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Jul 17, 2019

What Makes An Outstanding Corporate Lawyer? We Have Five Answers

The Lagos branch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) in collaboration with the Commercial Legal Department of MTN Nigeria organised a masterclass for lawyers on best corporate legal practices. This is part of the Lagos Branch’s efforts at deepening industry knowledge through its Continuing Legal Education and Mentorship Committee.

The NBA AGC will feature over 30 technical sessions and showcase sessions - TCCP #NBAAGC2019

The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) is set to hold the 59th edition of its Annual General Conference (AGC) from August 23-29, 2019 at the Convention Centre of the Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos; with an adjunctive venue for breakout sessions at the Harbour Point Event Centre, also in Victoria Island, Lagos.

This year, the Conference will feature over 30 technical sessions and showcase sessions, where subject-matter experts, business leaders and renowned political leaders in various fields of human endeavour will lead conversations primarily aimed at envisioning the future of the Legal Profession, within the context of a rapidly changing and evolving world, and anticipate the adaptive measures that practitioners will be required to embrace in light of these imminent changes.

Notably, subject to registration, the Conference is open to all members of the NBA and, indeed, members of the public, and the Local Organising Committee (LOC) of the NBA is enthusiastically ready to welcome delegates and guests to the high-octane City of Lagos with its very rich and diverse cultures, bustling with entrepreneurs — The Centre of Excellence.

Nigeria recently welcomed a new democratic administration following the just concluded 2019 general elections.  A new administration of the Nigerian Bar was ushered in last year. Within the period of 6 years, Nigeria has experienced markedly mixed fortunes, including the end a boom period, a recession and, more recently, a slow recovery. These events underscore the exigencies for a well-defined, deliberate template for “Facing the Future”. 

The Conference will address issues around the rule of law, independence of the judiciary, access to justice and protection of fundamental human rights, the economy and how to pilot the present to assure a better future. The theme “Facing the Future” is borne out of the pressing need to invest in a sustainable foundation for an optimistic future.

The phenomena of globalization and technology have evolved exponentially over the years and have disrupted practically every sphere of society. Artificial intelligence, block chain, financial technology, cloud computing, electronic documentation and electronic discovery are a few of the technologies that have directly and will continue to impact the manufacturing and services sectors including the legal and justice sub-sectors. The Conference will interrogate the current legal regulatory environment, lawyers’ response to technology and preparedness to harness these tools for efficient legal services delivery and a technology driven judiciary.

This year, the Conference places the NBA Sections and their respective specialist committee sessions at the heart of the conference programme for capacity building. 

Lawyers will have a real opportunity to focus on their areas of interest and benefit from exposure to emerging practice areas to be better equipped and reinforced to Face the Future.

1. Code Of Conduct Tribunal: A Clash Of Judicial And Executive Powers
2. Capacity Building in the Oil and Gas Industry – What are the essential drivers to take us there?
3. Lighting up the Future – Identifying and Removing the Clogs in the Power Chain
4. Social Media: Culture, Liability and Professional Ethics
5. Trade in Legal Services: Current Realities and Future Possibilities
6. State of Play, Future Challenges and Opportunities in Cross Border Trade in Legal Services
a. Examining the Emerging Formations and Structures for Collaboration
b. Domestic Policy Change
7. Regional Economic Communities and Regional Economic Agreements on Cross-border Legal Services (AfCFTA, EPA, ECOWAS etc.)
a. Readying Your Practice to Tap the Opportunities
b. Threats
c. Effect of Do-Nothing Approach
8. Digital Trade in Legal Services
a. Challenges and Opportunities in Digital Trade in Legal Services
b. NextGen Lawyers
c. The Challenge of Regulating Digital Trade Legal Services
9. Public Private Partnership: Panacea to Economic Development and Change 
10. Infrastructure Financing in Nigeria; Sukuk and the Future
11. Leveraging Technology in Justice
12. Administration: Issues and Challenges
13. A Future Fit Legal & Regulatory Framework for Corporate Nigeria
14. Revisiting Legal Services Delivery by
15. Foreign In-House Counsel: The Law versus Practice, etc.

These are only a few of the sessions at the 2019 conference. Kindly visit: for a comprehensive outline of the full programme.

The President of the International Bar Association (IBA); Mr Horacio Bernardes Neto will be attending the conference, where he will launch the IBA Working Group on Sexual Harassment and Bullying in the legal profession.There would be over 40 other speakers and guests at the conference.

