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Jun 30, 2020

Legal Framework for Complaints Management in Nigeria’s Capital Market | Michael Dugeri


 “Complaint” is an expression of dissatisfaction made to an organisation, related to its product or service. Complaints management is, therefore, the aggregate of ways, tools and processes an organisation uses to collect, analyse, and act on customer dissatisfaction. In practice, customer complaints may take one or more of the following categories:

a.      complaints alleging financial losses,

b.     complaints alleging failure of service delivery, and

c.      complaints with potential legal/regulatory implications.


Dele Adesina SAN- The President NBA Needs Now - Lawal Pedro SAN

I have observed recent events in the NBA with great concern. A member of noble profession which I still believe the legal profession is should not be found wanting in character, reputation and credibility. He should also not be seen instigating and inducing division among the members of the profession particularly between the seniors and juniors in the Association. We should not forget the popular motto "The Young Shall Grow"  

An election into an office in NBA for just a 2 years term should not be a do or die affair and is not a good reason to destroy the same Association that is suppose to provide leadership, serve as a pillar of support and strength for the people most especially the vulnerable in our society.

The above foregoing underscore the point that we need a  President of NBA that understands the dynamics and the problems of the legal profession and its members. The President that has capacity and experience by being a former officer at branch and/or  National levels with unblemished records. He must also be a committed bar man. Who among the present contestants today do you think fit this office? 

It is none other than DASAN. So let us continue to do needful and together we can secure the future of our profession and Association.

Dele Adesina SAN is the best candidate for the NBA President

Jiti Ogunye Endorses Dele Adesina SAN For NBA President

"The Nigerian Bar Association has occupied a backward position in Nigeria for some time now but it used to be in the front. Lawyers and their body used to be agenda setters for Nigeria. We used to be those that can check the excesses of wielders of power; we used to be crusaders for fidelity to the rule of law. Our voices were strident in the past, they weren't muffled but that is no longer the case. Unfortunately, those who have led the bar recently have behaved more or less like the typical scammers, and I'm using my words advisably. What do typical scammers do? They promise heaven and earth but when they get there, nothing happens. So if they start talking about a great bar and all sorts but for two years nothing gets done, then the bar has also become a pedestal for self-aggrandizement for people to put their friends in committees including the NJC when it is time to nominate, without thinking about the larger good of the society. It's like we are not conscious of the need to have an island of decency even in an ocean of indecency;

So my expectation is that this time, despite the challenges, the bar would renew and regenerate itself. And that lawyers and judges would no longer be the butt of jokes for ordinary Nigerians because their own notion of justice is so far apart from the justice that oozes out of our courts. The bar has that responsibility and it is time for house cleaning, for conscience pricking and a renewal because without this renewal, there can be no sustenance or consolidation. You don't consolidate a rot or collapsed morality, you can only consolidate when you have renewed and rediscovered yourself. My expectation is that in this coming election, the bar would rediscover itself and that people who are courageous and of good conscience would come to the fore and rescue the dwindling image of the legal profession in Nigeria;

I do know one that with God helping him and with good people supporting him, he would deliver. His name is Dele Adesina SAN. The problem we have as I said earlier, is structural. There is an extent to which an individual no matter how forceful in character he is can go, but my view is that leadership is as important as programs. If you bring the best program for a weakling to execute, it would flounder but by the sheer force of character, even an imperfect program can yield good results. Dele Adesina possesses qualities of good leadership. I was his Assistant Secretary when he was the Secretary of Ikeja NBA, so I know that from that time, he had not faltered. I know that some of these problems are structural but with sound leadership, we would then start the process of this renewal"

- Jiti Ogunye

Jun 29, 2020

ECNBA & My Service To The Nigerian Bar   - Caroline Ibharuneafe  

Dear friends and colleagues, not too long ago, I shared with you the decision of the Electoral Committee of the NBA disqualifying my nomination to contest in the upcoming NBA 2020 Elections. I also informed you about my decision to appeal the decision and promised to keep you updated on the results.
Earlier today, I received the decision of the ECNBA on my appeal and though the decision was not reversed, I am most grateful for your support all through to this point and I am proud of what we have been able to achieve together.
Through your support and encouragement, we proved that it was possible and I would always remain grateful to all those who supported me in one way or the other. The confidence you imposed on me is not lost and I can assure you that we would still achieve our collective goals in the near future.
It is not over and I will still be counting on you very soon to deliver our mandate of contributing to the success of the NBA and its members.
Thank you and God bless you.
Caroline Ibharuneafe
Past Vice – Chairman, NBA Ikeja
Integrity + accuracy


The News Of The Passing Of Hon. Justice Nasir Ajanah Is Most Unpleasant  - Caroline Ibharuneafe

Honourable Justice Nasir Ajanah was the Hon. Chief Judge of the State and reports of his passing on the 28th of June, 2020 after a brief illness is most unpleasant.
Justice Nasir who was appointed Chief Judge of Kogi State in May, 2009 after a period of excellent service to the Kogi State Judiciary. He was a life member of the Body of Benchers and had a terrific relationship with the Kogi State Bar.
On behalf of my colleagues and I at Carol Ibharuneafe and Co., I commiserate with fellow colleagues at NBA Kogi State over the loss of Hon. Justice Nasir. I pray God grants his family strength at this time and may his soul rest in peace at the bossom of the Lord.
Caroline Ibharuneafe

Jun 28, 2020

NBA Officers like Hauwa Shekarau, Kike Owolabi and Ngozi Ukweni Are Setting Records And Breaking New Grounds -Dele Adesina SAN

DASAN felicitates with Awka, Anaocha, Aguata, Nnewi, Owerri, Eket, Degema, Ohafia, Lafia, Maiduguri, Yola and Zaria NBA Branches On Successful Elections

As many NBA Branches all over the Nation continue to carry out their Branch Elections and elect new Branch officers, I am most excited to note that more women have received the confidence of their colleagues and have been elected as Chair persons of their respective branches.
Leaders such as Hauwa Shekarau of NBA Abuja Branch,  Kike Owolabi of NBA Ikere Branch and Ngozi Ukweni of NBA Ohafia Branch, who is the first female Chair in the history of the 5 branches in Abia State continue to show that the women in the NBA are constantly breaking new grounds and setting new records both in service to the NBA and also in legal practice.
On behalf of my colleagues and I at Dele Adesina LP, I felicitate with these amazing women and congratulate the members of their Branches for the foresight in identifying the role and innovative contributions many of our female members offer in service to our Association and the Nation.
I also congratulate members and officers of Awka, Anaocha, Aguata, Nnewi, Owerri, Eket, Degema, Ohafia, Lafia, Maiduguri, Yola and Zaria NBA Branches on their successful elections. I am confident the new elected officers of the Branches would serve meritoriously and continue to build on the achievements of past administrations in ensuring the Branches play an effective role to their members and communities.
Dele Adesina SAN, FCIArb

Jun 25, 2020

DASAN Shall Promote and Protect The Image and Integrity of the Bar and the Bench. - Mrs. Fehintola Adesola-Abodun (Head of Chambers, Dele Adesina LP)

I joined the Law firm of Dele Adesina & Co (now known as Dele Adesina LP) in February 2006 as the Deputy head of Chambers and rose to become the Head of Chambers. With my 14 years in the Chambers, I can categorically say I know a lot about "The Man Dele Adesina"

Mr. Dele Adesina SAN, is a leader who is always ready and willing to give junior lawyers the opportunity to cut their first tooth and take a bite at the legal practise during and after their service year.  He gives the same opportunity to colleagues who join him as Associates.

