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Oct 31, 2019

Top finance law firm to host 4th AICIF in Lagos

The Met Skills Limited in collaboration with the Metropolitan law firm is set to host the 4th African International Conference on Islamic Finance (AICIF), in Lagos from Monday November 4th 2019 to Tuesday the 5th.

Oct 30, 2019

Does the Supreme Court still have the Power to Hear Appeal on Grounds of Mixed Law and Facts? By O.G. Ogbom, esq.

The Supreme Court, just like every other courts in the land, is a creation of the constitution. It is vested with both original and appellate jurisdictions. It is the only court clothed with authority and jurisdiction to entertain appeals from the Court of Appeal. This is provided for in section 233(1) of the Constitution which confers exclusive jurisdiction on the Supreme Court to hear and determine appeals from the Court of Appeal.

Oct 26, 2019

Public Documents Attached to an Affidavit or Counter Affidavit need no Certification | O.G. Ogbom, Esq.

Sections 88, 89 and 90 of the Evidence Act, 2011, communally regulate admission and proof of documents. Under Section 88 of the Evidence Act, documents shall be proved by primary evidence except in the cases mentioned in the Act.

The Age of Clinical Photography And The Patient's Right To Confidentiality (Privacy) in Nigeria | Emaediong Akpan

1.0 Introduction
The issues surrounding clinical photography are pertinent especially for the plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic specialty.  With technology advances and increased connectivity the exchange of digital images and its creations has increased remarkably. 

Oct 25, 2019

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Oct 22, 2019

Variation of Stringent Bail Conditions not Enough, Why Sowore Deserves no Bail - Richarmond O. Natha-Alade

Following recent outcries and sentiments whipped by Omoyele Sowore, his supporters and the key players in his defence, occasioned by his arrest and detention ordeal, everyone suddenly turned to blame the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a tyrant upon whose authority Omoyele Sowore had been detained and undergoing trial for treasonable felony and terrorism, among other charges. Unfortunately, most Nigerians and persons in this shoe do not know as of fact that President Buhari may not be aware that anybody called Omoyele Sowore is being held, detained and undergoing trial for such offence. Isn’t that interesting? It would be justified in due course.

Oct 21, 2019

How Mental Health Issues Are Important To Lawyers | Amenze Precious

Mental health issues in the legal profession are often ignored, stigmatized, and untreated. This not only leads to poorer quality of life for lawyers and their families, it is a contributing cause of many malpractice claims.

Oct 14, 2019

New Amendments To The Regulations On The Status & Transfer of Players By FIFA (Pt.1)


One of the most important regulations made by FIFA which ensures contractual stability in football and a healthy relationship amongst players, clubs and member associations is the ‘Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players’ (RSTP).

This Regulation is often amended yearly in order to cover new developments or issues that occurred in the previous year. This is done through the publication of a new version of the RSTP, and through Circulars that are usually published on the official website of FIFA.

Oct 9, 2019


Nigeria’s Electricity Regulator, the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (‘the Regulator’) has indicated an intention to revoke the licenses of the following Distribution Companies (Discos);

Oct 7, 2019

Photos from the Art of Legal Advocacy and Business of Law Training for Lawyers

The 3rd Career Training for Lawyers organised by Lawlexis held on the 26th and 27th of September, 2019, with the theme "The Art of Legal Advocacy and Business of Law". Participants were treated to a rigorous 2 day training sessions with some of the legal industries experts. Modules at the training included Litigation, Mediation, Arbitration, Forensic Document Examination and the Business of Law. 

See photos from the event below -