There will also be several networking events and mentoring opportunities between bar leaders and young lawyers at the conference. 

The TCCP and the Local Organising Committee (LOC) have lined up various social events such as, cultural and art displays, music and dance performances from across the length and breadth of country, comedy shows, as well as cocktail events at the ‘Conference Friendship Centre’ to promote relaxation and further networking and interactions among Conferees. There will also be annual soccer tournament. 

The 2019 NBA Conference is the conference to beat! Each conferee will go back to base, better and more professionally equipped and experienced than they came.

FOR UPDATES ON THE 2019 NBA AGC, VISIT THECONFERENCE WEBSITE and follow it social media handles below: 
1. Twitter: @NBAConferenceNG
2. Instagram: @NBAConferenceNG

Code of Conduct Tribunal: A Clash of Judicial and Executive Powers #NBAAGC2019

Part 1, of the fifth schedule in the Nigerian Constitution provides for the code of conduct of public officers. In essence, the CCB was established for the purpose of addressing issues relating to the conduct of public officers during their tenure of holding office, also especially to fight corruption in the public service.

Jul 14, 2019

Intellectual Property Right Infringement In Nigeria: How To Stop Online Piracy | Adavize Alao


Copyright infringement which can simply be referred to as piracy is the use of creative works belonging to creatives protected by copyright law without permission for a usage where such permission is required, thereby infringing certain exclusive rights allotted to the Intellectual property (IP) rightsholder, such as the right to reproduce, distribute, display or perform the protected work, or to make derivative works.

#NBAAGC2019 Session On Space Law

During the #NBA2019AGC, Prof Stephen Lowry from the University of Kent's Centre for Astrophysics and Planetary Science will be the Lead Speaker at the session titled "Space, the final frontier". 

Other topics for discussion in this session include: 

The Class Action that finally buried Bankers’ Order debacle in Nigeria | Olumide Babalola

When in 2017, some of our clients’ bank accounts were severally frozen by their banks, via bankers’ orders obtained by the Nigerian Police from the Magistrates Court in Lagos pursuant to a spurious petition written by a commercial bank, our Law Firm approached the High Court of Lagos State on their behalf, challenging the constitutionality of bankers’ orders on several grounds.

Jul 13, 2019

List Of General Interest Sessions At The NBA 2019 AGC

There are about 39 sessions scheduled to hold at the NBA 2019 AGC, for ease of reference, you may look through the following list of General Interest Sessions to see which session you would be interested in attending -

1.     Code of Conduct Tribunal: A Clash OF Judicial And Executive Powers

2.     Trade in Legal Services: Current Realities and Future Possibilities

3.     Leveraging Technology In Justice Administration: Issues And Challenges

5 Innovations Lawyers Should Note About The 2019 NBA Annual General Conference

The Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Africa’s largest body of lawyers with over 100,000 members, will be holding its 59th,Annual General Conference scheduled to hold from August 23rd – 29th, 2019, at the Eko Hotel & Convention Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The Conference, which is one of Africa’s largest gathering of lawyers will have the theme; FACING THE FUTURE, a theme that is most relevant at this point in the history of our country, the Bar and Bench . World leaders, citizens and institutions worldwide are concerned about what the future holds. The rapidity of innovations and change in the political, business and professional space is perhaps more pronounced in our generation than ever before.  Nations worry, not about the inevitability of change, but about the capacity to predict, navigate and transform institutions to positively manage the present and future in a way that nourishes sustainable growth in wealth generation, freedoms, peace and security.

Jul 7, 2019

Statement Of The NBA On The Prevention Of Justice Karatu On Performing Her Judicial Functions

The attention of the President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Paul Usoro,SAN has been drawn to a video that has gone viral online, an showing a Civil Defence official preventing a Judge of the Kebbi State High Court, Hon. Justice Elizabeth Karatu from accessing her court for the purpose of sitting to deliver some judgments reserved for that day.

Jul 1, 2019


The Technical Committee on Conference Planning ("TCCP") of the Nigerian Bar Association ("NBA") wishes to inform members of the Association and the General Public as follows:


1. As at 12 midnight on Sunday 30th June, 2019, over 8,000 delegates have so far registered for the Conference. We would like to thank these delegates who have registered and indeed everyone who has made the achievement of this significant milestone possible.


2. The TCCP however acknowledges the fact that due to network, payment and database issues, amongst others, a significant number of prospective delegates have been unable to register for the Conference within the Early Bird registration time-frame.