I can attest to the fact that he is a man with several qualities of a good leader. He is approachable, caring, humble, respectful, focused, a goal getter and an achiever who will never accept that something is impossible.  He is a determined and dogged fighter who will do all within his powers to succeed in a course he strongly believes in. He is a detribalised leader who gives opportunities to all colleagues irrespective of their class, tribe, religion and/or pedigree.  He has a listening ear and he believes that you can always learn from anyone, be it your juniors, mates or seniors, as no man knows it all. He gives everyone working with him the opportunity to express themselves on issues before taking a final position.

He is a strong believer that there is nobody that cannot be trained as long as they are intelligent and determined. As the head of Chambers, I observed that he does not only give Lawyers in Chambers fish, but also teaches them how to fish, so as to be self-reliant. He encourages associates in his firm to be determined in order to become astute legal practitioners. This is why most lawyers that have passed through him always leave to set up their own Practice rather than join another firm. A lawyer who trained under him must surely learn confidence, diligence, honesty and neatness. 

Mr. Dele Adesina SAN is very friendly and a  considerate leader. He is an intelligent Lawyer, who does not believe in impossibility. He is a solution provider and a good orator. His professional skills particularly, in the field of advocacy are top notch. He is a team player and his passion and love for the legal profession is something that is very visible and cannot be hidden. I can say with all sense of responsibility that, after the work of God/the church of God, his second passion is his love for the NBA and the Legal Profession. This explains his determination to find a lasting solution to the series of problems steering the NBA and its members in the face for many years now to wit; the erosion of public confidence in the judicial system, the welfare of young lawyers and even senior colleagues as well as the problems facing the Bench amongst others.

Dele Adesina SAN is a man of integrity who exhibits exemplary leadership qualities with honesty as his watch word.  He is always willing and ready to give a helping hand to others when and where necessary.  He is a gentleman per excellence and very responsible. To cap it all, he is a God fearing person who puts God first in all he does.

To give Dele Adesina SAN (DASAN) an opportunity to serve us as the Leader of the Bar, come July 2020 is to give an opportunity for repositioning both the Bar and the Bench in Nigeria. DASAN shall promote and protect the image and integrity of the Bar and the Bench.

Caroline Ibharuneafe felicitates with NBA Port-Harcourt Branch On A Successful Election  

On behalf of my colleagues and I at Carol Ibharuneafe and Co, I felicitate with the members of NBA Port-Harcourt Branch on the successful elections and swearing – in of the new Branch Executives.

I specially commend the former Chairman, Sylvester Adaka, Esq and his Executives for their Barmanship and I congratulate Prince Nyekwere, Esq , the newly elected Chairman on a successful election. I am sure the new administration will continue in making ground breaking innovations and contributions to their members and community.
Caroline Ibharuneafe,Esq
Past Vice Chairman
NBA IKeja Branch

Jun 23, 2020


I believe in a Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) driven by visionary, selfless and exemplary leadership with the requisite capacity, competence and courage of conviction. 

I want to secure the future of the Legal Profession. In doing this and achieving my goals , I will undertake the following strategic steps and actions:

1. To Strengthen its role and relevance to its members, both Seniors and Juniors, particularly the young generation of Lawyers through calculated plans and execution of institutional welfare programmes;

2. To take pro-active and sustained efforts to change the present negative perception of the Nigerian society that the Legal Profession is one of the problems of the Nation;

3. To strategically and vigorously pursue the protection, defence and promotion of the Rule of Law as basis for sustainable constitutional democracy in Nigeria and,

4. To defend, preserve and promote the independence of the Legal Profession in general and in particular the independence of lawyers and Judges in the practice of their Profession. 

These is my mission, vission and covenant with you.

Dele Adesina SAN FCI Arb.
23rd June, 2020

A Big Announcement For My Learned Friends

About a week ago, i mentioned my upcoming big announcement and i am glad to announce its almost time to raise the curtain.

Though I won't let the cat out of the bag yet, i am excited to let you know that this one is for my Learned Friends.

My passion for the work we do via the Legalnaija Blawg like i mentioned put me in a unique position. I wasn't only proving value to our readers but i was getting value in return as well.

I have shared platforms with eminent personalities like Celebrities, Politicians, Statesmen, Senior Advocates and VIPs. I even got to shake hands with HRH, the Prince of Wales, while connecting with new clients every other day.

I want all my Learned Friends to have similar opportunities and experience such value. If you want to be part of this special group of people, ANTICIPATE and WATCH THIS SPACE.

It's time to for you to WIN BIG and If you desire to be ahead of others, follow this link and let's have your email address. I can assure you that your legal practice will be better for it.

Yours truly,

Jun 22, 2020

Dele Adesina SAN Nurtured and Trained Other Junior Lawyers And I | Kehinde Bello (Mrs.)

I was a green horn (new wig) when I joined Dele Adesina & Co. in Jan 2006, which was later rechristened Dele Adesina LP.

Register for the Discuss on the future of the Bar and Bench in the face of the Corona Virus Pandemic

Hi there, 

You are invited to a Zoom discuss on the future of the Bar and Bench in the face of the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Olabamiji Adeyeye (Lead Partner LES AVOCATS)

Moses Ademola Falana
Senior Associate O.E.B Offiong & Co.

Speakers -
Honourable Justice Flora Ngozi Azinge(Judge Delta State High Court

Dele Adesina SAN

Mrs. Ludia Oluwakemi Oyewo

Honourable Justice Nasiru Saminu

Date-  Jun 22, 2020
Time- 04:00 PM West Central Africa

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Jun 18, 2020

Breaking News! Huge Benefits For A Special Class of Friends | Adedunmade Onibokun

As a young lawyer, who believed I could CHANGE THE WORLD, the inspiration to start @Legalnaija, the 1st online LEGAL EDUCATION blog in Nigeria at the time, was borne from my desire to answer many of the lingering legal questions on the minds of AVERAGE NIGERIANS and empower CITIZENS with information on their legal rights and obligations.

Whether I have succeeded in changing the world is up for debate but my experience has provided me with quite a unique perspective and insight on one of the knotty issues faced by professionals, most especially lawyers. 

Over the next couple of days, I am going to make a big ANNOUNCEMENT that would benefit quite a number of special people. If you consider yourself special, I want you to ANTICIPATE and WATCH THIS SPACE.

By the way, anyone who can guess exactly what my announcement is going to be gets to win a gift. 

Yours truly,


Sponsoring Frivolous Petitions To Embarrass A Candidate Is Indecent And Dishonourable | A. Adegbite Esq, FICMC

My attention has been drawn to a story published and circulated by an online media barristerng with respect to a crude and fallacious allegation that put the payment of my 2018 Bar Practicing Fees (BPF) in issue.

