is not unsusual.No election is perfect.

To the disappointment of those who tried unsuccessfully to manipulate the election in their favour, they lost .The emails they manipulated became a substantial requirement for voting and the fake emails they used could not help them. What followed showed that the supporters of one of the candidates who lost the election probably lost their mind too . They began to change the narratives in their usual manner to cause trouble. That will not work as they have continued to lose their popularity among right thinking lawyers.

The height of the desperation is evident in a statement they have issued and shared on social media where they impersonated a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and signed off with his name. In the statement, they said among other things that a post election audit was to be held after the election before announcing the result. That is the height of desperation. An election will be held, and then a post election audit held for many days before results  are released. That sounds ridiculous and desperate.


Why did Arthur Obi-Okafor agree that another company should conduct the verification but CHAMS should conduct the election in the meeting held in July at the NBA House.If he was really concerned about manipulations, he would have opposed it in Toto
Why did he continue with the election if he honestly believed that the process was skewed against him?
Why did he keep quiet when Paul Usoro's supporters first raised the alarm that some of them were unduly excluded?
Why did he wait until after the election to issue a backdated statement of withdrawal?
If he wants us to accept his letter of withdrawal as duly communicated, what right does he have to pursue "justice" in an election he purportedly abandoned?
All the presidential candidates had a representative and an ICT expert who supervised the process.Why didn't Arthur's representatives  point out all these claims?
Lawyers are already asking these questions and until they are answered,the desperate claim of fraud by those who tried to defraud lawyers will continue to be watery. And for now,let us continue to  keep in mind that he who goes to equity goes with clean hands.


The Body of Senior Advocates of Nigeria (BOSAN) on the 23rd of August, 2018 sent a congratulatory letter to the Mr. Paul Usoro, SAN on his election as the new President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA).  The letter was issued through the Secretary of the Body, Seyi Sowemimo, SAN.

The letter went on to state that Paul Usoro's election as President of the Bar comes with great responsibilities and expectations from the public. They also stated that the President-elect can count on the support of the Body in the discharge of his duties as the leader of the Bar Association.

Aug 24, 2018

Business Tips

Scared of sharing that business idea with partners and investors? This tip shows you how to protect your ideas from others. 

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A view on tech for the African legal sector - African Regional Forum

The interface of law and technology and its impact on the delivery of legal services globally has grown imperceptibly yet consistently over the last decade. Technology is facilitating cross-border legal services, helping firms reach a larger client base and providing consumers with a broader market of legal specialists and tools with which to access legal advice and information. Internally, law firms are slowly realising the benefits of technological tools to manage their business processes and deliver better value to their clients.

NBA Transition Committee Set-up By Paul Usoro SAN

Mr Paul Usoro, SAN, the President elect of the NBA has set up a Transition Committee. The membership of the committee has been communicated to Mr A B Mahmud, SAN, the President of the NBA.

Mr Usoro proposed that his Transition Committee members working with the President's counterpart Transition Committee, meet and start work from today, Friday, 24 August 2018 and throughout the Conference week so they could complete their assignment before the inauguration of the new Elected Members on Friday, 31 August 2018.

The contact person for Usoro's  Team is Mr Jonathan Taidi, the General Secretary elect, working under the direction and chairmanship of Chief Offiong E B Offiong, SAN.

Aug 23, 2018

What Are The Forms Of Medical Negligence

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The Rules of Professional Conduct for Medical and Dental Practitioners also known as the Code of Medical Ethics highlights some instances that would amount to Professional  Negligence. Some of these are:

 (A)  Failure to attend promptly to a patient requiring urgent attention when the practitioner was in a position to do so.

(B)  Manifestation of incompetence in the assessment of a patient. 

(C) Making an incorrect diagnosis particularly when the clinical features were so glaring that no reasonable skillful practitioner could have failed to notice them. 

(D) Failure to advise, or proffering wrong advice to, a patient on the risk involved in a particular operation or course of treatment, especially if such an operation or course of treatment is likely to result-in serious side effects like deformity or loss of organ. 

(E) Failure to obtain the consent of the patient (informed or otherwise) before proceeding on any surgical procedure or course of treatment, when such a consent was necessary. 

(F) Making a mistake in treatment e.g. amputation of the wrong limb, inadvertent termination of a pregnancy, prescribing the wrong drug in error for a correctly diagnosed ailment, etc. 

(G) Failure to refer or transfer a patient in good time when such a referral or transfer was necessary

H) Failure to do anything that ought reasonably to have been done under any circumstance for the good of the patient. 

(I) Failure to see a patient as often as his medical condition warrants or to make proper notes of the practitioner's observations and prescribed treatment during such visits or to communicate with the patient or his relation as may be necessary with regards to any developments, progress or prognosis in the patient's condition.

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What legal options are available for medical negligence

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Victims of Medical Negligence have a number of legal options available for seeking redress; 

1. Such person may pursue a civil claim against physicians or other health care providers for alleged "tort", meaning the breach of a duty that results in personal injury.

2. File a complaint with the regulatory body (e.g. the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria). 3. Report to the Police who would conduct a Criminal Investigation and where the investigation reveals gross negligence, recklessness or wanton disregard for life of the victim, the police can prosecute or forward the case file to the office of the Attorney General of the State for possible prosecution.

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Law Companion Gives Lawyers 1 Year Free Subscription

Funmi Quadri & Co is offering delegates for the NBA 2018 conference free download and use of the Law Companion Software on android devices for a period of 1 year.

Delegates will need to login using their email address and Enrollment number.
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The content of the Law Companion by Funmi Quadri & Co are stated below.

The Law Companion is an electronic library with the following content.

1.Judgments of the Supreme Court from inception - date

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3.Selected Laws of Nigeria

4.Rules of Court

5.Updates of recent Judgments & legislations.

Please note this is not an app with summary Judgment or laws, you have access to all resources without restriction.

This is to celebrate 20 years of our Nigeria Supreme Court Quarterly Law Report (NSCQR).
The Law Companion by Funmi Quadri & Co can be downloaded via the link below.

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Aug 18, 2018

Pictograph - Nigerian Sex Laws

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Legalnaija: Using Innovation To Provide Easy Access To Justice

Using innovative ways to educate Nigerians on how to access legal information and protect their legal rights.
The Nigerian Blawg
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Kofi Annan - A Visionary Leader

No one is asking if Kofi was African, American, black or white? Everyone on the globe felt his passing. 

Kofi lived a life in service to humanity and the world thanks him deeply. 

Lesson - Service to humanity is the ultimate call. 

Kofi Annan
Former Secretary of the United Nations.
8th April, 1938 to 18th August, 2018

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