3. Consequently, the President of the NBA, Mr. Paul Usoro, SAN, has graciously approved the extension of the Early Bird Registration deadline to 11:59 pm on Sunday 7th July, 2019. We therefore urge members and other prospective delegates, particularly those who encountered the aforementioned issues, to promptly take advantage of this extension and register immediately for the Conference as there will be no further extension of the Early Bird period.


4. The Registration Help Desk at our Contact Centre can be reached by email: or by telephone (Monday-Friday: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm and Saturday-Sunday: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm) on: 09031500091, 09031500092, 09031500096, 07056827698.


We are pleased to invite you for a two-day FIDIC Contracts Training Course on The Practical use of the 1999 FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction (Red Book) and Plant and Design-Build (Yellow Book) with review of 2017 updates of the Red and Yellow Books. The training is a collaborative effort of LACIAC and the Association For Consulting Engineering in Nigeria (ACEN), a FIDIC member organization. 

Date: Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th July, 2019 

Venue: Lagos Oriental Hotel 3, Lekki Road , Victoria Island Lagos .

Time: 8:30am -5.00pm daily. 

This training will be a practical and interactive course that explains and illustrates the use of the Red and Yellow Books. Addressing topics such as: 

Contract documents

Responsibilities of main parties

management of projects

tests on completion

financial procedures

suspension and termination

risk, liability and force majeure

claims, disputes and arbitration
The training is designed for contract administrators, project managers, engineers and legal advisers in:

Oil and Gas Exploration & Production companies which engage Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractors in E&P projects;

EPC, BOT and other PPP Concession companies

Government agencies having ownership or oversight of infrastructure projects

Development Banks
It is also useful for professionals involved in construction and infrastructure projects, including architects, quantity surveyors, arbitrators, adjudicators, mediators and construction law firms. 

The facilitator will be Mr. Husni Madi a Civil Engineer, Arbitration & Adjudicator and FIDIC international accredited trainer who also functioned as a friendly reviewer of the FIDIC 2017 suite of contracts. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the training. Call +2349034629337  to register

Jun 25, 2019

Infusion Lawyers: Can a registered trademark be lost?


My name is Theophilus. I have a friend Oluwanifemi whose brand name Glowbal Makeovers has become quite a household name in my state, Ogun State. Oluwanifemi has customers from within and outside the state capital where her business is based. Recently, she was contacted by a competitor Marian Makeovers who wanted to purchase her brand name ‘Glowbal Makeovers’ for N1 million. Oluwanifemi turned down the offer. During negotiations, Marian Makeovers mentioned that Oluwanifemi might lose the trademark ‘Glowbal Makeovers’ anyway, thus making it a good call for her to sell the brand without delay. Now, Oluwanifemi is worried. She is wondering how true Marian Makeovers’ claim is. Can a registered trademark be lost?

Dear Theophilus
The answer is YES, Oluwanifemi may lose her registered trademark ‘Glowbal Makeovers’ but only on certain grounds, including abandonment or non-use, genericide, or deception, fraud, or misrepresentation. In the absence of these grounds, the answer is NO.
Under trademark law, a trademark owner may lose his or her registered trademark after it has been taken off the trademark register in respect of any of the goods or services for which it was registered.
The first and most common ground by which a trademark can be lost is abandonment or non-use.
A proprietor may lose his or her registered trademark due to abandonment or non-use.
Under section 31 of Nigeria’s Trade Marks Act, a registered trademark may be taken off the register in respect of any of the goods or services for which it is registered. This removal may be triggered by any person through an application to the Federal High Court on either of two grounds:
  1. That the trade mark was registered without any bona fide or genuine intention on the part of the applicant to use the mark in relation to goods or services for which the trade mark was registered and there has in fact been no bona fide use of the trademark in relation to those goods or services by such proprietor from inception up to one month before the date of application to remove the mark from the register; or
  2. That up to the date which is one month before the date of the application a continuous period of five years or longer elapsed during which the trademark was a registered trade mark and during which there was no bona fide use of the trade mark in relation to those goods or services by any proprietor for the time being.
Therefore, as long as Oluwanifemi’s Glowbal Makeovers is still in business, there is no way it can be removed from the register.
By the way,  non-renewal of a registered trademark is a way for one to lose his or her trademark.