While it is true that I seconded the nomination of a colleague who is contesting for the office of Financial Secretary in the NBA Ikeja Branch Election, one Adeola Ademilola Esq (the candidate), that the NBA Ikeja Electoral Committee claimed they did not find record of payment of my BPF is most ludicrous. Upon being notified of her non-clearance by the Electoral Committee, I caused an application to be made to the General Secretary of NBA to confirm my payment of the 2018 BPF. The General Secretary replied vide a letter addressed to the Registrar of Supreme Court of Nigeria and dated 10th of June, 2020, wherein he confirmed the payment in issue. I thereafter released a copy of the said confirmation letter and other documentary evidence of payment to the candidate. However, before the candidate could make the said letter available to the Electoral Committee, the Committee issued  a notice disqualifying  the candidate alongside other candidates. Interestingly, I have my Practice Licence and stamp for 2018, yet some mischief makers will rather promote evil and falsehood.

I am aware that the candidate in the Branch Election who was disqualified has since written an Appeal to the NBA Branch Elections Appeal Committee in charge of South West. That a sponsored petition was written over this issue merely strengthens our suspicion that the whole disqualification saga was pre-planned and targeted at Deacon Dele Adesina SAN.

It is rather sad and most unfortunate that NBA politics has degenerated to this level of shenanigans we are currently witnessing.

Election must not be a do or die affair. Sponsoring frivolous petitions to embarrass a candidate is indecent and dishonourable.

I will not say more for now.

A. Adegbite Esq, FICMC

Dele Adesina SAN: The Best Man For The Job | Kolawole Peter Dopamu

The NIGERIAN BAR ASSOCIATION has released names of candidates screened to contest the post of the PRESIDENT of the Association.

I KOLAWOLE PETERS DOPAMU have weighed all the options available and I must confess that all the contestants are men of great influence and character.

However, I have no hesitation in declaring my support for the PRIMUS INTER PARES amongst them. He is DEACON DELE ADESINA (SAN). DASAN

In declaring my support for DASAN I considered inter alia  integrity, character, resourcefulness, experience in bar politics and conflict resolution  prowess. I also considered relational proficiency of the candidates. I weighed each candidate on an imaginary scale before coming to the choice I made.

I find DASAN to be an effective administrator who has compassion for people. He is sympathetic to noble causes and exceptionally benevolent to needy souls.

I have known DASAN since the glorious days of Human Rights struggles as a pupil counsel in Gani Fawehinmi Chambers and I can only testify that he is a man with great vision and passion.

NBA is in dire need of a revolutionary. One who can bring the association to par with 21st century realities. DASAN exemplifies the essence of the yearnings of all men in wigs and gowns, old wigs and greenhorns!

I am persuaded that DASAN is THE MAN FOR THE JOB

I am convinced that DASAN will DELIVER

I am satisfied that DASAN will take NBA to the desired eldorado

Jun 17, 2020

Gransville Abibo SAN was a mentor, father figure and friend to many | Caroline Ibharuneafe

On behalf of my colleagues and I at Carol Ibharuneafe and Co., I commiserate with fellow colleagues and members of NBA in Rivers State over the loss of the Learned Silk, Gransville Abibo SAN.

Jun 16, 2020

The result of NBA Election Ado - Ekiti Branch held today 16th of June, 2020

Members of NBA Ado - Ekiti Branch had a successful Bar elections today, 16th June, 2020.

Though the elections had many ups and downs, Legalnaija celebrates with the new Excos of the Branch and felicitates with the outgoing Excos on a successful tenure. 

Election results are - 


Adeyemi Adewumi 106 votes
C.O Omokhafe - 18 votes
O.T Obisesan - 4 votes

Alh. Abubakar Ajibade - 4 Votes

*V. Chairman*
Abigail Aladejare - 132 votes, Void 2

*Financiall Secretary*

Tomide Oshakile  - 120 votes, 2votes against.


Oluwaseyi Ebenezer  - 126votes, 1votes against, void 3

*Publicity Secretary -*
Adetutu Oluwaseyi  127votes,Vote against 2, void 2

*Legal Adviser*

Akomolafe Oluwaseyi  - 128votes, Void 5

*Assistant Secretary*
Bayode Kehinde -  -93 votes
Femi Falade - 40 votes

Akin Borode - 59votes
Oluwatobi Ogunbiyi -74votes

Jun 15, 2020

"TENANCY CRISIS (Part Two): How to Calculate Notice to Quit & the Procedure for Recovery of Property" | Okpi Bernard Adaafu (Oba) Esq.

This article attempts to settle the crisis between landlord and tenant. Part One of the article explained everything about tenancy agreement and types of tenancy. In this last part, we will focus on the rule guiding notice to quit, how to end tenancy, procedure for recovery of premises and how to avoid the crisis between landlord and tenant.

Esq Mentoring Sessions: How Young Lawyers Can Become Indispensable Associates

Date: June 18th, 2020

Time: 4pm


Exemplary employees are well remunerated and always progress aggressively in their careers.
Law firms, In-House Legal Departments and Government Departments are always on the lookout for talent and willing to go to great lengths to hire, engage and retain talent who are critical to their operations. 

As a young lawyer, showing skill, talent and being invaluable is a skill critical to boosting your legal career and positioning for promotion and even partnership. 

- So what does it take?
- How do you demonstrate value to your employer such that they are ready to give huge increments, offer promotions and even Partnership options as inducements to hire, retain or discourage you from leaving? 

The job market for lawyers is fluid, and considering recent events, organizations are under pressure to cut down on expenses. 

Join Kehinde Ogunwumiju SAN, Partner, Afe Babalola & Co; Adeleke Alex - Adedipe - Managing Partner - Duale, Ovia and Alex - Adedipe; Chukwudi Enebeli - Senior Counsel, Pinheiro LP; Perenami Momodu - Partner, AELEX; Bukola Bankole - Partner, The New Partnership; Mobola Akinkugbe - Partner, AO2 Law and Demola Adesina Esq, Managing Partner, Dele Adesina LP for insights on this topic.
Event is hosted by Lere Fashola Esq, Founder, ESQ Practical Lawyer Academy.


Team DASAN Suspends Campaign For Granville Abibo SAN

I have received barrage of phone calls, all of which have conveyed the rude and shocking news to me that Granville Isetima Abibo SAN died this morning. My immediate reaction was that of total disbelief because I did not in any way see it coming. The confirmation of the news shattered and devastated me. Then pain set in. This is one death too many. Death, you have created a big vacuum that would be too hard to fill. Why? Why Granville Abibo?

I have had a sustained relationship with Granville for over Twenty (20) years. Granville was an extraordinary friend. His commitment to relationship is unsurpassable. He valued, nurtured, and sustained our relationship continually and continuously. I am yet unable to say *"Good Night"* to Granville. Granville was until his death one of our Generals in Team DASAN

To all members of Team DASAN Nationwide, I hereby direct that we suspend immediately further consultations and engagements on the ongoing Electoral process of the NBA in honour and respect of the person of our great Friend for the next Twenty-Four (24) hours. My heartfelt condolences to his wife; children; the staff of Granville Abibo & Co.; members of Nigerian Bar Association, Port-Harcourt Branch; the Body of Senior Advocates of Nigeria; and members of Team DASAN Nationwide.

