Aug 16, 2019

Modern Trends In Evidence : Gathering And Presenting Evidence In The Digital Age.

There was a time in the Nigerian Legal system when the Evidence Act did not recognize the use of Electronic Evidence. At that time, parties who wanted to introduce electronic evidence were left at a statement.

However, pursuant to the introduction and recognition of electronic filing in the amended Evidence Act, times indeed changed for many Lawyers and litigants alike.  According to the Evidence Act, a procedure for any party that seeks to tender computer – generated evidence with the innovation and advancement of technology is important that our legal system also advances and is not left behind. 

The way our Evidence Act was updated, the culture of updating our evidence laws must be a continuous one. During the NBA Annual General Conference, a number of experts will gather to discuss this topic and show light on some of its ramifications.

These experts include the learned skills, Roland Otaru SAN, Prof Joseph AMUPITAN san and Hon. Justice B.B. Kanyip, a Judge of the National industrial court of Nigeria.

It is important that all legal practitioners, most especially Barristers and Litigators are present to join the discuss and contribute to advancing our body of Laws.