What does the phrase ‘bona fide use’ of a trademark really mean?
Bona fide use’ means genuine use. This genuine use is determined by commercial standards. Use for illegitimate or undue purposes⁠—such as for example to prevent another proprietor from registering a trademark which is distinctively associated with that proprietor⁠—is not bona fide use.
This is why a registered trademark will not be removed from the register for non-use when such non-use is due to special circumstances in the trade. But if non-use is a result of any bogus, fake, or insincere intention of the proprietor, the registered trademark would be due for removal.
Since Oluwanifemi is genuinely using ‘Glowbal Makeovers’ as a trademark of her thriving makeover business, Marian Makeovers’ claim that Oluwanifemi would lose her trademark sooner or later is untenable.

A second major ground by which a trademark can be lost is when it becomes a generic mark and this happens in two ways.
If a trademark becomes generic, a court of law—upon application by any person—may decide that the trademark has lost its inherent distinctiveness or it was not distinctive in the first place.
First, a word is inherently and originally generic when the word merely describes a class of goods or services, thus rendering it ineligible for trademark protection. For example, words such as ‘sauna, ‘smartphone’, or ‘pen’ are generic terms. As far as the classes they describe are concerned, they are ineligible for trademark protection of goods or services in those classes. ‘Sauna’, ‘smartphone’, or ‘pen’ may be used to distinctively identity goods or services that do not belong to the classes they describe. Good examples of this are ‘Apple’ and ‘Orange’, distinctively known as technology companies. How does this work? Neither Apple nor Orange is in fruit business, the class their names describe.  
Second, an originally distinctive word registered as a trademark can lose its distinctiveness, thus becoming generic and consequently losing trademark protection. This happens if consumers or the members of the public begin to use the word to describe the goods or service. Common examples such generic words include Aspirin, Escalator, etc. Recently, ‘Google’ was at the brink of becoming generic. When an originally distinctive trademark loses its distinctiveness, the trademark dies. It dies because with distinctiveness lost, consumers or members of the public are no longer able to identify the source of the goods or services. Now generic, the trademark becomes a term that merely describes a class of goods or services.
Though Oluwanifemi’s ‘Glowbal Makeovers’ has become well known in the market, it does not become generic until consumers or members of the public begin to use ‘Glowbal Makeovers’ to describe the goods or services, rather than to identify it or distinguish it from other makeover goods or services. Has ‘Glowbal Makeovers’ attained this level. It doesn’t seem so.
By the way, when a trademark becomes generic, the trademark proprietor does not necessarily lose the right to his or her brand name. Rather, the proprietor loses the right to sue others for using the brand name. In other words, he or she no longer enjoy exclusivity.

A third ground by which a trademark can be lost is when there is deception, fraud, or misrepresentation

When a trademark is found to be deceptive—i.e. likely to deceive or cause confusion—it is a strong basis for removal from the trademark register.
Also, when a trademark proprietor commits fraud or misrepresents material or relevant facts to the registry at the point of applying for the registration of the trademark, the registered trademark may be removed.
Since neither deception nor fraud is the case with Glowbal Makeovers, removal of the trademark from the register is most unlikely.

Wrapping Up
Despite trademark registration, ‘Glowbal Makeover’ trademark may be lost (i) if it has not been used for a certain period of time; (ii) if it has become generic; or (iii) if it involves deception, fraud, or misrepresentation. To avoid the tragedy of losing a trademark or watching a trademark die especially after investing so much to build the brand, brand owners should ensure that they consult an IP lawyer or law firm for legal advice on steps to take. Oluwanifemi should make that call.
Best wishes

TCCP Partners With Publishers Of Erudite Judgements Of The Supreme Court (EJSC) To Give Conferees Free 500 Supreme Court Judgement

As part of measures to ensure that the 2019 Annual General Conference lives up to its billing as a world-class Conference and ensure that delegates are FACING THE FUTURE, the Technical Committee for the Conference Planning has firmed up partnership with one of Nigeria's Law publishers, Legal Jurisprudence Ltd, the publishers of Erudite Judgments of the Supreme Court (EJSC) to give 500 soft copies of up to date and reported Supreme court judgments FREE of charge to all confirmed delegates at the 2019 Nigerian Bar Association 2019 Annual General Conference, WHO REGISTER FOR THE EARLY BIRD.

Jun 23, 2019

Nigerian Bar Association Raises Two Urgent Issues On The State Of The Nation

The Nigerian Bar Association adopted the Address of the President of the Nigerian Bar Association at the National Executive Committee meeting of the NBA held on 20th June, 2019 as the position of the Nigerian Bar Association on the state of the nation. 