I pray that God will grant us all the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

*Dele Adesina SAN, FCI Arb.*

Chidoka Nwebo's passing is a big loss to the NBA

On behalf of my colleagues and I at Dele Adesina LP, i commiserate with members of NBA Owerri Branch on the passing of Chidoka Nwebo Esq.

Chidoka passed-on at his prime and his death is a huge loss to the Bar, his family and the good people of Imo State.

He was the younger brother to Professor Nwebo former VC, Imo State University and I pray God grants his family the strength to bear the loss as I wish his soul rests in peace.

Dele Adesina SAN 

Jun 14, 2020

Justice to Nigerians Over Poor Electricity and Access To The Courts - Sabastine Anyia, Esq.

I hail Hon. Justice Pete Obiorah of Anambra State High Court  for coming to the rescue of Nigerians who have suffered untold hardship from the hands of the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company PLC, who prior to this judgement used failure of a customer to lodge a complaint to internal Customer Complaints Unit as a Condition Precedent in urging Courts to dismiss genuine cases of electricity consumers over their poor services and illegal/fraudulent charges and electricity bills.

In Suit No. HID/304/2018: ONYEBUCHI OBIAKOR & ORS. vs. EEDC, the aggrieved Plaintiffs sued the EEDC to court over non supply of electricity and illegal charges. The EEDC raised a preliminary objection  that the plaintiffs did not comply with the  prescribed method of making complaint with her Customers Complaint Unit which her counsel argued is a condition precedent before the exercise of the jurisdiction of the court.

Hon. Justice Peter Obiorah in his ruling delivered on 2nd June, 2020, noted that this practice of raising preliminary objections to suits filed against the defendant company has gained propensity and stated
that the "only issue for determination is whether this suit is incompetent by reason of the plaintiffs' failure to first initiate and exhaust the procedure for complaint established under the National Electricity Regulatory Commission's Customer Complaints Handling Standards and Procedures 2006."

Section 3(5) of the Regulation which the EEDC relied on for the preliminary objection reads –

*All complaints must be   lodged firstly, in writing, with the Customer Complaints Unit of the Distribution Licensee.*

The court further construed Section 3(8) on method of treating the complaint by the Customer Complaints Unit; further complaint to the Forum constituted under Section 4 of the Regulation and appeal to the National Electricity Regulatory Commission against the background of Section 13 which states that:

*"Noting contained in these Regulations shall affect the rights and privileges of the customer under any other law for the time being in force, including those under the Consumer Protection Council Act No. 66 of 1992.*"

The learned trial Judge, on the vexed issue of a condition precedent, considered the cases of *Prince J. S. Atolagbe & Ors. v. Alhaji Awuni & Ors (1997) LPELR-593(SC) at 19* and relied on the decision in *Drexel Energy and Natural Resources Ltd v. Trans International (2008) LPELR-962(SC)* where the Supreme Court, per Aderemi, JSC held that "The question may be asked: What is a "CONDITION PRECEDENT?" The answer is not farfetched; When everything has happened which, prima facie, will vest in a party a certain right of action, such as the writ of summons in the instant case which contains materials of the complaint of the plaintiff/appellants and yet in this particular case there is something further to be done, or something more must happen before he is entitled to sue either by reason of provision of some statute or because the parties have expressly so agreed that something more is called "CONDITION PRECEDENT."

Going further, the trial court stated that "a very popular form of a condition precedent is found in several legislations that prescribe the issuance and service of pre-action notice on a party before such party can be sued in court. See Section 11(2) of the Nigerian National Petroleum Act interpreted in Captain E.C.C. Amadi v. NNPC (2000) LPELR-445(SC) and Section 97(2) of the Nigerian Ports Authority Act interpreted in Umukoro v. N.P.A. (1997) 4 NWLR (Pt. 502) 656."

His Lordship also stated that parties may expressly agree on a condition precedent and such agreements are commonly found in arbitration clauses in agreement which in unmistaken terms state that resort to arbitration must be had first before a right of action can accrue. He held that in "these situations, the legislation or agreement state so in clear and unambiguous terms. It is not a matter for conjecture or speculation. In the instant case, the Regulations did not make any allusion to a court action or that an aggrieved customer cannot approach the court until he has made the complaint to the Customer Complaints Unit. It is wrong for a person to read into a law or Regulations what is not expressly contained therein."

Continuing the Judge held that *"In my considered opinion, what the Regulations prescribed as a channel of complaint can be an alternative to a court action. I think it depends on the customer to take advantage of that internal mechanism for resolution of complaints or he may head straight to the courts. There is absolutely nothing in the wordings of the National Electricity Regulatory Commission's Customer Complaints Handling Standards and Procedures 2006 from where one can draw the inference that the jurisdiction of the court is ousted until and unless there is compliance with the submission of the complaint to the Customer Complaints Unit of the defendant. In fact, if there is any doubt on whether a customer can approach the court without first reporting to the Customer Complaints Unit, then Section 13 of the Regulations provided the answer or tonic to clear the doubt. In very bold and simple language it states that nothing in the Regulations "shall affect the rights and privileges of the customer under any other law for the time being in force." In effect, the Regulation is made subject to other laws."*

Concluding, the High Court held that  "a customer who decides to go straight to the court to ventilate his grievances against the defendant cannot be shut out by the court and compelled to first explore the internal mechanism of the defendant.  The result is that I find no merit in the preliminary objection.
It is my fervent opinion that the observance and compliance with the National Electricity Regulatory Commission's Customer Complaints Handling Standards and Procedures 2006, is not a condition precedent to the institution of a civil action against the defendant by any aggrieved customer, like the plaintiffs in the instant case. Accordingly, I hereby dismiss the objection for lack of merit."

Sabastine Anyia, Esq.

Jun 13, 2020

The Journey Towards Securing The Future Of The Bar Has Begun | Dele Adesina SAN

My dear colleagues,

On Saturday, 13th June, 2020, I received with excitement and gratitude to God, the news that I have been cleared by the Electoral Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association (ECNBA), having qualified to participate in the forthcoming election on July 24th, wherein I shall be contesting for the position of President of our beloved Association. I am most grateful to my family, friends, supporters, colleagues and members of Team DASAN for the continuous support and commitment towards our desire for a secured and guaranteed future for the legal profession and our Nation.

As lawyers, we are the very instruments for social progression and development. It is our duty to stand firm against any act that may subvert the rule of law and our democratic principles; while also championing policies and measures that would lead to the economic prosperity of our country. As members of the pre-eminent professional body in Nigeria and the largest and most vibrant Bar Association in Africa, we must collectively strive towards securing the future of our Continent, Region, Country and most of all our members.

I believe that a successful person who does not groom a successor is a failure, hence my desire that that members of our Association, most especially the young lawyers are well taken care of with adequate welfare packages and proper mentorship.

