Aug 16, 2019

The Incursion of Multi- Disciplinary Firms – Any Regulation

Many lawyers are quite unhappy at the high rate of multi-disciplinary firms encroaching into the legal space to offer services that used to be the exclusive purview of lawyers. For instance, some banks have begun to offer business registration services to their clients and also help their customers draft wills. All these while lawyers are still battling with foreign trained lawyers & foreign based law firms who also seek to encroach the Nigerian space.

Most certainly, lawyers have raised their voice against such practices in the past but because there is really no legislation to this effect, there seems to be no succor for Nigerian Practitioners. Most certainly the higher echelon of the Nigerian Bar Association is aware of this intrusions but nothing has been done to stem the practice.

What however will lawyers like to see? Legislation to this effect with penalty of fines? What mode should this legislation take?

Most certainly, these issues and more will be discussed at the Breakout session of the NBA Annual General Conference, it will be great for Lawyers to join the discuss in other to channel a way while facing our future.