State Of The Nation: Address By The NBA President At The NBA National Executive Committee (NEC) Meeting

Text of the address of the President of the Nigerian Bar Association at the National Executive Committee meeting of the Nigerian Bar Association.

This address was duly adopted by the National Executive Committee as the position of the Nigerian Bar Association on the state of the nation.

Jun 12, 2019

Intellectual Property Ownership Of Content Created By Artifical Intelligence | Judy-Vallery Imasuen and Eseoghene Palmer

Technological advancement has been able to successfully bring to life concepts that were only seen in science fiction. Artificial intelligence with its ability to mimic the human thought process has created new frontiers through the possibility of machine-generated content. Through deep learning technology, artificial intelligence is able to “learn” by processing information such as sounds, patterns and speech.

Happy Democracy Day #June12Day

Happy Democracy Day 🤗😀 God Bless Nigeria 🇳🇬 #June12 #Legalnaija #nigerianblawg #democracyday #nigeriandemocracy

Jun 10, 2019

A Review Of Data Protection Bill 2019 HB02: Three Ways it Affects Nigerians | Adavize Alao

Nigeria has not had any data protection regulation that covers the rights of people resident within its territory. The Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency(NITDA) recently began the implementation of a data protection regulation known as the Nigerian Data Protection Regulations 2018 which was copied from the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Jun 9, 2019

Paul Usoro Constitutes Constitutional and Electoral Review Committee

Pursuant to the mandate that was given to me by the NBA NEC at its meeting that was held on 06 December 2018, I have constituted a Constitutional and Electoral Review Committee comprising the following eminent members of our Association

NBA President Directs Payment Of 10% Of BPF To Branches

According to Mr. Kunle Edun, the National Publicity Secretary of the NBA, in furtherance of the vision of the present administration to empower the branches in the performance of their local responsibilities, the NBA President, Paul Usoro,SAN has directed that all the NBA branches should be paid 10% of the Bar Practice Fees paid by their members in 2019. 

The payment process is on and when completed  the branches would be Immediately notified. 

 Kunle Edun
 National Publicity Secretary, NBA

Jun 6, 2019

The NBA-AGC Registration Help Desk Is Second To None | NBA ORLU, IMO STATE BRANCH

The NBA Orlu Branch of Imo State has commended the NBA - AGC TCCP for their quick response and surgical precision in ensuring the speedy resolution of any hiccups lawyers experience while trying to register for the Annual General Conference. 

Jun 5, 2019

Paul Usoro, SAN promises that the 2019 #NBAAGC would be the best for a long time

As preparations for the NBA 2019 Annual General Conference gather momentum, on Saturday the 1st of June,2019 members of the Technical Committee of the Conference Planning led by the Co-Chairman, Mr. Olumide Akpata inspected the facilities that will be used during the conference.

Jun 4, 2019

Happy Eid Celebrations

To our muslim brothers & sisters, we hope this season ushers in joy like no other into your lives and that all your prayers are answered.

#eidmubarak #nigerianblawg

Jun 3, 2019

How To Register For The 2019 NBA Annual General Conference

Hi Lawyers, according to the NBA Publicity Secretary, Mr. Kunle Edun, this year's NBA Annual General Conference would be the best ever and you certainly must be a part of it.

Requirements For Registering A company In Nigeria

Dear Startup, ⠀

Required information for registering a Limited Liability Company in Nigeria include the ff - ⠀

May 31, 2019

Dear Business Owner, Beware Of Void & Voidable Contracts

Dear Business owner, pay attention to the terms of your contract to avoid void and voidable contracts. 

Where parties enter into a contract under a misconception about material facts, such a contract is void or voidable for mistake. 

Infograph: Law Lessons From The Game Of Thrones

Are you a big Game of Thrones Fan, here are 5 Legal Tips we learnt from  the Game Of Thrones

Quote via Paul Usoro SAN

Nigerian Law Mandating Treatment For Gunshot Victims

The law mandating the compulsory treatment of gunshot victims was passed by the 8th Senate and signed into law by President Buhari in 2017. 

Infrograph - Nigerian Suicide Laws

Won't you agree that we need to change our law on attempted suicide? 

The law criminalizes it and pays no attention to the mental state of the person. Rather such person would be bundled to jail for a 1 year sentence. 

The person may as well try again. 