You will agree with me that no man is an island that can exist and achieve all things by himself, but through a united Bar, we can achieve the future of our collective desires, where the Association is most relevant not only to its members but to the Nigerian people as well. All practitioners whether in specialized or general practice, litigation or corporate practice, ministries of justice and our in-house counsel must join hands, if we must sustain our democracy, while ensuring that Nigeria remains a prime destination for economic opportunities and development.

I therefore humbly urge all lawyers, both young and old to team up with me in the aspiration that is driven only by the desire and passion to secure the future of the Bar. Kindly note that when the ban on campaign is lifted, I will be sure to share with you details of my manifesto and the strategic ways I would ensure the future of our profession is secured for all, both young and senior lawyers. Attached for your attention is my profile, kindly read and share with your friends and colleagues.

Thank you.

Yours very sincerely,

Dele Adesina SAN, FCIArb

Download Dele Adesina SAN'S profile here

Charles Ajiboye is still in

Dear mentors and friends of Charles Ajiboye,

Our attention has been drawn to a Provisional List Of Candidates For NBA Elections 2020 believed to have been released by the ECNBA which did not include the name of our Dear Charles Ajiboye.

You will recall that our Dear Charles Ajiboye duly submitted his nomination forms for the Office of the *Assistant National Publicity Secretary* together with the required accompanying documents both electronically and physically through DHL.

Sadly, as at this time we are aware that NO information whatsoever has been received as to the omission of his name from the list.

It is our believe that it was slip error and that the ECNBA will correct same within the shortest possible time.

Please keep your faith alive, and hold your hopes up high. Charles Ajiboye is still in the race...don't get it twisted.

Wisdom Ikhianosime,Esq.
For: Friends Of Charles Ajiboye

Dele Adesina SAN commends the President of the NBA for Provision of Law - Pavilion Electronic Law Reports and Legal Research Software Licenses To Young Lawyers

The News of the NBA partnering and signing a Contract with the Law-Pavilion Business Solutions Limited with the aim of providing Law-Pavilion Electronic Law Reports and Legal Research Software Licenses to Young Lawyers (that is, post-Call ages 1 to 7) who had paid their Bar Practicing Fees as at March 31 2020 was a commendable news. I congratulate the President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Mr. Paul Usoro SAN and members of his Executive for this initiative. Recognizing as I do that this is a very positive institutional welfare programme capable of enhancing the practice of Law by this strategic segment of members of our Profession.

This innovative idea is highly commendable as it presents an ample opportunity for Lawyers to fully embrace technology in their various practices. There is no doubt in my mind that this laudable provision of Law-Pavilion will ensure that they remain safe and able to work seamlessly from their respective homes and/or offices, while coping effortlessly with the seeming challenges presented by COVID-19 in a short run. On the long run, the innovation will enable young Lawyers to be more proficient in legal research, case analysis and review of legislations among other things and this would make them more beneficial to themselves, their principals, clients and the society at large.

Personally, it is my view that this laudable achievement is one which both you and your entire team must take pride in as initiators. It is an initiative worthy of support and continuity in our quest to provide institutional support for the young Members of our Profession. Good Lawyers are not the Lawyers who know the law but Lawyers who know where to find the Law. The initiative will no doubt produce good Lawyers that will secure the future of our Profession through knowledge, wisdom and good understanding of the workings of the Profession.

Once again, I thank you for this thoroughly thought-out initiative and other creative ideas including but not limited to the NBA Welfare Committee ably led by Dr. Wale Babalakin SAN for the benefit of the young members of the Bar.


Power V. Influence: What Lawyers Should Learn From June 12 | Charles Ajiboye, FICMC

June 12, 27 years ago was indeed a remarkable light at the end of a very dark tunnel. After years of dictatorial rule, it was time for democracy to play its part, but this as we all know was cruelly usurped by General Ibrahim Babaginda, or so it seems. 

It would appear that democracy lost its mandate, power and influence to conquer cruel rule by the military government, but in actual fact, the June 12 saga showed us the plausibility of a one Nigeria coming together, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, and political ideology.

Power is the ability to make people act based on position; often leading to resentment, while influence is the ability to modify how a person develops, behaves, or thinks based on relationships and persuasion; often leading to respect. While the Babaginda junta relentlessly brandished their power in the face of Nigerians due to their political position, the influence of Moshood Abiola transcended though time thereby causing a revolution.

It was this dedicated show of influence by Moshood Abiola that brought unprecedented victory for him, even as he came on a Muslim-Muslim ticket. Nigeria embraced one another, they did away with their many divides that waged war on their unity for the sake of one Nigeria.

If influence is what led to unity, in June 12, then Nigerians; lawyers must learn that although power come from positions, it is the influence of a man /woman that truly makes the change.

The Nigerian Bar Association elections are near, it is important to sound the alarm that it won't be position that makes the difference in the legal profession, it would be influence- the ability of our representatives, in whatever capacity, to listen, plan and influence the right policies to bring about a better legal profession, where all lawyers, young and old can be unitedly proud of. 

Jun 12, 2020

Legalnaija Celebrates World Mfon Usoro Day

Today is World Mfon Day, marking the 60th Birthday of Mrs. Mfon Usoro. Mfon is the Managing Partner of Paul Usoro & Co., and the pioneer Director- General and Chief Executive Officer of Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, (NIMASA). 

Mfon Usoro was conferred with the Officier de L'Ord de Mono, a national honour of the Republic of Togo in 2002; and Chevalier de l'Ordre du Merite Maritime, a National honour of the Republic of Cote D' Ivoire in 2015.

Mfon Usoro is a trade law expert and represents the Nigerian Bar Association at the Nigerian Coalition of Services Industry (NCSI). Mfon was recently appointed the Chairperson of the National Consultative Forum on Trade and Trade Related Negotiations, NOTN.

She was privileged to lead the brainstorming sessions at the services industry consultation on the Nigerian Draft Schedule of Specific Commitments organized by the Nigerian Office for Trade Negotiations in February 2020. She participated as a panelist in 2 panels at the recent National AfCFTA Forum on "Effective Implementation for Industrialization and Inclusive Economic Development in Nigeria" on 5-6 December 2019 co-organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).

Her husband is the NBA President, Mr. Paul Usoro.

Democracy is essentially about the people and people are at the very centre of democracy | Dele Adesina SAN


June 12 is a very significant and historic day in the political history of Nigeria. Nigerians, on that day in 1993, showed the world the true meaning of unity in diversity, brotherhood across the borders, and togetherness when they jettisoned all primordial considerations be it religion, ethnicity, or tribe in electing their political leader in a very free, fair and transparent election. Regrettably, that historic feat was short-lived by the annulment of the said election. The fact of the annulment threw Nigerians back into Military dictatorship until 1999 when the present democratic dispensation began.

The significance of today made the present Administration to change Democracy Day in Nigeria from May 29 to June 12. It is therefore important to say *"Happy Democracy Day to all Nigerians including and in particular, my dear Colleagues of the Legal Profession"* especially as we prepare for the election of new leaders for our Association.

