Aug 16, 2019

Law Firm Management: Financial Skills 101 #NBAAGC2019

Managing a law firm is an art and as many would agree this art was not taught in Law school. One more important point is that, great Law firm management can be what makes the difference between a great Law firm and a mediocre one.

A popular aspect Law firms must also concentrate on is having adequate financial skills as a form of Law firm management. Being able to ascertain how much comes into a Law firm periodically and keeping proper records will help catapult a Law firm into a profitable one.

Financial skills will help a Law firm keep a proper Legal practitioner’s account and ensure such firm does not run afoul of the Rules of professional conduct. Furthermore, it should be noted that Legal practice management is the body of the knowledge that deals in the organization, work practices and management of Law firms.

It covers the recruitment of staff and the provision of machines, equipment and supplies necessary for running a Law firm. It includes the selection of office accommodation and the facilities that must be available in a Law office. It also encompasses the vocational skills that every Practitioner must possess.

From the above, it is obvious that Legal practice management skills combine the Legal practice skills and management skills, which are both essential for engaging in Legal practice. Most certainly this is an area of Law that must interest Lawyers as it is crucial to advancing  in one’s Legal career.

During the NBA Annual General Conference, this topic will be discussed extensively by lawyers at the session. It will an amazing opportunity for Lawyers to learn about developing their Law firms and careers. The session is a workshop session and it would be amazing for all delegates who attend.