#suicide #suicideprevention #legaleducation #legalnaija 
#nigerianlawyers #nigerianblawg

Meet The Participants At The Babalola's Law Dictionary Quiz Competition

Meet the participants contesting at the 2nd edition of the Olumide Babalola Law Dictionary Quiz Competition

Why You Need A Will / @AOCLegal

A Will is a legal document prepared by a Testator stating how his/her estate should be distributed after the person's death. 

Learn Legal Terms Via Olumide Babalola Law Dictionary

Learn legal terms via the Olumide Babalola Law Dictionary 

May 27, 2019

INTERVIEW: This year's Conference will be the best ever says Barr. Kunle Edun, NBA National Publicity Secretary

In preparation for the 2019 Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association, Legalnaija had an exclusive interview with Barrister Kunle Edun, the National Publicity Secretary of the NBA on what lawyers and delegates should expect at the Annual General Conference in August, 2019, we can tell you one thing though, there would be free WIFI at the venue. Read the interview below -

May 26, 2019

TCCP 2019 AGC Notice Update

We wish to advise intending conferees to register for the conference only with their correct personal and professional details: name and age at the bar are mandatory. The e-paymnt portal has inbuilt capacity that automatically detects wrong entries. We advise members to be very certain about their personal details when registering. 

May 25, 2019

NBAAGC UPDATE- Registration for the #NBAAGC2019 has commenced

The Technical Committee on Conference Planning ("TCCP") of the Nigerian Bar Association ("NBA") wishes to inform members of the Association and the General Public as follows:

May 23, 2019

NBA AGC 2019 Update: NBA Reduces Participation Fees Across Board

The Technical Committee on Conference Planning ("TCCP") of the Nigerian Bar Association ("NBA") wishes to inform members of the Association and the General Public as follows:

May 22, 2019

IP ABC - Question of the Week

We are TechieHealth, a mobile-health service provider in Nigeria. Recently, we contracted an app developer Kome Oruma, to build a mobile-health app for us. We agreed to pay 50% upfront and pay balance after delivery of the app. After 12 weeks, Kome Oruma completed the app. To our surprise, Kome Oruma requires that before she delivers the app to us we must sign an agreement which recognizes her as copyright owner. Since we are paying for the app, we refused this demand. In fact, we demanded that Kome Oruma should either hand over the app along with all login protocols or forgo her 50% balance and also prepare to face legal action. But Kome Oruma has not moved a bit. Is an app developer entitled to copyright in an app developed for a client?

May 21, 2019

Data Protection Bill 2019: Google, Facebook Other Internet Intermediaries Must Keep Data Within Nigeria

The Data Protection Bill (HB 01) 2019 which is before the Nigerian Senate and has been passed by the House of Representatives is set to ensure that all data belonging to residents of Nigerians would be stored in servers situated within the territory of Nigeria. This principle is known as data localisation or data residency.

Section 36 of the bill proposes that

” The Data Commissioner shall mandate Data Controllers and Data Processors of Personal Data pursuant to this Bill, to record, systematize, accumulate, store, host, amend, update and retrieve Personal Data on devices that are physically located within Nigeria’s territorial jurisdiction.

The Law In Nigeria And The Realities Of Modern Commercial Arbitration – Basit Kolapo, Saka


As the world continues to integrate, business and economic transactions have become more. This is not to say that countries and states have to loosen their grip on their sovereignty, NO, rather countries have to be ready to accommodate others if the world is really going to be one big, prosperous village. International trade naturally comes with disputes, as such laws and lawyers need to be very flexible to accommodate this reality.

May 17, 2019

NBA-AGC 2019 UPDATE; Young Lawyers To Enjoy 25% Early Bird Registration Discount At NBA Annual Conference

The Nigerian Bar Association Technical Committee for the Conference Planning of the 2019 Annual General  Conference held a meeting yesterday, the 16th of May, 2019 in Lagos. The Committee deliberated on alot of issues and received reports from the various sub committees on preparations for the Annual General Conference to be held in Lagos at the Hotel Eko & Suites and Harbour Point (easy walking distance between each other). Presentations were  made on critical issues like conference materials, socials, logistics, accommodation, speakers. The Committee took into primary consideration complaints of members regarding previous conferences and the need to satisfy the generality of members of the NBA. 

May 12, 2019

What is the penalty for attempted suicide in Nigeria

Section 327 of the Criminal Code Act states that any person who attempts to kill himself is guilty of a misdemeanour and is liable to imprisonment for one year.