As we celebrate today, let us remember that our Constitutional Democracy is a work in progress. We still have a lot of steps to climb, problems to solve, and questions to answer. The beauty of today is that, June 12, can signify our political will and determination as a people to conquer our problems and challenges; some of which are real developments, low standard of living of the people, adherence to Rule of Law in all its ramifications including but not limited to the independence of the Judiciary and protection of Fundamental Rights and Civil Liberty of the people.

This is because democracy is essentially about the people and people are at the very centre of democracy. We must continually invest in the development of the people of our country and the Nigerian Bar Association has a role to play in advancing the progress of the people.

Happy Democracy Day.

Dele Adesina SAN, FCIArb

Happy Democracy Day 2020

Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Happy Democracy Day and God bless Nigeria 🇳🇬 

Jun 11, 2020

Caroline Ibharuneafe felicitates with NBA Ikorodu Branch

On behalf of my colleagues and I at Carol Ibharuneafe and Co, I felicitate with the NBA Ikorodu Branch on the successful elections and swearing – in of the new Branch Executives.
The Branch had its elections on the 10th of June, 2020 and the new Chairman; Abimbola Ojedokun Esq was elected. I commend the Past Chairman of the Branch, Adebayo Akinlade Esq. for an innovative and excellent administration, the legacies of his administration are plain for all to see and I am sure the new administration will continue in making ground breaking innovations as well.
I congratulate every member of the NBA Ikorodu Branch and I wish the Branch success always.
Caroline Ibharuneafe,Esq
Past Vice – Chairman, NBA Ikeja
#integrity + accuracy

Jun 10, 2020

Effect Of Covid-19 On Intellectual Property | Oyetola Muyiwa Atoyebi, SAN

There is no point in making comprehensive provisions for the protection of various intellectual property rights without also providing a corresponding comprehensive system for enforcing the same when the rights are or about to be infringed. Therefore, an accessible, sufficient and adequate system/procedure is paramount in any worthwhile intellectual property system. Right holders must be granted means to enforce their rights just as is obtainable in other forms of tangible and intangible properties. For this reason, all intellectual property systems need an effective judicial apparatus that is empowered to deal with both civil wrongs and criminal offences whilst being presided over by adequate number of judges with the requisite experience in intellectual property right.

FCT High Court Rules On NBA Abuja Branch Chairmanship Tussle

The High Court of the FCT gave the ruling in an action instituted by Folarin Aluko against the branch and her bankers Access bank claiming inter Alia that he is the chairman of the branch by virtue of a court order made by Kekemeke J in favor of Ezenwa Anumnu and by which capacity he should be the signatory of the branch accounts with Access bank.

Jun 9, 2020

Leveraging Technology in Justice Administration | Caroline Ibharuneafe


Technology is now an inevitable and indispensable part of our daily lives. Also technological revolution over the last 20 years has resulted in many breakthroughs even in business and the legal profession is not immune to the effects of same.
The Nigerian justice system is however playing catch-up with the current trends in advancement of IT. We are still trying to get a grasp of Virtual Hearings and social media while the world has moved on to various forms of artificial intelligence infused in the system of justice administration.
It is undisputable that applying technology in justice administration will increase efficiency, promote easy research and allow for better user friendly experiences of court users, litigants and parties.  Applying technology in justice administration would also eradicate inaccuracy, lack of transparency and many of the problems we are faced with today. The major area where technology has been deployed in justice administration is E-filing and recently Virtual Proceedings but the latter still leaves many questions unanswered. Another area where it would be safe to deploy technology is the Case Management System. It is appalling that Nigerian Judges still make use of short hand in recording proceedings. It is essential that we deploy technology that would ease the burden of our judges.
Irrespective of the fact that technology in justice administration has its advantages, there are still some challenges facing it. One of such is the provision and maintenance of equipment and poor power supply, the failure of our rules of procedure to accommodate digital evidence presentation system and also, the fact that some of our rules and laws are not proactive.
With the world now a global village, it is necessary that the Nigerian judiciary be carried along. It is therefore important that judges of every state and at all levels must be technologically inclined. Our justice system must catch up with its foreign counterparts so that Nigeria would remain relevant in this changing global world and we remain relevant in global discussions and decisions.
Caroline Ibharuneafe, Esq
Past Vice – Chairman, NBA Ikeja
#integrity + accuracy

Murder of George Floyd- The Last Breathe That May Emancipate The African - Americans From Police Brutality and Racial Discrimination | Dele Adesina SAN 

America is a democratic country of over two centuries. The whole world believes that when it comes to matters of human rights and democratic principles they have a lot to learn from America, both in theory and in practice. The idea of liberty and justice for all is one that has always been at the foundation of the United States of America (USA). This is not only enshrined in the American Constitution of 17 September 1787 as amended, but it is also reproduced in the American pledge of *"one nation, indivisible with liberty and justice for all."* The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution specifically provided that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law and that no State (I dare say, including Officials of the State) shall deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law nor deny to any person equal protection of the laws.

There is no doubt that in law and fact that the Constitution of the United States of America, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments recognises and protects the fundamental right to life and liberty of every American, whether white or black, individuals or authorities. It thus appears that the actions of some of the authorities have been historically inconsistent with the above American core values. These actions have been nothing short of a gross let-down of a specific sector of the entire population which at this point seems systemic.

On 25 May 2020, the whole world witnessed the video of the callous and dastardly murder of George Floyd, a 46 years old man in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.  In a most wicked manner, Derek Chauvin, a white Police officer had pressed his knee on George Floyd's neck while George Floyd was handcuffed. Two other Officers restrained Mr. George Floyd from any attempt to free himself from the choking act while the fourth Officer allegedly prevented onlookers and bystanders from intervening, and despite the distress shout of *I can't breathe,* these stone cold officers saw no need to relax their grip and safe the life of George Floyd. According to the autopsy report, George Floyd's death was attributed to cardiac arrest occasioned by his neck compression.

There is no doubt that this highly condemnable act by a Police officer is not only wrongful and unconstitutional but it is also highly unlawful, dastardly and criminal. There is no known law that empowers a law enforcement agent to take another person's life by using excessive force outside possibly the principle of self-defence. None of the Officers at the scene, including Derek Chauvin, the Police officer who directly inflicted the deadly injury was at any risk of attack from the helpless George Floyd.

It is important to state that George Floyd is not the first victim of this reckless exhibitionism of power. There have been a couple of other incidents including but not limited to Breonna Taylor who was murdered right inside her apartment by police officers, Eric Garner and thousands of others. A report by the Washington Post reveals that over 5000 black lives have been wasted by the police in the United States between 2015 and now. The manner and circumstances of George Floyd's death is a big stain to the democratic and human rights credentials of the United States of America. It is no wonder, therefore, that the death of George Floyd has elicited the widespread reactions and condemnations all over the world. It is right to say that the universal outrage and protest against the death of George Floyd is very well-founded.

The International Commission of Jurists in the Act of Athens in 1995, while condemning disregard for the Rule of Law in many countries of the world had insisted that the State is subject to the Law and that governments must respect the rights of individuals and provide effective means for the enforcement of those rights. It also enjoined all Lawyers of the world to defend the right of the individuals in the society. Any right-thinking member of the society must of necessity condemn this callous Police killing of George Floyd.

