Sep 6, 2019

Facing The Future Through Leadership and National Duty

Lawyers under the umbrella of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) have renewed their confidence in the leadership of Paul Usoro (SAN) as president. This was demonstrated during the just concluded 59th Annual General Conference (AGC) of the NBA with no fewer than 12,000 of them in attendance.

 - Adelanwa Bamgboye  - Daily Trust

During the week long NBA Conference, a group of lawyers were gathered and discussing some of the various issues of concern, once the topic centered on leadership of the Bar, one of the lawyers echoed how he believed “Paul Usoro, SAN, the NBA President had proved himself to be an astounding leader and other lawyers chorused their approval as well. This scenario repeated itself in several other pockets of conversations during the conference and most especially after all lawyers had returned to their base. 

Since the conclusion of the Annual General Conference, congratulatory messages have been shared by members and officers of the Bar alike on the success of the AGC. The NBA President was also able to live through to his word when he promised that the 59th NBA Conference was going to be the best ever.

Most certainly the #NBAAGC2019 has raised the bar for future NBA conferences. The organization of the 42 sessions in 3 days with 209 speakers was gold standard and having the IBA President, Horacio Neto witness same is a highly commendable mile stone for the Nigerian Bar whose Annual General Conference (AGC) attracts over 12,000 lawyers and remains the largest gathering of lawyers in Africa. 

The NBA Communique and Resolutions also communicated the decisions of lawyers on several issues of interest to the Bar and all National Stakeholders. Most especially on the Rule of Law and the administration of the NBA. As lawyers face the future of the legal profession and our Nation, the NBA President has assured lawyers  that all the important discussions and recommendations made during the AGC will not result only in sound bites but in actual policy targeted towards improving our economy and justice administration system. 

Another worthy innovation of Mr. Usoro SAN, in line with his dedication to transparency and reforms within the NBA, is the introduction of a Petty Cash and Travel Policy for the NBA which would be presented the National Executive Council for approval. 

Most certainly the Nigerian Bar is heading in the right direction, thanks to the Leadership of its President, Paul Usoro, SAN. However, the honourable President with due respect is one man and no super hero, he needs the continued support and cooperation and support of members of the Bar to continue pushing the Nigerian Bar Association to greater heights and ensuring lawyers contribute their quota to national development. 

In all this, a very important lesson is the need for lawyers to take up the role society has bestowed on them as guardians of our democracy and champions of business and economic success.