Jul 13, 2019

List Of General Interest Sessions At The NBA 2019 AGC

There are about 39 sessions scheduled to hold at the NBA 2019 AGC, for ease of reference, you may look through the following list of General Interest Sessions to see which session you would be interested in attending -

1.     Code of Conduct Tribunal: A Clash OF Judicial And Executive Powers

2.     Trade in Legal Services: Current Realities and Future Possibilities

3.     Leveraging Technology In Justice Administration: Issues And Challenges

4.     Opening the Window On Lawyer Wellness And Mental Health Concerns

5.     Space, the Final Frontier: Science, Policy, Law and Regulatory Framework

6.     Rule of Law Symposium 

7.     Judicial Protection Of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

8.     Trafficking In Persons And Irregular Domestic and Cross Border Migration

9.     Implementing SDG 5 (Gender Equality and Female Empowerment).

10. The Future of The Legal Profession and The Regulation of Legal Practice and Practitioners

For more information on sessions, speakers and other valuable information on the NBA 2019 Annual General Conference, you can visit the conference website at www.nbaconference.com