It is gratifying to note that not only have the Americans in their hundreds of thousands condemned this very despicable act through demonstrations and protests against the reckless and unlawful acts of the Police officers. It is also gratifying to note that the Attorney General of Minnesota, Keith Ellison, has filed an amended Charge for the offence of second-degree murder against the Police officer, Derek Chauvin, and offence of aiding and abetting the commission of a second-degree murder against the other three Officers. It is also gratifying that Minneapolis City Council is considering a total overhauling of the Police Department in that City.

I have no doubt in my mind that the public outcry and global condemnations will surely necessitate the speedy Prosecution of the suspects in the interest of justice to the soul of the deceased, but also to the grieving family and all oppressed African American people who will not want to see the repeat of this kind of precipitated criminality against a particular section of the society. If found guilty, the punishment must serve as a deterrent to all.

George Floyd repeatedly screamed *"I can't breathe, I can't breathe"*, the 46 year old called out for his mother while breathing his last, but the dare devil officer was determined to finish up his heinous act. George breathed his last and gave up the ghost while people watched helplessly. The whole world is still watching his horrific last moment on earth with sorrow and anger. Justice must be served, for George Floyd's soul may rest in peace. As Gorge Floyd is laid to rest today in his hometown of Houston, Texas, I pray that his last breathe leads to the emancipation of African Americans from police brutality and all manner of discrimination. I do hope that this will also cause the Police authorities in Nigeria to be more civil and professional in the way they relate with the people. Police brutality must stop, not only in the United States and Nigeria, but across the world. 

Adieu George Floyd.

Dele Adesina SAN

Photo Credit - The New Yorker 

Jun 8, 2020

Webinar: Election In The New Reality

ESQ Practical Lawyers Academy in collaboration with Dele Adesina LP presents, a virtual discuss. 

Theme: Election in the New Reality

Date: Friday, 12th June 2020.

Time: 2pm

Venue and gatepass:


The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on our world and the severity of the situation and the implications on how it may worsen, if we fail to adhere to the laid down measures cannot be overstated. 

Recently, INEC postponed the four senatorial by-elections in Bayelsa, Imo and Plateau states over the Coronavirus global pandemic. With the severity of this pandemic biting harder and future elections steering us in the face, one fundamental question we must ask is – what lessons, opportunities and challenges have COVID-19 thrown at us? 

How can we conduct credible elections, keep the overall rate of infections low without undermining the rule of law and our democracy? How do we balance preservation of human rights and maintaining democratic principles? What urgent reforms are needed to make votes really count? What role will the Bar and the Bench play to sustain our democracy?

Join leading experts from the Bar and the Bench as we discuss the legal, constitutional and operational challenges facing our electoral system today and the urgent necessary reforms, in view of the challenges posed by Covid 19 Pandemic.

i. Prince Lateef O. Fagbemi SAN
ii. Mallam Yusuf Ali SAN
iii. Dr. Onyechi Ikpeazu SAN
iv. Kehinde Ogunwumiju SAN
v. Chief Adeniyi Akintola SAN

Moderator: Bode Olanipekun SAN.
Host: Lere Fashola, Founder, ESQ Practical Lawyers Academy

Insights: Expanding the Frontiers of Legal Practice in Nigeria | Dele Adesina SAN

The Nigerian Lawyer today is faced with opportunities like never before. The digital revolution through the internet has impacted various kinds of businesses, and law is not an exception.  Due to the rapid development and advancement of technology, expansion of IT solutions and diversification in the market system in Nigeria, lawyers are however presented with a unique opportunity to provide essential service delivery models in expanding areas of practice in order to build wealth both for the lawyer and the client.

According to Professor S. A. Tella of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun state, Nigeria in his Paper Moving Nigeria from Recession to Prosperity: The Trajectory of the Nigerian Laws –


"The role of law in promoting economic development cannot be overlooked as most of our lives and interactions with others are regulated by law. A sound economy invariably leads to growth and is the best way to combat endemic poverty in a developing country such as Nigeria. To ensure a sound economy, the legal institutions and regime must be sound, providing a platform for entrepreneurs and businesses to stand out which would consequently lead to the creation of jobs and alleviation of poverty".

For instance, the Nigerian creative space has grown exponentially over the last decade, especially in the areas of Music, Film and Information Technology. According to PwC, in 2018, Nigeria's entertainment and media industry revenue witnessed a 25.5 per cent growth amounting to $3.8 billion with $605 million of the estimated $764 million rise said to be attributable to internet access. Nollywood, is currently the third largest in the world after Hollywood and Bollywood, and it is anticipated by 2022 to have revenue reaching US$9.9 billion. The Nigerian music sector experienced a huge boom and is also currently ranked as the biggest music industry in Africa .

Secondly, the African Continental Area Free Trade Agreement would be the largest trade agreement in history and would remove barriers to trade, thereby allowing a flow of goods and services across African borders. Invariably, there are new job opportunities created for Nigerian legal practitioners in the ECOWAS regions by virtue of the ACFTA. Also, trade between Africa and the UK is growing, according to figures in 2016, Africa's exports to the UK stood at US$16.89 billion, registering a marginal 1.96% increase from the previous year's total of US$16.57 billion . Business and trade are now conducted on a global scale and there is an increasing demand for legal services . 

It is no news that the traditional areas of practice are shrinking and many lawyers are concerned about the high rate of multi-disciplinary firms encroaching into the legal space to offer services that used to be the exclusive purview of lawyers. I believe while we look to address these issues, we must simultaneously expand the current frontiers of practice. Many law firms are currently venturing into these new practice areas for instance, we have law firms who specialize in Entertainment Law, Fintech and other forms Alternative Dispute Resolution. However, we must actively encourage more practitioners to go farther in exploring these areas.

Lawyers must begin to offer critical business support and solutions to stakeholders and parties in the areas listed above, which must also include galvanizing government support and protection for creatives. There is a need to reposition the creative industry in Nigeria and Lawyers have a huge role to play in exposing our creative industry to potential markets while helping to structure deals that benefits the Nigerian creatives.

To achieve this, we must pay attention to the following:

Firstly, we must insist on continuous professional development for our legal practitioners. It is now a glaring reality that the education of a lawyer should not be left only to the Nigerian Law School. Mentorship is also key in grooming our younger lawyers to achieve high success in these key areas.

Secondly, the efficacy of the justice administration is a paramount consideration for local and international investors. Therefore, our justice administration system must be reformed to ensure speedy delivery process. Thirdly, the trust and confidence that the people have in the judicial system have a direct impact on obedience to the orders and judgement of the courts, there's need to build confidence of the people in the judicial system.

Lastly and most importantly, the Bar and the Bench must remain partners in ensuring productive collaboration to facilitate the attainment of due process, rule of law and smooth justice system. I must conclude by re-emphasizing that Nigerian lawyers must begin to position strategically in all the key sectors mentioned above, if we must expand our frontiers and secure the future of our profession.

Dele Adesina SAN, FCIArb.

[1] Jayne Augoye. (2018). Review of the Nigerian entertainment industry in 2018. Available: Last accessed 8th June, 2020 .

[2] Brian Mureverwi. (2017). UK-Africa trading relationship. Available:'s%20exports%20to,imports%20of%20US%24112.08%20billion.. Last accessed 8th June, 2020 .

[3] The Law Society of Western Australia, The Future of the Legal Profession, 2017


Disciplining Children In Nigerian Schools: To Flog or Not To Flog | Eberechi May Okoh

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”   Nelson Mandela

The role of children in any society cannot be over-emphasized. Every culture in its own peculiar way, with or without laws, by default, protects the young. The fact that the present young population are going to be responsible for running society in the next twenty to forty years, means that much attention should be paid to children’s development. As expected, each society’s culture determines how its children are treated. What might be acceptable to one society, might be completely abhorrent to another. Two decades ago, flogging children in primary and secondary schools in Nigeria was widely acceptable. 

This was irrespective of whether the school was public, private or a missionary school. Today, the narrative is different. Even without the prompting of the government, most private schools in Nigeria have already banned all forms of flogging or hitting by teachers or other staff.  In response, some teachers have lamented that the absence of corporal punishment encourages pupils to be rude to them. Last year, the Minister of State for Education, Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, was reported to have said that  the federal government would no longer tolerate bullying in schools, but he was not referring to corporal punishment.[1] Furthermore, the Spokesperson of the Education Ministry, Ben Goong, emphasized that the government did not ban corporal punishment.[2]

Jun 7, 2020

With Dele Adesina I see a brighter future for the Legal profession  | Otunba Olumide Akinbinu

As the biennial election of the Nigerian Bar Association draws near, it is of utmost importance for Lawyers to make a meaningful choice among Contenders for the various Offices of the Association. The Legal profession in Nigeria has come of age and the current Nigerian socio-political dynamics require greater enthusiasm from potential Leaders. We need a Leader in hot pursuit of perfection, swiftness and light in the dark tunnels of the Nigeria Judicial System.

A Leader with sufficient knowledge with proven accomplishments that can give luster to the Legal profession. The Bar Association at this period in time must be capable of shunning every shade of corrupt influences which by itself is the paramount spring of prodigalities and social disorder.

There must be a renewed vigour at placing Justice at the door step of the Nigerian masses. Wisdom to manage and improve upon the socio-economic well being of Lawyers and restore the pride of place hitherto enjoyed by the Legal profession in the days of yore.

At a time when Lawyers carry the aura of distinction, knowledge and honour devoid of sharp practices or the shenanigans of the greedy few ready to pander to dictates of political demagogues and by so doing compromise the place of honour and integrity; thereby giving obscurity to rules of interpretation and awkward exposition of the Law if only to attract the lucre from the filthy political class and thereby exacerbating the contradictions in the Nigerian political system.

The time has also come to look deeply into the modalities of embracing technology  or better put systematic adaptation of modern technology in the practice of Law and Justice delivery system, short of which one is afraid, that the present energies will decay. A time has therefore come to brace up with the reality that there is patent lethargy in Judicial System.

The earlier we realize that nothing progresses if it is resting on the original plan; the better for the Legal profession. In the face of inadequacies and need for progression highlighted above is the quality of the Bar Leadership particular the Presidency.

For this assignment, we need not beam our search light too far. DELE ADESINA (S.A.N) has the pedigree. Aside from deep knowledge of the Law, intellectual acumen, honesty and tenacity of purpose; DELE ADESINA (S.A.N) has unparalleled ability at social engineering. All his God-given qualities he has deployed in the service of the Nigerian Bar Association in the past. Dating from his tenure as the Chairman of Ikeja Branch to his exemplary service as the General Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association between 2002 and 2004.

Apparently DELE ADESINA (S.A.N) is no neophyte in Nigerian Bar Association Politics nor an upstart. The candidature of DELE ADESINA (S.A.N) is salutary.

He has been very consistent and purposeful in his quest for leadership of the Nigerian Bar Association. Since 2008 when he made a debut into becoming the President of the Nigerian Bar Association. He kept tab on his rich manifesto believing that there is something definitely absurd with the past giving the present challenges of mankind.

In 2014, DELE ADESINA (S.A.N) was a Candidate for the Presidency of the Nigerian Bar Association, well accepted and loved by the body of Lawyers across the Country. He worked assiduously criss-crossing the length and breadth of Nigeria with the view to selling the best of his ideas to the Nigerian Lawyers. Although he lost the election that year to AUGUSTINE ALEGEH (S.A.N) he remained his indomitable self. He could neither divide himself from any man upon differences of opinion or conception of ideas nor a judgement that does not agree with his thoughts. He warmed up to all and sundry and accepted the outcome of elections with the equanimity of a priest. DELE ADESINA (S.A.N) has been un-relenting in his services to the Nigerian Bar Association even in the face of past electoral failure. His impact has been dominant at every Conference of the Bar Association and his willingness to support and serve every other Executive has been un-paralled. Little wonder his fellow Silk and a personality of by no mean stature; FEMI FALANA (S.A.N) described DELE ADESINA (S.A.N) as the ENCYCLOPEDIA of the Nigerian Bar Association. Well said, it captured vividly the stuff with which DELE ADESINA is made. One cannot agree less.

What could be more encouraging than having a wise man in the house whose knowledge of the Law and the Bar Association is like waters descending from above, springing from beneath by reason of a rich antecedent and also inspired by divine revelations.

In all ramifications DELE ADESINA (S.A.N) can never be the blind man in a dark room looking for a black hat in his desire to lead the Bar. He has committed quality time into mapping out a road to progress for the crop of present generation of Lawyers and a brighter future for aspiring ones.

My take is that we should eschew primordial sentiments, give merit a chance and be less contented with the status quo and elect a man with perfect vision to lead the Bar. This golden opportunity should never slip by in the corporate interest of the Bar and the Nigerian Judicial System.

I see greater challenges ahead of the Bar leadership in the recent signing into Law of the Executive Order 10 of 2020 by the Presidency. Quite salutary as it has been the long quest for conformity with the Constitutional requirement of Separation of Powers between Executive, Legislature and the Judicial arms of Government.

Even at that, a strong and un-compromising Bar leadership would be the watch dog of the Judiciary. Implementation at State level and the need to ensure accountability and judicious management of resources by the State Judiciary should be the primary concern of the Nigerian Bar Association. The Bar must at all times hold the person in authority accountable to all and sundry.

Ideas must flow from the Bar to the Bench from time to time and it is common knowledge that it takes the man of letters; a man of acute knowledge, inquisitive and dexterous character and a man that would be prompt in attack and ready in defence to make a meaningful impact. All these qualities rolled together you find in DELE ADESINA (S.A.N).

Together we can make history by placing a round peg into a round hole. DELE ADESINA (S.A.N) is by every standard a quintessential Bar man that cannot be side stepped in the scheme of things. He has a proven dexterity in stirring the ship of the Bar to an enviable destination. Selfless all together and ready to give all in an un-compromising service to the Nigerian Bar Association. With him, I see a brighter future for the Legal profession.

Otunba Olumide Akinbinu
Two-Terms Chairman
Nigerian Bar Association
Ota Branch